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For the Framework version of Alistair Fitz, see Alistair Fitz

"You may be part of his life here, but there, Alistair Fitz is so thick he doesn't recognize his own son's genius. He's a pathetic drunk."
Holden Radcliffe to Alistair Fitz/Framework[src]

Alistair Fitz is the father of Leo Fitz who abandoned his son when he was ten years old.


Father of Leo Fitz

Friendship with Holden Radcliffe

"I can't do it. It's way beyond me."
"That's your father talking. Isn't that what he used to say to you? Not enough? Not smart enough?"
"Why would you say that?"
"Because I knew him. I wanted to tell you, but... I was afraid it would open old wounds."
Leo Fitz and Holden Radcliffe LMD[src]

While studying in Glasgow, Alistair Fitz met Holden Radcliffe, with whom he would often sit with on the train and show him pictures of his newborn son Leo. However, Alistair was cruel to his son, insulting him for not being smart enough and often calling him worthless. When Leo was ten years old, Alistair walked away and the two never saw each other again.[2]

While trapped in the Framework, Holden Radcliffe later described Alistair Fitz to his virtual counterpart as a drunken fool who was unable to see how brilliant his son was.[1]





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