"You got nowhere to go, Inhuman scum!"
―Alpha Dog to Daisy Johnson[src]

The Alpha Dog is one member from the Watchdogs, who had attempted to buy the Peruvian 0-8-4 from Victor Ramon, only for their deal to become interrupted by the intervention of Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Quake, resulting with the demise of Ramon, while Alpha Dog was then allowed to make his escape.


Watchdogs Soldier

Deal with Victor Ramon

"Apologies for the delay. I ran into an old acquaintance. I thought she might come in handy."
"Yeah, well I don't know what kind of deal you think this is. So why don't you just open the damn case?"
"Patience. If you want to win your war on Inhumans, you will need the right weapon. Like one of these."
Victor Ramon and Alpha Dog[src]

The Alpha Dog was contacted by Victor Ramon, who offered to supply the Watchdogs with a weapon that could kill Inhumans. He and several of his comrades met with Ramon in Baltimore, where Ramon and his henchmen had captured Yo-Yo Rodriguez. The Alpha Dog ordered Ramon to show them the weapon he had brought, and Ramon offered to demonstrate its capabilities by using it to kill Rodriguez. Before he could go through with it, Quake arrived and attacked them and freed Rodriguez.

During the struggles, the Alpha Dog got hold of the weapon and pursued Ramon and Rodriguez while the other Watchdogs fought Quake.[1] He caught up to them and attempted to use the weapon to kill Rodriguez, but using her superhuman speed she avoided the blast and took the weapon from him, causing the blast to hit Ramon and vaporize him. Without any time to react, Alpha Dog found himself unarmed and defenseless, but he was allowed to flee when Rodriguez warned him to leave before she changed her mind and used the weapon on him.[2]








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