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"Do I know you?"
"I don't know. I... I might have spent some time here a while back."
"Then you know about... the timer."
―Alpha and Phil Coulson[src]

Alpha was one of the security guards at the Guest House.


Base Guard

Raid of the Guest House

"These guys are good, hacked their way in."
"How the hell did they find this place?"
"Doesn't matter. Didn't know the countersign."
Beta and Alpha[src]

Alpha and Beta watching the monitors

Alpha was one of the two security guards tasked with the custody of a secret compound known as the Guest House, along with his partner Beta. When S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents Phil Coulson, John Garrett, Grant Ward and Leo Fitz approached the entrance of the bunker, Alpha and Beta were suspicious of them, because there was not a scheduled visit for the following weeks, so they tried following the protocol of these situations, asking a password to the approaching agents.

The agents hacked their way inside the bunker, and both guards acknowledged how good they were. When they reached the inside doors, the guards and the agents began a gunfight.

Alpha was shot by Ward, and later died of his wounds, but first warned Coulson about the timer for the self-destruction mechanism of the Guest House.[1]

When Raina was presented with a handful of vials marked GH by John Garrett in the Barbershop Headquarters, she asked to see the facility from where he got them. He told her Alpha and Beta had destroyed the facility they were being held in.[4]



  • Rifle: Alpha was equipped with a rifle to guard the Guest House.

Other Equipment




  • Beta † - Colleague