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"One-fifty? I should be your client."
"If you're gonna sell out, might as well get paid."
Foggy Nelson and Luke Cage

All Souled Out is the fifth episode of the second season of the television series Luke Cage.


Desperate to drum up quick cash for a lawsuit, Luke weighs an offer from a superfan. Mariah invites Tilda to join the new family business.



With Foggy Nelson as a lawyer, Luke Cage meets with Cockroach Hamilton, represented by Benjamin Donovan to discuss the lawsuit. Nelson tells Cage that they need to avoid the court, since Cage's status as vigilante and ex-con puts him in the unfavorable situation. Hamilton and Donovan agree to drop the lawsuit for $150,000 payment but Cage does not have money.

Mariah Dillard shows Tilda Johnson a result of her Family First Initiative - the Shirley Chisholm Complex, a free-of-charge clinic built to support mothers of Harlem. Johnson comments on how the complex is built on the money, earned by Dillard through illegal means but Dillard argues that the Stokes Crime Family was protecting Harlem for decades. Dillard then offers Johnson a job as a medical director and although she doubts her mother's means, Dillard assures her that Atreus Plastics deal provided her with clean money.

Misty Knight visits Rand Enterprises Building where Steve sets up a prosthetic arm made by Rand Enterprises. Knight experiences difficulties with a new arm, so Steve walks her through basis to help her.

Thinking where to get money for Hamilton, Nelson calls Cage and offers him a paid appearance on the event but Cage has his doubts. Knight visits him at Pop's Barber Shop and tells him about Bushmaster and his goal to take down Dillard and her criminal empire. Cage then tells Knight about Hamilton's lawsuit and Knight blames herself and Rafael Scarfe who wrongfully arrested Hamilton in the past. Cage refuses to consider asking Danny Rand for help, so he searches for other means to get money, however, he hits dead end on any of them. Eventually, Cage gives up and accepts Nelson's offer.

Dillard and Alex Wesley prepare for the grand opening of the Shirley Chisholm Complex before Johnson meets with her. Johnson declines Dillard's offer, since she already had the Mother's Touch that she built herself, unlike Dillard did. Dillard is then approached by Nandi Tyler and Mark Bailey who investigate the disappearance of Mark Higgins, but Dillard knew nothing about it.


Shades and Comanche search for Stylers but Bushmaster seemingly disappeared from Harlem with no trace. Comanche questions Shades' and Dillard's decisions since they sold the Hammer Industries weapons to Bushmaster but Shades tells him to focus on their mission. Shades then notices the absence of Ray Ray and Comanche tells him that he is nowhere to be found as well. Dillard returns to Harlem's Paradise and Shades tells her to leave Harlem since Bushmaster was after her but Dillard is preparing for the grand opening and relies on Shades to protect her. Shades then expresses his intention to buy the club from Dillard after she comes clean but Dillard tells him that she cannot do that at the moment.


Knight goes to Hamilton where she sees that he is faking his injuries and tells him to drop the lawsuit against Cage. Hamilton insults Knight and Scarfe as well, almost provoking her to attack him but Knight sets herself straight and leaves.

Cage and Nelson go to Uptown Investments to meet with Piranha Jones who reveals himself to be a massive fan of Cage and wants him on his private party to celebrate the Atreus/Glenn Industries deal. Cage manages to convince Jones to pay him $150,000 for his appearance, so he could pay Hamilton in one go.

Back at the 29th Precinct Police Station, Knight looks at Hamilton's case file and remembers how Scarfe found the evidence at his apartment, so the NYPD arrested him. Tom Ridenhour reminds Knight that she was ordered to stay away from the case but Knight asks if there are chances that Hamilton was right and Scarfe faked the evidence. Knight worries that Scarfe's corruption could go beyond Cottonmouth and he could stain much more cases but Ridenhour tells her that they will never know since Scarfe was dead.

Knight then finds Drea Powell at the clinic after she was beaten by Hamilton once again. Knight asks her to provide her with any information that could help her bring Hamilton back to jail but Powell remains silent since she doubts that the police can do anything to stop him. Remembering Scarfe's methods, Knight steals the Judas Bullets from the evidence locker and plans to leave it Hamilton's apartment, so NYPD could get an arrest warrant on him. Meanwhile, Ridenhour meets with Comanche who secretly work with him to provide NYPD with the information about the Stokes family. Comanche asks Ridenhour if they got Ray Ray to snitch for NYPD as well but Ridenhour denies any knowledge of that.

Johnson comes to meet Dillard at the club and tells her that she will not attend the grand opening since she lied to her and the detectives about her connection with Higgins. Dillard then comes clean and admits that she blackmailed Higgins to approve the Atreus/Glenn merger and sold off the gun business to fund her initiative. Johnson does not approve of her means but Dillard justifies it that in the end, the money she gained support Harlem's community.


Knight sneaks into Hamilton's apartment to plant the evidence, only to see his decapitated body there. During the grand opening of the Shirley Chisholm Complex, Dillard and the press are horrified at the sight of severed heads of Higgins, Hamilton and Ray Ray found inside the clinic.

Cage attends Jones' party where he finds himself in the center of attention but people mostly do not take him seriously, as well as Jones himself. Cage finds Shades at the party and asks him if the Stokes work with Bushmaster but Shades denies it. Suddenly, drunk Jones tries to shoot Cage with a gun to entertain the crowd, however, Stylers attack the party in an attempt to kidnap Jones. Cage manages to save Jones and they both run away to hide from Bushmaster.


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