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"None of these is semis."
"Aw, what do you need semis for, couple bad-asses like you?"
"Whatever this army is, they're planting men by the dozen, Turk. No semis, no deal."
"Man, I seen you shoot. No semis gonna magically make you have good aim. Saw these off, spread your blast, and thank me later, 'cause you ain't no deadeye."
―Alpha and Turk Barrett[src]

Alpha is a criminal who ran a gang of his own in New York City following Wilson Fisk's arrest.


Alpha, such as his fellow mobsters, was scared of a new enemy who had recently been attacking and almost wiped out the Kitchen Irish, including their leader Nesbitt. Fearing that this enemy would come for him and his gang, he did business with Turk Barrett, who broke out of Ryker's Island and had been selling guns and other weapons he had to make business with other gangs. While Barrett recommended which guns the mobsters should use, Alpha and his mobsters were suddenly intercepted by Daredevil, who quickly knocked them out.[1]