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"I do what I have to. And the only way to live with it is not to wallow in it."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Alisa Jones (née Campbell) was Jessica and Phillip Jones' mother. She was seemingly killed in a car accident along her husband and son, with her daughter as the sole survivor. However, unknown to Jessica, she was brought back to life by Karl Malus' illegal experiments at IGH, which also gave her superhuman abilities. After escaping and accidentally killing Jessica's boyfriend, she stayed in the shadows with Malus, becoming life partners.

However, after Jessica and Trish Walker began to investigate IGH, Alisa's instincts to protect Malus overwhelmed her, willing to kill whoever she needed to. Once she revealed her true nature to her daughter, she was soon arrested and taken into custody, only to go insane and escape after hearing of Malus' demise. She then sought to kill Walker, whom she blamed for Karl's death, but was stopped by Jessica. Alisa then killed Detective Ruth Sunday in retaliation and later kidnapped Jessica and took her on a "mother-daughter road trip" to escape the police. In her final moments, Alisa told her daughter that being a hero isn't a bad thing, and then she was shot in the head and killed by Trish.


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Early Life

Raising the Jones Family

"I was ambitious. I felt stifled by him. He felt berated by me. And maybe he was. I could have been on the tenure track in the math department at the University of Michigan. But he wouldn't move. So I stayed. And I taught junior college to a bunch of underachievers. And I hated him for that. And he hated me for making him feel inadequate."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Alisa Campbell was a mathematics teacher. She married Brian Jones and together they had two children: a daughter, Jessica Jones, and a few years later a son, Phillip Jones. They all lived together in Caldwell, New Jersey. While the Jones' had lived together at their Jones Residence, Jones would often make a meatloaf, which was disliked by their neighbour Elizabeth De Luca, who would also complain about the couple's constant arguments, and Phillip and Jessica's fights[9] Every summer, Jones would take her family on a beach vacation, although it was rarely considered fun, while Jessica and Phillip would be made to share a queen bed, and would often argue.[4]

Fatal Car Accident

"I always hated Florida. But our marriage counselor suggested the trip. She said it would be a bonding opportunity. In a split second, I lost everyone. I lost myself."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Alisa and her family before the accident.

Jones, alongside her husband and children, went going on a vacation together and, on the road, Jessica and Phillip got into an argument in the backseat. Alisa told Jessica to give Phillip the gameboy, which she did not do. Brian then turned around to stop the fight. In doing so he took his eyes off the road. Alisa, who was still watching the road, tried to warn Brian about a truck in front of them. Sadly, he was too late and the family crashed on the truck carrying a container of chemicals. The accident supposedly killed her, her husband and her son and left Jessica in a coma.[9]


Rescued by Karl Malus

Jones and Karl Malus inside the labs of IGH.

"When we got you, you were pretty much a goner. We had to induce a coma after each treatment to manage the side effects. But the way you've come through it... it's mind-blowing."
"Come through what, exactly?"
"Cutting-edge genetic editing. It stimulates healing through cell regeneration."
Karl Malus and Alisa Jones[src]
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Jessica and Stirling

"You don't get to screw her over and then just walk away."
"What are you talking–"
"Jessica thinks you love her."
"You were listening?"
"She is not your whore to pimp out!"
―Alisa Jones and Stirling Adams[src]
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Protecting Secrets

Assassinating the Witnesses

"If I'm the issue, then why kill Kozlov and Robert? Why am I still here?"
"Because maybe he has been protecting you."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Fearing that her new life with Karl Malus would be in danger, if the truth of IGH's work was ever discovered, Jones set about her mission to assassinate any persons who could expose them. Jones had first targeted Miklos Kozlov, who had been a coworker of Malus, who had then used their work to develop drugs for their United States Armed Forces, as Jones caused a car crash that killed Kozlov, while making it appear to have been a simple accident to avoid any further suspicion.

Jones then learnt that Robert Coleman had been attempting to contact Trish Walker to expose IGH, so she attempted to kill him twice, only for Coleman to then escape her wrath due to his superhuman speed, which had been given to him by IGH.[11] When Coleman went up to Alias Investigations and desperately attempted to ask Jessica Jones to protect him from his attacker, Jones was able to kill him by causing scaffolding to fall, impaling him through the chest, only for this action to result in Jessica and Walker investigating the murders further.[3]

Having also learnt about Kozlov and Coleman's mysterious deaths due to recent unexplained accidents, Jessica and Walker were approached by Will Simpson, who was aware that Walker would be a target of Jones, and he wished to protect Walker before Jones would be able to find and murder her. Determined to stop this, Jones had then tracked Simpson down to the Greenpoint Stages, where he had been attempted to warn Walker about the situation, only for Jones to cut out the lights and attack. During the chaos, Jones had been able to break Simpson's neck, before then escaping by leaping over Jones and Walker's heads.[11]

Knowing that Jessica and Walker would undoubtedly begin investigating into the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility, where all of the original experiments on them both had taken place, Jones deduced that they would also be able to track down Leslie Hansen, one of the final surviving nurses who had worked there. Before Jessica and Walker could get to Hansen, Jones had cornered her at her apartment, as she proceeded to murder her by tearing her head off. With Hansen dead, Jones put her corpse, including severed head, inside of the furness and burnt it, hoping that this would prevent Jones from finding it.[4]

Reunion with Jessica Jones

Jones getting reunited with Jessica Jones

"You should be thankful! You should be thanking your goddamn stars!"
"You know, I think I did survive for a reason. To make sure you never do what you did to me ever again."
"You ungrateful..."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Having been listening to Trish Talk to keep track of her target, Jones heard Trish Walker making a call out for Leslie Hansen, wanting to interview her. Since Jones knew that Hansen was dead, she had decided to call into the station and set up a meeting with Walker, intending to finally murder her, as soon as she sat down to meet with her. However, once Jones arrived into the bar, she then realized that Jessica Jones went in Walker's place, as Jones took a seat inside of a booth and was joined by Jessica.

Although Jones attempted to argue that she had come there to speak to Walker alone, Jones had simply refused to allow her to leave the bar, while pushing her back down onto the seat and threatening her. As she sat down, Jessica questioned why Jones had reached out to Walker in the first place, to which Jones claimed that she had been spreading lies about IGH which she wanted to stop, as Jessica questioned if she would have had Walker killed as a result of her turning up. As Jones insisted that she would have told Walker the truth, Jessica insisted that she tell her the truth, having mistaken Jones for Hansen.

Unaware of Jones' real identity, Jessica had mistakenly claimed that she was Hansen, noting Hansen had been an ER doctor at Metro-General Hospital who had also siphoned her patients to IGH for their experimentations. Not correcting the mistake, Jones simply remained silent while Jessica recounted that, seventeen years earlier, Hansen had then brought herself, as an orphaned and injured girl, to IGH, believing that she would be the perfect candidate to undergo IGH's tortuous experiments. Although Jones denied this was true, she insisted that all IGH had done was save Jessica's life following their car crash.

As Jones nervously took a drink, she then insisted that Jessica was wrong about her assumptions about IGH, insisting that everything that Walker had been saying about them was false, with Jones calling IGH the good guys, which Jessica remained sceptical about. However, Jessica had simply claimed that the good guys had put a corpse inside of Hansen's basement, still mistakenly believing that she was speaking with Hansen, before Jessica insisted that IGH were cleaning up house, to which Jones suggested that they were actually protecting their reputation and legacy, although Jessica called their work heinous.

Jessica demanded that Jones talk to her, noting that she had seventeen years worth of deep questions about what had happened in her past, to which Jones insisted that all that mattered was that Jessica had survived the car crash. However, Jessica noted that this had also mattered to Robert Coleman, Miklos Kozlov and Will Simpson, as she questioned if she or Walker would be the next target of IGH, demanding to know what else Jones had been hiding. However, Jones had simply scoffed at this, telling Jessica that it did not matter, as Jessica had responded by threatening to kill Jones if she did not talk.

Jessica told Jones to look directly at her, as she repeated her mistake that Jones was a doctor at Metro-General, who had siphoned off her patients straight to IGH for their experimentations, demanding that she continue the story from there. Not correcting Jessica's mistake about her identity, Jones then told her that IGH's work with genetic editing was groundbreaking and had been saving lives, as Jessica had questioned if this had been done by giving them powers. However, Jones explained that this was a rare side effect caused by rare interacts with DNA, insisting that Jessica had been lucky with her results.

Jones reminded Jessica that she had been brought back from the dead in the wake of the car crash, having briefly died while she was on the operating table, only for Jessica to insist that IGH should have let her die with her family, much to Jones' complete shock. Jones had then warned Jessica never to say that again, while Jessica noted that she had nobody in her life, to which Jones insisted that she had her life and her powers, promising that she had survived for one reason. However, Jones still demanded to know what the reason was, and Jones insisted that Jessica should be thankful to IGH for saving her life.

Jessica suggested that she was brought back to stop Jones and IGH from continuing their experiments, only for Jones to call her ungrateful, as she began to lose control of her rage. Furious at these comments, Jones then pushed their table back into Jessica's chest, with Jessica being shocked by her strength, before Jones then lifted their table up and pinned her against the booth wall. As Jones attempted to flea, Jessica caught up to her and threw her against the wall, with Jones smashing her face into the glass. As they looked at each other, Jessica then questioned who Jones really was, with Jones did not answer.

Instead, Jones had then grabbed Jessica onto the leg, knocking her to the ground, before pushing her across the room with considerable force, as Jessica smashed straight through the wall. While Jessica writhed around in pain from the unexpected assault, Jones had watched from the other side of the room, before then running back outside. On her way out from the bar, Jones had pushed by Malcolm Ducasse and Walker, knocking Ducasse down. As Walker helped Ducasse onto his feet, Jones briefly looked at her, before a Paparazzo took his photo of the three of them, which had then forced Jones to flea.[4]

Assassination of Nick Spanos

Jones sneaking up behind Nick Spanos

"This woman killed Nick Spanos and Robert Coleman. She also has abilities."
"Like you?"
"No, she's stronger. A lot stronger."
Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]

Continuing her mission to protect IGH and their secrets, Jones would learn that Nick Spanos had been sent out by Pryce Cheng inside the Alias Investigations Office to steal all of Jessica Jones' research into her and IGH. In order to prevent this research from falling into Cheng's hands, which might put herself and Karl Malus in danger of being exposed, Jones ambushed Spanos as he was loading up his truck with the papers while updating Cheng. Jones grabbed Spanos by the wrist and ripped him away from the truck, while he Cheng could hear his grunts from the ongoing phonecall.

Jones proceeded to kick Spanos inside the back of the truck with considerable force, taking him completely off guard, before then also stepping inside and locking the door behind her, while looking around to ensure nobody had witnessed the assault. Once insideJones had then proceeded to brutally beat Spanos to death, before she took all of Jessica's research for herself. However, Cheng reported this to the New York City Police Department, who soon determined that Jessica was to blame, as Jessica was taken into custody by Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday, as she arrived at the scene and found Spanos' corpse.[5]

Having murdered Spanos, Jones had returned to the Malus Residence, where she had proceeded to burn all of the research that Jessica had done into IGH, including the photographs from the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility which Jessica had taken, as well as the death certificates of Brian and Phillip Jones, in her attempt to keep all IGH's secrets from ever being exposed. Once all the papers had been burnt, Jones then removed all her clothes, which her stained with Spanos' blood, and burnt them in the fire, before stepping back inside the house, confident that she had protected IGH's secrets.[10]

Breakdown at the Piano

"He's not screaming now."
"Because of your music. We were walking past, he heard it and calmed right down. Isn't that right, you little monster?"
"Well, I was just practicing."
"Well, he is a big fan. Would you mind if we came in"
―Alisa Jones and Sophie[src]

Once Jones had made herself a cup of tea at Karl Malus' Residence, she briefly checked her wig in the reflection of the microwave, before choosing the song which she would practice piano on, in her attempt to ensure that she did not lose control again and risk causing harm. Jones gently polished the piano, before taking her seat and began to play her music on the piano, singing to herself, while using this music, and the focus to keep herself calm and control her rage.

However, Jones' practice was unexpectedly interrupted when Sophie had unexpectedly knocked on her window. Despite being wary of the change of situation, Jones had then reluctantly gone to the front door, where Sophie was waiting for her, as she simply noted that they had previously met at the yard sale. Not wanting company, Jones had questioned if there was something wrong, to which Sophie claimed to be losing her mind as her son Aaron was teething and had been screaming at her for hours. Jones then noted that Aaron was not screaming now, as Sophie claimed this was actually because of Jones' music.

Jones attempted to dismiss this, saying that she was just practicing and doubted that her music would have this affect on the baby, but Sophie continued to explain how much of a fan Aaron had been, before requesting that they be allowed to come in and just listen to her practice in order for Aaron to relax. With Sophie noting that she needed a break, she suggested that Jones could hold the baby, which Jones accepted and took Aaron into her arms, as Aaron touched Jones' face. Jones had then invited Sophie to come in, while Sophie had complimented the house, noting that she and Marcus would have to host Jones.

Jones confessed that she did not get out much, as she handed Aaron back to Sophie, before sitting back down at her piano and continuing with her practice, hoping that this would become a calming influence on the baby, as well as on her. However, the distraction of having Sophie and Aaron in the room caused Jones to make one mistake while playing, which she apologised for, while Sophie had smiled away the error. Although Jones had attempted to continue with her practice, the baby's cries began throwing off her calmness, as Jones began playing the notes louder and more aggressively, and began punching at the keys.

Jones furiously destroying her own piano

Eventually, Sophie noticed Jones' erratic behaviour and became a lot more nervous about her safety, as she made her excuses and left the house in a hurry, taking Aaron away, as Jones continued aggressively playing the keys, having completely lost all sense of calm. Jones' rage became uncontrollable, as she proceeded smash both of her fists straight through the keys, before then punching through the piano and throwing the lid across the room. Out of control, Jones tore the keys out of the piano smashed the entire thing apart, before standing over the wreckage of the piano, as she tried to get her breathing back under control, and looked at the destruction she caused.

Having destroyed the piano out of her most recent fit of uncontrollable rage, Jones was eventually able to get herself calm again, but was forced to take all the broken pieces of the piano back outside, which she had then proceeded to burn inside the same fire pit where she had also burnt all Jessica Jones' research about IGH, as well as her clothes which had been stained with the blood of Nick Spanos. As she threw all of the broken wood onto the fire, Jones regretted her rage, which had destroyed one of their methods for really controlling her temper, but had continued burning the pieces regardless.[10]

Ambush at the Aquarium

"Here, the man and woman are arguing, she's very upset."
"Dude has to drug her to get her into the car? Where's the romance?"
"A man that would do this to a woman?"
Jewelry Store Owner and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones had gone to meet with Karl Malus, as she often did, at the Neptune's World Aquarium, where Malus had liked to look at the octopus that was on display. Jones and Malus greeted each other with affection while they walked around the room, with Malus questioning if Jones had gotten lost, to which she claimed that she had been worried. Jones and Malus held each other in their arms, sharing a kiss, as they looked at more of the fish, which had also helped with Jones' rage issues.

Jones and Karl Malus seeing Jessica Jones

However, while they were stood together, Malus heard the sound of a camera clicking behind them, as he looked up and had seen Jessica Jones had been watching them upstairs, drawing Jones' attention to this as well. Since she was unwilling to be reunite with her daughter again, and determined to protect Malus from being discovered, Jones responded by immediately punching at the glass behind her, cracking it and causing the alarms around the building to go off. Jones and Malus then ran during the chaos, while Jessica stayed behind to help anyone in need, as the glass broke from Jones' strike, causing the fish to fall on the floor and everyone to flea.[10]

Jones and Malus were then able to get outside to their car, where Jones had furiously confronted Malus over coming so close to being discovered by Jessica, who was already investigating IGH and could easily expose him and his research. While Jones' anger had continued to fall out of control, Malus was left with no choice, by to inject Jones with his drug into the neck, which knocked her unconscious, allowing Malus to get her back inside their car before she could lose control and risk hurting anybody else. Malus had then driven them back to his home, before Jessica rushed to catch them.[12]

Assisted Recovery

"It's alright, it's alright! It's over. You're alright. I got a call, Jessica's coming. I think it's time."
Karl Malus to Alisa Jones[src]

Having been taken back to their Residence, Jones was kept sedated and strapped down to the bed with strong steel handcuffs, until she had eventually been awoken by Karl Malus, who provided her with oxygen as Jones awoke with an enraged start. Unable to move due to all of the restraints that were holding her down, Jones furiously looked up at Malus, who had calmly assured her that she was safe and it was over now, gently stroking her wig to help her to remain calm.

Once she had been able to calm herself back down and get her rage back under control, Jones was then informed by Malus that Justis Ambrose had just called him and had warned him that Jessica Jones was coming there, having just learnt of their address. However, rather than advising that they flee from there before Jessica could find and confront them, Malus had instead advised Jones that he actually believed that this was time that they actually revealed the truth to Jessica and end her investigation forever, as Jones eventually accepted his advise and agreed to finally reveal herself as Jessica's mother.[12]

Revealing Family Secrets

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"You can leave here whole, or you can leave in pieces. But one thing you will never do is control me."
―Alisa Jones to Dale Holiday[src]
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Hunting Trish Walker

"I think she might go after Trish."
"It makes sense. In her mind, Trish's investigation ruined her life. Forced her to kill all of those people to protect him. She probably thinks that Trish is also responsible for Karl's death."
Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]
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Mother-Daughter Trip

Rescue on the Highway

Jones and Jessica Jones driving on their trip.

"That family can describe us. And after that car flip, the cops are gonna know it's us. We need to get to the border."
"Wait, what? "We"? Then
we are doing this?"
"Don't get choked up. We still have to get out of this shitstorm."
Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]
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Murdered by Trish Walker

"You are far more capable than I ever was. Maybe I don't have to be amazing. Maybe I just made you."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Alisa and Jessica Jones reached the Playland amusement park upon abandoning their RV. Though her daughter tries to plead that they escape to the docks, Alisa broke the chains that locked the gates and entered the park, heading towards the Ferris wheel. Despite being repeatedly told by Jessica not to turn the wheel on and attract attention, she expressed that she had gone as far as she could go. The mother and daughter then boarded a Ferris wheel seat together for the final time.

Jones is shot and killed by Trish Walker

As the two conversed, Alisa was shot in the head by Trish Walker, who stood feet below the duo. After angrily commanding Trish to run away, Jessica sobbed over her mother's corpse as Eddy Costa and the NYPD arrived at the scene. Costa concluded that Jessica had killed Alisa and that she did the only thing that she could to end Alisa's killing spree.[13]


Conflict Between Sisters

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Jones' death by her own best friend and adoptive sister had left Jessica Jones unable to see Trish Walker as anything more than the person who killed her mother. Despite Walker's efforts, the friendship between the two ended.[13]


"You're not the first psychopath who's wanted to team up with me. The last time one of us ended up dead."
"You really think I'm like Kilgrave?"
"Only if killing is still a viable option in your mind."
Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]

Alisa Jones was an intelligent woman with a deadpan snark like wit similar to her daughter, Jessica Jones, who greatly loved her family. After her life was saved, the experiments granted Alisa a high level of strength that came with a deadly rage due to her brain damage.

Unlike Jessica, however, Alisa looked at life far more optimistically and hated being confined: to counter Jessica's preconceived notion that the Jones led a perfect life in the past, Alisa revealed that she desired to teach mathematics to a university, but was unable to because of her husband, Phillip Jones, and was struck teaching math to underachieving students. Alisa grew to resent her suburban life as a result and was considering a divorce out of a desire to do something with her life.

Despite her initial fear of her powers, Alisa desired to become a hero of sorts and use her powers for the good of others, a dream she was never able to realize due to her uncontrollable rage causing her to hurt anyone, friend or foe. However, Alisa's love for her daughter eventually allowed her to regain some control of her sanity, which Alisa decided to stop attempting to run away with Jessica and turn herself in to the authorities so her daughter would be free to live her own life, despite knowing that they would kill her.

Powers and Abilities


Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Due to Karl Malus' illegal experiments at IGH, her physical attributes are enhanced to superhuman levels.

"We were just putting her to bed, and... she threw me like I was a ragdoll. Ten feet into a glass cabinet. I broke my back, glass ripped me to shreds. Then she got Luanne, the other nurse. She twisted that poor girl's head clean around."
Inez Green, to Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
  • Superhuman Strength: Alisa possesses incredible strength that, to Jessica's own admission, far surpasses Jessica's, as gently bumping into Malcolm Ducasse caused him to go flying into a motorbike. She was easily able to throw Jessica around a bar and completely demolish a grand piano with seemingly little effort when upset. Alisa, much like her daughter, was able to forcefully open doors with little effort, and could break glass at an aquarium. She was also strong enough to be able to twist the head of Will Simpson around with minimal effort, killing him instantly. She often loses control of her strength when upset or enraged, due to her brain damage and the traumatic events that she had previously experienced.
"What else you got?"
"Stomping on the brake. Diving out the window. Punching you into a coma."
"Last one might be tough."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]
  • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to the experiments from IGH, Alisa was a lot more resistant to injury compared to regular human beings, being able to jump from high places without breaking her legs and withstanding hits from Jessica. However, like Jessica, she appeared to be vulnerable to gunshots, as Trish Walker ultimately killed her when the latter shot her in the head.
  • Superhuman Speed: Thanks to her super strong legs, Alisa is able to move faster than a regular human. She was able to outrun Jessica Jones after being subdued at a bar. Despite sustaining an injury to her right thigh, Alisa was able to still escape the scene upon falling out of the hospital window.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: The experiments at IGH healed Alisa's skin and body from the car accident. She was unable to grow hair, however, but her healing ability allowed her to recover from gunshot wounds and any other injuries in a faster rate than what normal human beings are capable of.
  • Flight: Alisa appears to possess the ability to fly, similar to how her daughter Jessica can fly, as she was able to leap over Jessica and Trish after murdering Will Simpson. Alisa was also able to propel herself to the top of a high building in order to escape Jessica. The extent of this ability remains unknown, as she did not often demonstrate this power, although she has admitted to being capable of leaping ten stories high to Karl Malus.


"And a big, beautiful brain that can calculate cube roots in her head."
Karl Malus to Jessica Jones[src]
  • Gifted Intellect: Alisa was a candidate for a tenure-track professorship in mathematics at University of Michigan, though she did not take it because her husband Brian did not want to relocate. She was stated to be able to do cube roots in her head by Karl Malus.
  • Combatant: While not trained in martial arts or any other form of fighting, Alisa is still a dangerous combatant, using her brute strength to often overpower and brutally murder her enemies.
  • Expert Assassin: Despite having no formal training, Alisa was shown to be quite a capable assassin. She killed both Miklos Kozlov and Robert Coleman and made both their deaths look like accidents. She also killed Leslie Hansen and managed to successfully dispose of her body though it was eventually discovered after a lengthy, but undetermined, amount of time. Alisa almost succeeded in killing Trish Walker while she was in the hospital despite being under police protection and only failing due to Jessica's intervention.
  • Bilingualism: In addition to her native English, Alisa could fluently speak Spanish, when she met Oscar Arocho.


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