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"I do what I have to. And the only way to live with it is not to wallow in it."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Alisa Jones (née Campbell) was Jessica and Phillip Jones' mother, as well as Brian Jones' wife, whom she was in her loveless marriage with. However, following a serious car accident, Jones lost her husband and son, with herself and her daughter as the only survivors. The survivors were then saved from death by Karl Malus' illegal experiments at IGH, which also gave them superhuman abilities, although Jones suffered brain damage, also requiring her facial reconstructive surgery. Jones' brain damage became clear when she broke free of IGH to reunite with her daughter, only to inadvertently kill Jessica's boyfriend, resulting in her returning to IGH, while also entering a relationship with Malus.

However, as Jessica and Trish Walker began to investigate IGH, Jones' instincts to protect Malus overwhelmed her, as she had proceeded to murder Miklos Kozlov and anybody else who could expose them. Once she revealed her true nature to her daughter, she was soon arrested, only to go insane and escape upon hearing of Malus' demise. Seeking to kill Walker, whom she blamed for Malus' death, Jones was stopped by Jessica, although Detective Ruth Sunday had been killed. In a final attempt to have a life with her daughter, Jones kidnapped Jessica so they could try and live on as heroes. However, Jones had eventually decided to surrender to the police, only to be murdered by Walker.


Early Life[]

Raising the Jones Family[]

"I was ambitious. I felt stifled by him. He felt berated by me. And maybe he was. I could have been on the tenure track in the math department at the University of Michigan. But he wouldn't move. So I stayed. And I taught junior college to a bunch of underachievers. And I hated him for that. And he hated me for making him feel inadequate."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Alisa Campbell was a mathematics teacher. She married Brian Jones and together they had two children: Jessica and Phillip.[5] Alisa eventually got a job at the University of Michigan, but Brian did not want to move, so she gave up on the job. She hated Brian for his stubbornness.[6] Jones and her husband measured their children's heights onto the wall.[7] They lived together in Caldwell, New Jersey. While the Jones' had still lived together at the Jones Residence, Jones would often make meatloaf, which was disliked by their neighbor Elizabeth De Luca, who would also complain about the couple's constant arguments, and Phillip and Jessica's fights.[5] Every summer, Jones took her family onto a beach vacation, although it was rarely considered fun, as Jessica and Phillip would be made to share a queen bed, and would often argue.[3]

When Jones and her husband had decided to leave Jessica alone to babysit Phillip for the first time, they returned to discover that Jessica had found Jones' whiskey and proceeded to drink half the bottle, with Jessica being found vomiting as a result. Throughout this time, Jones and her husband's marriage had been struggling even more, as they would scream at one another every night. Despite their best efforts to keep this hidden from their children, Phillip walked in on one of these arguments, the shock of which caused Phillip to act out, to the point of him being suspended from school and Brian then wanting to put him on ADD medication, which Jones had strongly objected to.

However, Jones tried to maintain a strong bond with the family, taking them up to Playland in Rye, despite Jessica often complaining and demanding to be left home. However, Jones insisted and took Jessica on the Ferris wheel, which they often rode together, until Jessica finally smiled and enjoyed the experience, despite still not admitting to having fun.[6] When Jessica was twelve years old, the family took their first holiday to the beach, where they stayed in the cheap Love By The Sea, which was mainly used by prostitutes. Upon arriving, Jessica and Phillip had gotten into a fight about which room they wanted to stay in, with Jones eventually choosing the room.[1]

Fatal Car Accident[]


Jones and her family going on their holiday

"I always hated Florida. But our marriage counselor suggested the trip. She said it would be a bonding opportunity. In a split second, I lost everyone. I lost myself."
―Alisa Jones to Jessica Jones[src]

Taking advice from their marriage counselor, Jones and her husband decided to take a trip to Florida, believing that it would be a good bonding exercise for their family. Despite the fact that Jones had always hated Florida, she agreed to go for the good of their children and their family.[2] As they were packing up their bags, Phillip eagerly encouraged everyone to hurry up, while Jones had called out to Jessica that it was time for them to go, to which Jessica had reluctantly agreed to come with them all, making it clear that her brother was annoying her.


Jones and her family before their accident

As they drove to Florida, Jones overheard Phillip and Jessica getting into an argument in the backseat, as they continued arguing about who got to play on their Gameboy. Becoming frustrated by the arguments, Jones told Jessica to give Phillip the Gameboy, which she did not do, despite Phillip continuing to insist that it belonged to him. Once Brian told them to stop fighting, Jessica threw and broke the Gameboy, causing Phillip to yell even more at them. When Jessica insulted her brother, the annoyed Brian turned to them, and doing so he took his eyes off the road.


Jones sees her arm on fire

Alisa, who was still watching the road, attempted to warn Brian about a truck in front of them, that had stopped in the road. Sadly, he was too late and the family crashed on the truck carrying a container of chemicals.[5] As Jones awoke in the road, she looked around her, seeing the broken Gameboy in the road, before then looking up and noticing Phillip's bloodied hands out his smashed car door, Brian's body slumped over the driver's seat, and Jessica unresponsive in the road. Barely conscious, Jones looked down and saw that her own arm was on fire following the crash.[2]


Awaking Inside IGH's Hospital[]

"What have you done to me?"
"You're alright, you even standing here is a miracle. Now, come on, let's get you back to bed."
―Alisa Jones and Luanne McClure[src]

Eventually, Jones awoke in a hospital bed, looking up at the ceiling with blurred vision and unsure of how she had gotten there. Jones was joined by Luanne McClure, who welcomed her back into the world, although Jones remained unable to speak, as McClure noted her strong heartbeat was good, and promised that the doctor was on his way. Desperate to understand what was happening, Jones got up from her hospital bed, unplugging her heart monitors, as McClure advised her to lie down and get more rest.

However, as Jones looked around the room, she saw her own reflection in some glass, and realized that her entire face had been scarred with burns to the point that she was completely unrecognizable, with all of her hair having been lost in the flames and her skin being darkened by the scarring. Barely able to speak due to all of the damage done to her lips, Jones demanded to know what they had done to her, with McClure insisting that the fact that she could even stand was a miracle, before attempting to convince Jones to get back into her bed and rest.

Terrified and confused by the situation, Jones instead responded by pushing McClure back, and was shocked that she was able to throw McClure across the room with considerable force. As the terrified Jones backed herself into a corner, traumatized by everything that was happening to her, McClure responded by hitting the alarm. Desperate to get away, Jones had then proceeded to run down the hallways, as a nurse attempted to get into her way, only for Jones to push him back, causing him to be thrown down the hallway due to Jones' increased strength.

As another nurse blocked her way, Jones demanded that he get out of her way, picking him up and throwing him through a window. With Jones completely disorientated, she proceeded to grab a small girl and held onto her, before Karl Malus called out to Jones, telling her to stop. Malus was finally able to get close enough to Jones to inject her with a drug which caused Jones to lose consciousness, as he told her that the small girl was Jessica Jones, in an attempt to help calm Jones' mind as she fell unconscious, with Malus promising to fix the situation.[2]

Rescued by Karl Malus[]

"When we got you, you were pretty much a goner. We had to induce a coma after each treatment to manage the side effects. But the way you've come through it... it's mind-blowing."
"Come through what, exactly?"
"Cutting-edge genetic editing. It stimulates healing through cell regeneration."
Karl Malus and Alisa Jones[src]

Jones was kept at the hospital for five more years, during which time she received cosmetic surgery to hide her scars, although it resulted in her appearance completely changing. Jones struggled to remember anything from this time. While she was in her bed, Jones awoke to the voices of Karl Malus and Leslie Hansen discussing her recovery process, with Malus insisting that her recovery had been remarkable, while Hansen noted that she was just glad that Jones was no longer attacking people, until she lost control of her anger.


Jones getting introduced to by Karl Malus

Jones began to wake up, which Malus noticed and stopped discussing her recovery, instead greeting her calmly and asking how she was feeling, as he acknowledged that she likely felt strung out. Malus questioned if Jones remembered who he was, which she did not answer, remaining confused, to which Malus noted that memory loss was normal for someone who had been in a coma for this long. Malus introduced himself as her doctor, and Hansen as her trauma surgeon. With Jones attempting to look around, Malus explained she was in a genetic technology clinic.

Struggling to speak, Jones questioned why she was there, as Hansen explained that they had saved her life, with Malus insisting that it would have been completely impossible to save her anywhere else, and that she was lucky that Hansen had transferred her there. As Jones attempted to sit up, she released that her arms were tied down with heavy handcuffs, as she demanded to know what they were doing to her, to which Malus explained that these were a precaution until her condition stabilized. Malus lifted Jones' bed up, explaining more about her recovery.

Jones had then questioned how long she had been at the hospital, as Hansen would only say that it had been a while, only for Malus to be honest and explained that it had been five years. This news completely horrified Jones, as she demanded to know what had happened to her, to which Malus reminded her that she had been in a car accident, and had been badly hurt as a result, as Jones struggled to remember. The memories then flooded back to Jones, who questioned what happened to Phillip and Jessica and where they were, becoming increasingly agitated.

With Jones losing control of her temper and continuing to ask about Phillip, Jessica and Brian, Hansen went to get her drugs, only for Malus to tell her not to, promising to tell her everything. Once Hansen had left the room, Jones began to calm down, as Malus took a seat and said that he would explain what happened to Jones first. Malus explained that Jones had been close to death when she arrived, and they were forced to induce comas after every treatment, only for Jones to still continue surviving and grow stronger, much to their amazement.

Malus explained that they had used cutting edge genetic editing to stimulate Jones' healing process through cell regeneration, which Malus insisted was revolutionary and that Jones was a part of something amazing. However, Jones noted that if her cells were different, then she as a person would also be different, which Malus agreed with. Jones then questioned where she had been injured, to which Malus explained that the crash caused significant bone and tissue damage throughout her entire body, including severe facial trauma, as Jones asked to be shown her face.

Despite some reluctance, Malus held up a mirror and showed Jones her new face, which was not scarred, but had left her looking like a completely different woman with no hair left, apart from her eyebrows. Jones then questioned if Phillip and Jessica still looked the same, only for Malus to go silent, causing Jones to again question where her children were. Malus then told Jones that he had some hard news, much to her devastation, telling her that Brian and Phillip had died in the accident, as Jones cried out in grief, before Malus explained that Jessica survived.

Learning of her daughter's survival caused Jones to briefly relax, despite the loss of her son and husband, as Malus had then explained that all of Jessica's injuries had been less severe than her own, promising that she had made a full recovery from the crash, as she had required far less procedures than Jones had for her injuries. In response, Jones furiously attempted to free herself from her restraints, demanding to know where Jessica was so that she could see her, refusing to continue speaking to Malus until she had been reunited with her daughter.

However, Malus insisted that Jones would only be able to see Jessica when she was better, insisting that while Jessica was safe, Jones was not, as there were still complications that Jones needed to be treated for in the wake of her recovery. Once Jones had seemingly accepted this reality for herself, Malus began to speak calmly to her, as he told Jones that, while she did not know him yet, he actually was trustworthy and had her best interests in mind, as he asked her to believe him when he promised her that Jessica was alive and well, and was perfectly safe.[2]

Continued Experiments[]

"So, what aren't you telling me?"
"We didn't think you were gonna make it, the experiments we did were illegal. We had to declare your death to save your life. Jessica believes her entire biological family died in that accident."
"She thinks I'm dead?!"
―Alisa Jones and Karl Malus[src]

Although Jones had remained at the clinic and received numerous further treatments, and a wig to cover her bald head, she began to feel that she was getting no closer to being let free. While she was getting herself ready for another treatment, Jones looked at her reflection for a moment, before Luanne McClure escorted her to meet with Karl Malus. However, as soon as Jones entered Malus' office, she insisted that she did not want to undergo any more testing, which Malus claimed to understand emotionally.


Jones asks Karl Malus to stop all the tests

Although Jones insisted that she was done with all the testing, Malus reminded her that they still had work to do, to which Jones claimed that these tests were now about perfecting Malus' technology, and was no longer about healing her. Although Malus suggested that it was about both, he then told Jones that she still had too many side effects from her procedures, although Jones insisted that she had actually undergone experiments, not medical procedures, as Malus continued to insist that the experiments caused random outcomes that needed to be remedied.

Jones made Malus acknowledge that he was talking about her temper, which he called her mood swings, only for Jones to insist that his experiments had caused these struggles. Malus still suggested that it could have been his experiments or her traumatic brain injuries that caused her temper, or both. As Malus attempted to explain how her temper triggered a dissociative disorder, Jones interrupted him to make it clear that he had already explained that, and she felt she could control it, with Malus insisting that she could only control it when they fully understood it.

Frustrated, Jones told Malus that she would lose her temper shortly if he refused to tell her where Jessica was. Thinking for a moment, Malus admitted that it was time to tell her the truth, inviting Jones to sit down, as he suggested that her being sat in the chair would allow him to get some readings on her brain waves at the same time. Jones then allowed Malus and McClure to strap her into the chair, as Malus told McClure that she could leave them, as he placed all of the brain monitors onto her head, casually flirting with Jones about her eyes as he did so.

Doctor Malus and Alisa in IGH

Jones prepares for Karl Malus to be honest

Once everything was prepared, Malus asked if she was comfortable, to which Jones sarcastically claimed that she wished she had one of these chairs in the Jones Residence. Jones questioned if small talk was a test, which Malus smiled at and claimed that he just liked to joke with her. However, Jones asked again about Jessica, as Malus finally explained that, when they released Jessica from their care, they had known that Jones' recovery was still a long way off. Malus told Jones that, as Jessica needed a home, they had arranged for another family to adopt her.

The news that her daughter had a new family shocked Jones, although she took a breath and admitted that she was good news, as she wanted Jessica to be living a normal life. Jones questioned if Jessica was suffering from the same mental health issues as her, to which Malus explained that she had shown no signs of this when they discharged her. However, Jones questioned what Malus was not telling her, to which he confessed that they had not believed that Jones would survive her injuries, and that all of the experiments they had performed on her were illegal.

Malus told Jones that they were forced to declare her dead, in order to continue with the experiments that would save her life, and then explaining that Jessica believed that her entire biological family had been killed in the car crash. This news devastated Jones, and she confronted Malus over lying to Jessica about her, to which Malus insisted that it was to keep her safe, as Jones had something dangerous inside of her. Despite Jones insisting that she could control her anger, Malus told her that when she first woke up, she had inadvertently attacked Jessica.

Although Jones denied that this could be true, Malus explained that she had almost killed her own daughter that day, with Jones insisting that she did not believe him. While Malus attempted to calm her down, Jones furiously demanded to see her daughter, kicking at the chair and the machinery, with Malus asking her to stay calm. In a fit of rage, Jones managed to rip her restraints off, kicking over Malus' equipment, before Malus managed to inject her with his drugs, rendering her unconscious, as Malus eased her down, and insisted that she could not see Jessica yet.[2]

Escaping from IGH's Clinic[]

"Where is she?! Where's my little girl?!"
"Patsy Walker's family, they adopted her!"
―Alisa Jones and Luanne McClure[src]

Having learnt the truth from Karl Malus, Jones became determined to leave the clinic and be reunited with Jessica. To this end, Jones managed to avoid swallowing her pills, when they were given to her by Inez Green by hiding them in her socks, as she went to her bed and pretended to be unconscious. Jones remained motionless as Green was joined by Luanne McClure and they discussed her case and the amount of drugs that Jones took, with McClure suggesting it still was not enough.


Jones asks Luanne McClure about Jessica

As Green was removing Jones' restraints for the night, believing that they were safe as Jones seemed to be asleep, they discussed IGH's work with Jones, and the potential of Green getting promoted, only for McClure to discover the pills hidden in Jones' socks. McClure realized what had happened too late to warn Green, as Jones sat up and threw Green across the room, causing her to smash into a smash cabinet, impaling her back with glass shards and damaging her spine. Before McClure could sound the alarm, Jones had pushed her against a wall.

Jones had then demanded to know where Jessica was, holding McClure by the throat until she confessed that Patsy Walker's family had adopted her, with Dorothy Walker becoming Jessica's adoptive mother. As Jones threw McClure aside and tried to open the door, she then noticed McClure was attempting to sound the alarms, causing Jones to respond by twisting McClure's neck a hundred eighty degrees, breaking her spine and killing her. Before Jones ran out the door, she looked down at the mortally wounded Green, who was traumatized, before leaving.[2]

Questioning Dorothy Walker[]

"You must have seen something in her. I mean, to take her in as your own daughter."
"Well, my own daughter isn't talking to me anymore, so clearly I thought I was a better mom than I was. Maybe she's better off without me."
"Bullshit, a daughter needs her mother, always."
―Alisa Jones and Dorothy Walker[src]

Having escaped from the clinic, Jones went walking through New York City in search of her family, choosing to first target Dorothy Walker as she was leaving her apartment building. Calling out to Walker, Jones introduced herself as Laura Patterson, claiming to be Jessica's high school math teacher and that she was in New York and hoped to reconnect with her, which Walker had simply scoffed at, suggesting that Jessica did not connect with many people.

Jones went on to claim that she never had the chance to give Jessica her condolences in the wake of the car crash and she wanted to check in, only for Walker to tell Jones that Jessica did not live with her anymore, and that she did not even know exactly where Jessica was living now. This news shocked Jones, who did not expect Walker to not be in contact with her daughter, to which Walker dismissively suggested that it was Jessica's fault for having poor communication skills. Walker then attempted to walk away, only for Jones to block her path.


Jones asking Dorothy Walker about Jessica

In response, Jones suggested Jessica was always a moody child, before questioning if Walker had any idea where she could find Jessica. Amused by her comments, Walker then told Jones that she heard that Jessica was living with a bartender, suggesting that this bartender was bad news, to which Jones immediately questioned if this man was hurting Jessica. However, Walker instead suggested that she should be more worried about the bartender being in a relationship with Jessica, to which Jones claimed to be glad Jessica could take care of herself.

Walker went on to complain that she had given Jessica everything that she could have ever wanted, but had received nothing but disrespect and ingratitude. Wanting something positive to hold onto, Jones asked why Walker had adopted her, to which Walker noted that her own daughter was also not talking to her, suggesting that Jessica might have been better off without her as a mother, which Jones disagreed with, insisting that a daughter always needed her mother. Happy with this, Walker had then offered to make a call to find out where Jessica was.[2]

Jessica and Stirling[]

"She is not your whore to pimp out!"
"You are way off base, I was getting them off my back."
"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm her mother!"
―Alisa Jones and Stirling Adams[src]

Jones learnt from Dorothy Walker where Jessica was living, which she immediately travelled to. However, as Jones arrived, she witnessed Jessica leaving the building, which shocked Jones so much that she immediately hid herself, taken aback by seeing her daughter as a grown woman. Jones witnessed Jessica talking to some children about the intense heat, before using the strength that IGH provided her to damage a fire hydrant, spraying the delighted children with water.

Jones had then followed her daughter as she walked down the streets of New York City, eventually going into the Phoenix Bar, which Jones followed her into. As Jones stepped inside, she saw her long-lost daughter at the bar, and witnessed her seemingly turning and looking at her, smiling upon looking at her. However, as Jessica got up and seemingly walked towards her, Jones realized that she was actually greeting Stirling Adams who had arrived behind her, as Jones witnessed her daughter kissing and hugging Adams before they sat down at the bar.

Deciding to keep her distance, Jones sat at the opposite end of the bar and asked for a water, while watching Jessica and Adams, with Jessica eventually stepping into the bathroom, as Jones decided to follow her. Once Jones stepped into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror, she overheard her daughter curse, and questioned if she was okay, to which Jessica questioned if she had a tampon that she could use. Using her strength, Jones opened the box on the wall to get one, as she learnt that Jessica had not carried a purse since she was eight.

Jessica told Jones about how she had once almost strangled herself with a purse when she was eight, having gotten the strap caught on a doorknob, with Jones smiling as it was a story that she knew and could remember, while Jessica was unaware that she was actually speaking to her own mother. Once Jones handed Jessica the tampon, Jessica thanked her and promised to buy her a drink in exchange, which Jones accepted, noting she would be at the bar. Jones then went back upstairs, finding Adams talking to Wyatt and going outside with him.

Unsure of what was happening but remembering that Walker had warned her that Adams was bad news, Jones decided to spy on their conversation, as she witnessed Adams offering to give Wyatt his money back, only for Wyatt to make it clear that he was willing to forgive Adams' debts. Jones overheard Wyatt demand that Adams force Jessica to work for them as an enforcer, as they had seen how strong she was, questioning if she could also fly or had super speed, before noting that they had jobs coming up that they wanted Jessica's help with as muscle.

Instead of refusing, Adams asked for more details, as Jones continued to listen while Adams agreed that Jessica could help Wyatt, demanding a quarter of the profits, much to Jones disgust. Once Wyatt and his crew had left, Jones appeared and blocked Adams' way back into the bar, pushing him back as she insisted that she would not allow Adams to screw over Jessica and then walk away. Enraged, Jones revealed that she had been listening to the conversation and noted that Jessica loved him, but she would not let him treat her like a whore to be pimped out.

Although Adams insisted that Jones had misread the situation, as he claimed that he had just been attempting to get Wyatt and his crew to leave him alone, Jones furiously accused him of lying. As Adams questioned who she was, Jones revealed that she was Jessica's mother, before grabbing ahold of Adams' hair and furiously smashing his head into the brick wall, cracking his skull and killing him. However, just as Jones came to her senses, she overheard Jessica calling out for her boyfriend, as Jones realized what she had done and dropped Adams' corpse.

In order to not be caught, Jones managed to leap up a fire escape, just in time to witness Jessica coming around the corner searching for her boyfriend, only to scream and come running as she found Adams' bleeding corpse on the ground. Jones watched on as her daughter cried out in emotional agony, as she screamed for help and begged her boyfriend to wake up. As Jessica continued to scream and cry, Jones was forced to accept that Karl Malus had been right, and that her emotional instability had made her too dangerous to be reunited with Jessica.[2]

Returning to IGH's Clinic[]

"I found Jessica."
"Is she okay?"
"I have to stay away from her... I can't live like this"
"Yes you can, we'll find a solution."
"I killed people... Your nurses..."
―Alisa Jones and Karl Malus[src]

Having been forced to accept that she and Jessica could not be reunited until she was in a better mental state, Jones was forced to return to IGH's clinic, where she walked through the halls and encountered a nurse, who immediately responded by running in fear, knowing that Jones had just murdered Luanne McClure and crippled Inez Green, with other nurses reacting with similar fear upon seeing that Jones had just returned.

As she walked down the hallways, Jones eventually found Karl Malus and Leslie Hansen, who were also shocked by her return, although Malus remained calm and insisted that Jones would be okay, despite seeing that her shirt was still stained with Stirling Adams' blood. As Malus refused to allow Hansen to call Miklos Kozlov, Hansen walked away, while Malus told Jones that he had been worried about her, before Jones confessed that she had found her daughter, to which Malus questioned if she was okay, concerned the blood on Jones' shirt might belong to Jessica.

Jones initially nodded that Jessica was okay, but then shook her head, knowing the emotional damage she caused. Jones then confessed that Malus was right, and that she had to stay away from Jessica. Jones told Malus that she could not live like this, to which Malus insisted that she could, promising that they would find a solution. Jones then confessed to killing McClure and Adams, which Malus dismissed as not being her fault, confessing that her emotional instability was his fault and that he would help her to see Jessica again, as Jones broke down in tears.[2]

New Life[]

Continued Work with IGH[]

"It was groundbreaking genetic-editing technology. We were saving lives."
"By giving people powers?"
"No, the powers were a side effect. A rare interaction with certain DNA."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Having accepted that she could not be reunited with Jessica Jones, as it would put too much risk on her life, and the lives of those who Jessica loved, Jones remained at the Clinic, allowing Karl Malus to continue with his research.[2] Over these years and all of the continued experiments on her body and mind, Jones came to believe that the work that Malus and IGH was doing was for the betterment on the world,[3] having seen patients such as Robert Coleman,[8] and Eric Ambrose[9] come through the clinic and be healed from their medical issues, with Coleman gaining enhanced abilities, while Ambrose did not.

However, as Jones had previously murdered Luanne McClure in a fit of rage, it fell to Malus to pin the blame onto David Kawecki, a mentally disabled janitor who had been his friend while he was working for IGH, creating a story that he had broken her neck and hidden her in his bathtub, with Kawecki being sent to Birch Psychiatric Hospital as a result of Jones' actions.[10] Jones' other victim, Inez Green, who had suffered serious injuries and trauma, soon left IGH in order to get away from Jones, eventually being forced to live on the streets and turn to sex work, due to all of the trauma that Jones had caused her.[11]

Karl Malus' Promise[]

"I can't let you give up your life's work for me."
"This is what I want, not because I'm your doctor, not because you're the most powerful woman I've ever met."
"I can jump ten stories, but I can't grow hair. What kind of a lame ass power is that?"
"I know it's complicated, it's completely unethical."
―Alisa Jones and Karl Malus[src]

One day, Jones and Karl Malus took a trip to the beach, where they stood and watched the water for some time, as Malus held her hand, before he checked Jones' pulse and confirmed that her heart rate had dropped. Jones told Malus that the ocean calmed her down, to which Malus questioned if the sight or smell caused this, or if it triggered a happy memory for Jones, to which she laughed and noted that Malus could not stop studying her, while Malus insisted that Jones fascinated him.

Jones retorted that it was actually her powers that fascinated Malus, although he insisted that it was not just this. Malus told Jones that it had taken him a long time to feel comfortable around the ocean, confessing that he had once come close to drowning while on a family vacation. Jones then questioned how Malus got comfortable again, as he explained that some of his colleagues had once had a theory that needed to be tested at sea, so he helped, although he confessed a bigger motive for him was that the work was paid, and he needed marijuana.

As Jones laughed at this story, she commented that the ocean was powerful and unpredictable, suggesting that this was easily scary for some people, although Malus jokingly suggested that he mistook these comments to be about marijuana, which made Jones smile. Malus questioned if Jones found the unpredictably of the ocean scary, although she insisted that this was why she loved it, explaining that she had been told to be polite and to behave for her entire life, while the ocean was unburdened with these responsibilities, which she appreciated.

Jones went on to note how the ocean could rage, and seemingly have other emotions, while she could not, although she would watch it and appreciate its strength and power, noting that it made her feel free. As they heard some more people coming onto the beach, Jones suggested that they leave in order to ensure that they were in no danger if she did lose control, although Malus took Jones' hand and insisted that she was doing fine already. Malus had then told Jones that he was closing the IGH Clinic, much to Jones' considerable surprise.

Malus explained that he felt that he could no longer trust Miklos Kozlov, nor Leslie Hansen, although Jones insisted that she was not ready to be sent out into the world alone. Malus told Jones that he would not be abandoning her, insisting that he would instead buy a house close to the water for them both, promising that it would be just the two of them. Although Jones insisted that she could not allow him to give up IGH, Malus had then insisted that this was what he wanted from his life, noting that Jones was the most powerful woman he had ever known.

Attempting to deflect Malus' comments, Jones noted that although she could jump ten stories into the air, she was still unable to regrow her hair, claiming that this was a lame power to have, which Malus laughed at. Malus confessed that this suggestion to live together was complicated and unethical, to which Jones noted that IGH's experiments had always been illegal, as she jokingly questioned why Malus was suddenly concerned about ethics. Instead, Malus simply told Jones to screw the ethics, as the pair shared a first passionate kiss by the ocean.[12]

Relationship with Karl Malus[]

"I married her. Here, in this room."
"She was legally dead, so I'm guessing that wasn't official."
"That doesn't matter, it was the two of us. She carried me over the threshold. We stood right there, and we said our vows. Alisa and I love each other, I need you to know that."
Karl Malus and Jessica Jones[src]

As he had promised, Karl Malus shut down IGH and the Clinic, as Jones and Malus moved into their new home, where Jones was given her own bed which contained restraints to assist her with her night terrors, with Malus often being forced to use drugs to control her rage.[6] As Jones had fallen in love with Karl Malus, the pair decided to get married. Since Jones was officially dead, the marriage was not legitimate, although they still went to the Love By The Sea, where Jones had previously vacationed with her family, with Jones using her strength to carry Malus to their wedding bed.[1]

Jones would also learn that Malus had sent Jessica Jones the ashes of Brian and Phillip Jones, as well as some additional ashes that they claimed belonged to Jones herself. However, Jones also learned that Jessica had kept these ashes in Trish Walker's storage unit for all the years that she believed her family had been dead.[8] Jones accepted that Malus' motivation for sending these ashes to Jessica was to help her move on, so that both she and Jones could live their separate lives, without the guilt to attempt to find each other, and ensuring that Jessica fully believed that her mother was dead.

Despite wanting Jessica to move on with her life, Jones and Malus still discussed how they would explain everything to her if they were ever reunited.[13] Despite the struggles, and the risks to Malus' life, the pair stayed together for seventeen years, with Jones often fearing that she would eventually hurt Malus in a fit of rage.[6] To help her with her temper, Jones began learning to play the piano, as the music and concentration required helped to keep her calm. During this time, Jones met her neighbor, Sophie, at a yard sale, although Jones made no attempt to build on this friendship.[10]

Protecting Secrets[]

Assassinating the Witnesses[]

"If I'm the issue, then why kill Kozlov and Robert? Why am I still here?"
"Because maybe he has been protecting you."
Trish Walker and Jessica Jones[src]

Fearing that her new life with Karl Malus would be in danger, if the truth of IGH's work was ever discovered, Jones set about her mission to assassinate any persons who could expose them.[14] Jones had first targeted Miklos Kozlov, who had been a coworker of Malus, who had then stolen all of his formulas and used their work to develop his own drugs, including the Combat Enhancers, for the United States Armed Forces,[6] as Jones caused a car crash that killed Kozlov, while making it appear to have been an accident to avoid any further suspicion.

Jones learnt that Robert Coleman had been attempting to contact Trish Walker to expose IGH, so she attempted to kill him twice, only for Coleman to then escape her wrath due to his superhuman speed, which had been given to him by IGH.[14] When Coleman went up to Alias Investigations and desperately attempted to ask Jessica Jones to protect him from his attacker, Jones was able to kill him by causing scaffolding to fall, impaling him through the chest, only for this action to result in Jessica and Walker investigating the murders further.[8]

Having also learnt about Kozlov and Coleman's mysterious deaths due to recent unexplained accidents, Jessica and Walker were approached by Will Simpson, who was also aware that Walker would be a target of Jones, and he wished to protect Walker before Jones would be able to find and murder her. Determined to stop this, Jones had then tracked Simpson down to the Greenpoint Stages, where he had been attempted to warn Walker about the situation, only for Jones to cut out the lights and attack. During the chaos, Jones had been able to break Simpson's neck, before then escaping by leaping over Jones and Walker's heads.[14]

Knowing that Jessica and Walker would undoubtedly begin investigating into the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility, where all of the original experiments on them both had taken place, Jones deduced that they would also be able to track down Leslie Hansen, one of the final surviving nurses who had worked in there. Before Jessica and Walker could get to Hansen, Jones had cornered her at her apartment, as she proceeded to murder her by tearing her head off. With Hansen dead, Jones put her corpse, including severed head, inside of the furnace and burnt it, hoping that this would prevent Jones from finding it.[3]

Reunion with Jessica Jones[]

Janet Mcteer unknown c

Jones getting reunited with Jessica Jones

"You should be thankful! You should be thanking your goddamn stars!"
"You know, I think I did survive for a reason. To make sure you never do what you did to me ever again."
"You ungrateful..."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Having been listening to Trish Talk to keep track of her target, Jones heard Trish Walker making a call out for Leslie Hansen, wanting to interview her. Since Jones knew that Hansen was dead, she had decided to call into the station and set up a meeting with Walker, intending to finally murder her, as soon as she sat down to meet with her. However, once Jones arrived at the bar, she then realized that Jessica Jones went in Walker's place, as Jones took a seat inside of a booth and was joined by Jessica.

Although Jones attempted to argue that she had come there to speak to Walker alone, Jessica refused to allow her to leave the bar, while pushing her back on the seat and threatening her. As she sat down, Jessica questioned why Jones reached out to Walker in the first place, to which Jones claimed that she had been spreading lies about IGH which she wanted to stop, as Jessica questioned if she would have had Walker killed if she turned up. As Jones insisted that she would have told Walker the truth, Jessica insisted that she tell her the truth.

Unaware of Jones' real identity, Jessica had mistakenly claimed that she was Hansen, noting Hansen had been an ER doctor at Metro-General Hospital who siphoned her patients to IGH. Not correcting the mistake, Jones remained silent while Jessica recounted that, seventeen years earlier, Hansen brought herself, as an orphaned and injured girl, to IGH, believing she would be the perfect candidate to undergo IGH's experiments. Although Jones did not deny any of this as true, she insisted that all IGH had done was save Jessica's life following their car crash.

Jones insisted that Jessica was wrong about IGH, insisting that everything that Walker had been saying about them was false, with Jones calling IGH the good guys, which Jessica remained skeptical about. However, Jessica had simply claimed that the good guys had put a corpse inside of Hansen's basement, still mistakenly believing that she was speaking with Hansen, before Jessica insisted that IGH were cleaning up house, to which Jones suggested that they were actually protecting their reputation and legacy, although Jessica called their work heinous.

Jessica demanded that Jones talk to her, noting that she had seventeen years' worth of deep questions about what happened to her, to which Jones insisted that all that mattered was that Jessica survived. However, Jessica noted that this had also mattered to Robert Coleman, Miklos Kozlov and Will Simpson, as she questioned if she or Walker would be the next target of IGH, demanding to know what else Jones had been hiding. However, Jones scoffed at this, telling Jessica it did not matter, as Jessica responded by threatening to kill Jones if she refused to talk.

Jessica told Jones to look at her, as she repeated her mistake that Jones was Hansen, who siphoned off her patients to IGH for experiments, demanding that she continue the story from there. Not correcting Jessica's mistake about her identity, Jones then told her that IGH's work with genetic editing was groundbreaking and had been saving lives, as Jessica had questioned if this had been done by giving them powers. However, Jones explained that this was a rare side effect caused by rare interacts with DNA, insisting that Jessica was lucky with her results.

Jones reminded Jessica that she had been brought back from the dead, having briefly died on the operating table, only for Jessica to insist that IGH should have let her die with her family, much to Jones' shock. Jones then warned Jessica never to say that again, as Jessica noted that she had nobody in her life, to which Jones insisted that she had her life and her powers, promising that she had survived for one reason. However, Jessica demanded to know what the reason was, and Jones insisted that Jessica should be thankful to IGH for saving her life.

Jessica suggested that she was brought back to stop Jones and IGH from continuing their experiments, only for Jones to call her ungrateful, losing control of her rage. Furious at these comments, Jones pushed the table into Jessica's chest, with Jessica being shocked by her strength, before Jones lifted their table up and pinned her against the booth wall. As Jones attempted to flee, Jessica caught up to her and threw her against the wall, with Jones smashing her face into the glass. As they looked at each other, Jessica questioned who Jones was.

Instead, Jones grabbed Jessica onto the leg, knocking her to the ground, before pushing her across the room with considerable force, as Jessica smashed through the wall. While Jessica writhed around in pain, Jones had watched from the other side of the room, before then running back outside. On her way out from the bar, Jones had pushed by Malcolm Ducasse and Walker, knocking Ducasse down. As Walker helped Ducasse up, Jones briefly looked at her, before a Paparazzo took his photo of the three of them, which had then forced Jones to flee.[3]

Assassination of Nick Spanos[]


Jones sneaking up behind Nick Spanos

"This woman killed Nick Spanos and Robert Coleman. She also has abilities."
"Like you?"
"No, she's stronger. A lot stronger."
Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]

Continuing her mission to protect IGH and their secrets, Jones learnt that Nick Spanos was sent by Pryce Cheng into the Alias Investigations Office to steal all Jessica Jones' research into her and IGH. In order to prevent this research from falling into Cheng's hands, which might put herself and Karl Malus in danger of being exposed, Jones ambushed Spanos as he was loading up his truck with the papers while updating Cheng. Jones grabbed Spanos by the wrist and ripped him away from the truck, while Cheng could hear his grunts from the ongoing phone call.

Jones proceeded to kick Spanos inside the back of the truck with considerable force, before then also stepping inside and locking the door behind her, while looking around to ensure nobody witnessed this. Once inside, Jones proceeded to brutally beat Spanos to death, before she took all of Jessica's research for herself. However, Cheng reported this to the New York City Police Department, who soon determined that Jessica was to blame, as Jessica was taken into custody by Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday, as she arrived at the scene and found Spanos' corpse.[11]

Having murdered Spanos, Jones had returned to the Malus Residence, where she had proceeded to burn all of the research that Jessica had done into IGH, including the photographs from the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility, and the death certificates of Brian and Phillip Jones, in her attempt to keep all IGH's secrets from being exposed. Once the papers had been burnt, Jones removed all her clothes, which her stained with Spanos' blood, and burnt them in the fire, before stepping back inside the house, confident that she had protected IGH's secrets.[10]

Breakdown at the Piano[]

"He's not screaming now."
"Because of your music. We were walking past, he heard it and calmed right down. Isn't that right, you little monster?"
"Well, I was just practicing."
"Well, he is a big fan. Would you mind if we came in?"
―Alisa Jones and Sophie[src]

Once Jones had made herself a cup of tea at Karl Malus' residence, she briefly checked her wig in the reflection of the microwave, before choosing the song which she would practice piano on, in her attempt to ensure that she did not lose control again and risk causing harm. Jones gently polished the piano, before taking her seat and began to play her music on the piano, singing to herself, while using this music, and the focus to keep herself calm and control her rage.

However, Jones' practice was interrupted when Sophie had knocked on her window. Despite being wary of the change, Jones reluctantly gone to the front door, where Sophie was waiting, as she noted that they had previously met at the yard sale. Not wanting company, Jones had questioned if there was something wrong, to which Sophie claimed to be losing her mind as her son Aaron was teething and had been screaming at her for hours. Jones then noted that Aaron was not screaming now, as Sophie claimed this was actually because of Jones' music.

Jones dismissed this, saying that she was just practicing and doubted that her music would have this affect, but Sophie explained how much of a fan Aaron had been, before requesting that they be allowed to come in and listen to her practice for Aaron to relax. With Sophie noting that she needed a break, she suggested that Jones could hold the baby, which Jones accepted and took Aaron into her arms, as Aaron touched Jones' face. Jones then invited Sophie to come in, while Sophie complimented the house, noting that she and Marcus would have to host Jones.

Jones confessed that she did not get out much, as she handed Aaron back to Sophie, before sitting at her piano and continuing with her practice, hoping that this would become a calming influence on the baby and her. However, the distraction of having Sophie and Aaron in the room caused Jones to make one mistake while playing, which she apologized for. Although Jones attempted to continue with her practice, the baby's cries began throwing off her calmness, as Jones began playing the notes louder and more aggressively, and began punching the keys.


Jones furiously destroying her own piano

Eventually, Sophie noticed Jones' erratic behavior and became a lot more nervous about her safety, as she made her excuses and left the house in a hurry, taking Aaron away, as Jones continued aggressively playing the keys, having completely lost all sense of calm. Jones' rage became uncontrollable, as she proceeded smash both of her fists straight through the keys, before then punching through the piano and throwing the lid across the room. Out of control, Jones tore the keys out of the piano smashed the entire thing apart, before standing over the wreckage of the piano, as she tried to get her breathing into control.

Having destroyed the piano in this fit of uncontrollable rage, Jones was able to get herself calm, but was forced to take all the broken pieces of the piano outside, which she proceeded to burn in the same fire pit where she had also burnt all Jessica Jones' research about IGH, as well as her clothes which had been stained with the blood of Nick Spanos. As she threw all the broken wood onto the fire, Jones regretted her rage, which had destroyed one of their methods for controlling her rage, but continued burning the pieces.[10]

Ambush at the Aquarium[]

"Here, the man and woman are arguing, she's very upset."
"Dude has to drug her to get her into the car? Where's the romance?"
"A man that would do this to a woman?"
Jewelry Store Owner and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones had gone to meet with Karl Malus, as she often did, at the Neptune's World Aquarium, where Malus had liked to look at the octopus that was on display. Jones and Malus greeted each other with affection while they walked around the room, with Malus questioning if Jones had gotten lost, to which she claimed that she had been worried. Jones and Malus held each other in their arms, sharing a kiss, as they looked at more of the fish, which had also helped with Jones' rage issues.


Jones and Karl Malus seeing Jessica Jones

However, while they were stood together, Malus heard the sound of a camera clicking behind them, as he looked up and had seen Jessica Jones had been watching them upstairs, drawing Jones' attention to this as well. Since she was unwilling to reunite with her daughter again, and determined to protect Malus from being discovered, Jones responded by immediately punching at the glass behind her, cracking it and causing the alarms around the building to go off. Jones and Malus then ran during the chaos, while Jessica stayed behind to help anyone in need, as the glass broke from Jones' strike, causing the fish to fall on the floor and everyone to flea.[10]

Jones and Malus were able to get to their car, where Jones furiously confronted Malus over coming so close to being discovered by Jessica, who was investigating IGH and could easily expose him and his research. While Jones' anger continued to fall out of control, Malus was left with no choice, injecting Jones with his drug into the neck, which knocked her unconscious, allowing Malus to get her in the car before she could lose control and risk hurting anybody else. Malus then drove them back to his home, before Jessica could catch them.[9]

Assisted Recovery[]

"It's alright, it's alright! It's over. You're alright. I got a call, Jessica's coming. I think it's time."
Karl Malus to Alisa Jones[src]

Having been taken back to their Residence, Jones was kept sedated and strapped down to the bed with strong steel handcuffs, until she had eventually been awoken by Karl Malus, who provided her with oxygen as Jones awoke with an enraged start. Unable to move due to all of the restraints that were holding her down, Jones furiously looked up at Malus, who had calmly assured her that she was safe, and it was over now, gently stroking her wig to help her to remain calm.

Once she was able to calm herself, Jones was then informed by Malus that Justis Ambrose had just called him and had warned that Jessica Jones was coming, having just learnt their address. However, rather than advising that they flee before Jessica could find and confront them, Malus had instead advised Jones that he actually believed that this was time that they actually revealed the truth to Jessica and end her investigation forever, as Jones eventually accepted his advise and agreed to finally reveal herself as Jessica's mother.[9]

Revealing Family Secrets[]

"I was a botched experiment, but that didn't matter because I stopped living in the real world, I didn't exist, until now. I'm so sorry, is there any way you could forgive me?"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

As predicted, Jessica Jones was able to find their home and began snooping around, eventually going into Jones' room and finding her photograph of herself as a little girl with Phillip Jones at Playland in Rye, shocking her as Jessica finally began to realize what the truth was. Jones and Karl Malus then walked into the basement and greeted Jessica, who remained highly confused and emotional about the situation, struggling to believe that she was speaking to her long thought dead mother, despite all of the evidence that she had found.

In response, Jones calmly told Jessica that she was indeed her mother, removing her wig to reveal her bald head and scars, as a result of the burns caused by the car accident. With tears rolling down her face, Jessica called Jones her mother.[9] Having put her wig back on again, Jones would go on to explain her truth to her daughter, detailing what had happened over those years. Jones explained how IGH and Malus had saved her life following the car accident, and how she had been forced to keep her distance from Jessica, due to her struggles with controlling her rage.

Jones had explained to Jessica how her anger became impossible to control, leading her to kill multiple people in her efforts to reunite with her daughter, including Luanne McClure, before she even killed Jessica's boyfriend, Stirling Adams, believing him to be a danger to her. Having finished her story and confessed everything, Jones asked her daughter if she could ever forgive her, to which Jessica punched her mother, knocking her to the floor and causing her wig to fall off, insisting that she could not. In response, Malus injected Jessica with his drug, knocking her unconscious.[2]

Reconnecting with Jessica Jones[]

"Don't talk to him like that, he saved us!"
"He destroyed us! He is a pervert with a god complex who made himself a powered girlfriend for kicks."
"No! You have no idea what you're talking about!"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

With Jessica restrained downstairs in her bed, Jones remained upstairs in the Malus Residence, and allowed Karl Malus to speak to her daughter first, in the hopes that he could calm the situation. While this happened, Jones began cooking in the kitchen, humming a song to herself to remain distracted, until she inadvertently slammed the box of eggs down, crushing them, which frustrated Jones. As she went to put the broken eggs in the bin, she accidentally broke that as well.

Although Jones attempted to control her breathing and remain calm, she began losing her temper again, launching the eggs across the room, and kicking the bin out of the kitchen, before breaking several more items. While Jones had continued raging in the kitchen and breaking more items, Malus had been speaking to Jessica, and had seemingly convinced her to reunite with her mother, although Jessica insisted that she would only do this, under the condition that she was released from all of her restraints, which Malus had reluctantly agreed to.

However, as soon as Malus had left the room, Jones locked the steel door behind him and trapped herself in the room, having managed to take back her phone. Jones heard the commotion and ran to Malus aid, kicking down the door and throwing Jessica across the room, before taking her phone and realizing that Jessica had sent a text to Detective Eddy Costa with their address, telling him that the killer was there, and to bring the New York City Police Department there to arrest Jones and Malus, with Jessica insisting that this was the right thing.

Jessica insisted that her actual mother would have understood this was the right thing, only for Jones to insist that Jessica did not understand what she had done, while Malus ordered Jones to remain calm. Jones questioned if Jessica wanted her to go to prison, to which Jones said it would be a start, while Malus insisted that no prison would be able to hold Jones. However, as Jessica promised Malus would also go to prison, Jones demanded she not speak to Malus like that, as Malus saved their lives, although Jessica argued that he destroyed their lives.

Jessica argued that Malus was nothing more than a pervert who had made Jones his powered girlfriend for his own pleasure, to which Jones furiously insisted that she had no idea what she was talking about. With Jones losing control, Malus spoke calmly to her, as he told her to focus on his voice and take to breath, which helped her to relax. As Jones focused on her breath, Malus told Jessica that she could help her mother, and that he was willing to go to prison to protect her, which Jones had refused to allow, telling him to take all of his money and leave.

Although Jones insisted that Malus had given up too much already, Jessica still refused to allow him to leave, wanting Costa and Ruth Sunday to arrest him. However, Jones proceeded to push Jessica against the wall to prevent her from leaving, before telling Costa to run to the place that they had discussed previously. With Malus suggesting that they should go together while he worked on a new treatment, Jessica insisted that nothing would work to fix her mother, with Jones warning Malus that Jessica was stubborn and would be unwilling to just let this go.

While Jones kept Jessica pinned to the wall, Jessica told her that she did not know how stubborn she was, promising that she would catch Malus if he attempted to run. As Jones once again told Malus to run, he warned her that she would not survive if she was arrested, as he believed that she would be experimented upon and hurt, to which Jones warned that she would hurt anybody who dared to hurt Malus. Jones had once again told Malus to take the money and run, while he insisted that he would not go without her, as Jones furiously screamed at Malus to get out.

Knowing that he could no longer argue with Jones, Malus sighed and told her he loved her, before apologizing, as he turned and walked away, with Jones furiously telling him to lock the door and never come back, all while Jessica expressed her frustration that Malus was escaping justice, demanding her mother let her go. Once Malus had left and locked the door, Jones freed Jessica, who promised that whether it was the police or her that caught him, Malus would pay, to which Jones insisted that living with her for twelve years had caused Malus to pay enough.[6]

Trapped with Jessica Jones[]

"You haven't changed at all."
"You have no clue who I am, or what I've been through. I just look like someone you used to know, wish I could say the same about you."
"No, you're right, I don't know. So, why don't you tell me. For Christ sake Jessica, talk to me."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

As they were now alone, Jones went to her counter and poured herself a drink, while Jessica noted that the gene editing she had gone through had not improved her taste in alcohol. Momentarily confused about how she could know her taste in alcohol, Jones then recalled that the first time she and Brian Jones left Jessica to babysit Phillip, she had found and drunk half of her bottle of alcohol, and they found her being sick over the toilet, with Jessica insulting the taste.

Jones then poured Jessica a glass, noting that they were locked inside the room until the New York City Police Department arrived, so it was the only drink she could have. Jones then questioned where she would be taken, to which Jessica explained that the Raft was built to hold enhanced criminals, with Jones noting that she had read about it, and knew the prisoners were given no contact with the outside world, and they were never released. Suggesting that she could be the last time they would speak, Jones suggested that Jessica say whatever she needed to.

However, Jessica merely scoffed at this suggesting, insisting that she would need another seventeen years to express her feelings, to which Jones noted that she had seventeen minutes so she better get started. Jones noted that Jessica had not changed at all, to which Jessica insisted that her mother knew nothing about her or what she had been through, and that she just looked like someone she used to know, commenting that her mother did not even look like herself. Jones promoted Jessica to tell her more, becoming frustrated by her silence.

Finally, Jessica told Jones that she had used to imagine that her mother and father were in heaven, looking out for her, but noted that it was only her father who was dead, while her mother moved on with her life alongside Karl Malus. However, as Jones was insisting that it was not that simple, Jessica mockingly claimed that her standards in men had dropped. In response, Jones insisted that she and Brian had not been happy and argued constantly, which Jessica denied was true, but Jones insisted it was, noting that they had not had sex for a year.

Jones told her daughter that she and Brian had been talking about getting a divorce, with Jessica continuing to deny this and questioning why she was lying, to which Jones insisted that Jessica had been a child and did not understand. Jones explained that she and Brian had been different people, and she felt trapped by him and he felt berated by her, which Jones did confess could be true. Jones went on to claim that Brian held her back from a career with the University of Michigan, but Brian was unwilling to move out of New York City, so she had stayed.

Although Jessica still denied these facts, Jones promised that it was true, before noting that Phillip knew this, as he had once walked in on his parents screaming at each other, with Jones recalling that it was terrified Phillip. As Jessica noted that Phillip had never mentioned this, Jones claimed that this was why he had started misbehaving, leading to him being suspended from school and Brian wanting to put him on ADD medication, although Jones denied he ever had ADD. As Jones noted how Malus felt about overmedicating children, Jessica became annoyed.

Jessica had sarcastically questioned why they would medicate children when Malus could alter their genetic coding, with Jones telling her to stop. However, Jessica continued to insist that Malus would experiment on people who could not consent, to which Jones claimed that Jessica was good at shutting herself down. However, Jessica noted that she came from a free of her loved ones dying, which came from the trauma of the car crash, only for Jones to claim that Jessica was like this before the accident, which Jessica had once again denied was the truth.

Jones recalled that Jessica did not have any friends in school, refused to play team sports and would spend all of her time in her room playing Nirvana. As Jessica questioned what other childhood memories her mother wished to crush, Jones told her that she was not crushing them, but correcting them, with Jessica asking her to stop. Jones told Jessica that their lives had not been as perfect as Jessica thought they were, recalling how she remembered their Christmases and Thanksgivings, recalling how her mother had used to cook the yams and marshmallows.

As Jessica looked over at her, she confessed that when she looked at her, she still did not see her mother, but claimed that her voice reminded her of their life in their house before the accident. Jones then reminded Jessica about the trips they used to take to Rye in the summertime, where they would go to Playland, noting that on their last year together Jessica had refused to go, as she was getting told old and had begged to be left behind. Jones noted that Brian and Phillip had been scared of heights, so Jones and Jessica would go on the Ferris wheel alone.

Jones continued to recall that Jessica had refused to go on the Ferris wheel this time, as she claimed it was boring, only for her to be forced on my Jones. She went on to recall that Jessica had refused to speak to her, but suggested that she secretly had still loved it, just as much as she did, as Jessica had eventually smiled on the Ferris wheel. While Jones was enjoying these memories, Jessica then questioned how she had gotten out of the house previously, noting that Malus would lock her up, but she would still be able escape without his knowledge.

Although Jones initially tried to dismiss this, noting that Jessica could hand her over to Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday when they arrived, only for Jessica to continue searching the room, all while Jones told her to leave it alone as there was no way to leave. However, Jessica eventually discovered that the bookcase could be moved aside, and found a hidden tunnel that Jones had dug in order to escape. Before they escaped, Jones asked if Jessica would allow Malus to be free, to which Jessica simply cursed Malus name before they left the house together.[6]

Return to New York[]

Raging at the Taxi Driver[]

"It may seem small to you, but both of our lives were in danger in that cab, and I was totally in control."
"Yeah, and you didn't murder him or anything."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Having left the house together, Jones and Jessica took a cab back into New York City, as Jones questioned what the plan was, to which Jessica insisted that she just needed more time to think, telling her mother to not talk for a while. Jones had then observed that their driver was texting while driving, which Jessica insisted was normal, although Jones insisted that it would cause him to maim or kill someone when he got into an accident, noting that Jessica should know this.

Jones demanded that the driver get off his phone, while Jessica asked her mother not to draw any attention to them, although Jones insisted that she was in the right. In response, Jessica noted that Jones was a wanted felon, and would therefore never be in the right. As Jones again demanded that the driver get off his phone, he told her to calm down, which almost caused Jones to lose her temper, only for Jessica to insist it was time for them to get out, not wanting her mother to lose control, as she became increasingly angry at the driver's sexiest comments.


Jones insists that she was still in the right

As the driver rudely told them to not get their panties in a bunch, Jones became more angry and yelled at him, before Jessica pulled her away. On the street, Jones insisted that while it may seem small, she felt that both of their lives had been in danger by the driver using his phone while on the road, noting that she was in total control of her anger. Jessica then sarcastically commented that she was impressed that Jones had chosen not to murder a man over him using his phone, as they then walked the rest of the way back to the Alias Investigations Office where Jessica would attempt to keep her mother safe and undetected for some time.[6]

Hiding in Alias Investigations[]

"Are you just dragging me here to keep punishing me? Well, I won't argue that I don't deserve it."
"Maybe, why? Are you going to try to run?"
"I could've gone with Karl, I still could, if I wanted to, but I'm choosing you."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

The pair eventually arrived at the Alias Investigations Office, where Jones commented that Jessica had rejected her suburban roots, which Jessica admitted that she had never been comfortable with, which Jones agreed with. Looking around the space, Jones discovered a painting that had been done of Jessica, which she called beautiful, questioning who had painted it, although Jessica would only say that it was paint by numbers, as Jones put the painting back down.

Taking a look around, Jones called the Office perfect, and said that she was proud of her daughter, although Jessica insisted that she did not get to be proud of her. Jones then questioned if Jessica had only brought here there to continue punishing her, to which Jessica questioned if her mother was planning on running away. In response, Jones noted that she could have escaped with Karl Malus, but insisted that she was choosing to stay with her daughter instead. As Jessica insisted this was just a pit stop, Jones questioned what she was planning.

However, Jessica insisted that she did not have a plan, noting that there was no manual to tell her how to handle the fact that her mother had returned from the dead after seventeen years and was revealed to be a mass murderer. Jessica then confessed that her instincts were telling her to hand her mother over to the New York City Police Department, to which Jones questioned if she was just not ready, suggesting that she take her time before doing it, as she was in no rush to be sent to the Raft, while she watched Jessica continue to drink her alcohol.

Seeing how much her daughter drank, Jones acknowledged how much more she had to drink to feel the effects, and how much it cost, to which Jessica insisted that her mother not compare them. Jessica then asked Jones about her rages, and what set them off, while she took out the drugs and handcuffs that she had taken from the Malus Residence. Jones explained that she could feel the buildup of her rage, in which there was a chance to reverse it with Malus' drugs, although these effects varied, acknowledging how bad her rage could be when it was personal.

Jones had then promised not to hurt Jessica, acknowledging that she would at least try not to, to which Jessica insisted that she was more worried about the other people in her way. Jones admitted that Jessica was right to be worried, confessing that the more terrible things she had done, the easier it became to live with it. However, Jones had then glanced out the window, and noticed that the police had arrived, with Detective Eddy Costa arriving inside the Apartment Building. With little time left, Jessica stepped out of her apartment in order to greet Costa.

Jones listened near the door, as Jessica spoke to Costa about how she had tipped him and Ruth Sunday off about the house, only for them to find nothing there, to which Jessica claimed that she had found it empty, with Costa noting that Jessica had also left the house in a hurry. Jones continued to listen while Costa asked if he could speak to Jessica inside her apartment, which Jessica refused, promising to go to the 15th Precinct Police Station, which Costa eventually accepted. However, during this conversation, Jones had quietly left the apartment and vanished.[6]

Meeting Oscar Arocho[]

"It sounded like the cop was gonna come in, so I jumped up onto the roof. I ran into Oscar on the stairs, nothing bad happened. You're upset because you thought I'd left you again?"
"I thought you were out there ripping people's heads off!"
"You're not gonna get rid of me that easily."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Rather than escaping, Jones had instead introduced herself to Oscar Arocho, claiming that she had simply forgotten what floor the Alias Investigations Office was on, as Arocho took her back and they discussed the Spanish language. Just as they were arriving back at the right apartment, they were found by Jessica Jones, with Arocho explaining that Jones had already introduced herself, and that they had agreed that Jones should teach Jessica some Spanish.

Dismissing the comment, Jessica unlocked her door and sent Jones inside, which she briefly spoke to Arocho, as Jones overheard Arocho and Jessica discussing the painting of her, with Jones questioning if Arocho was the artist and complimenting him, comparing his work to Helen Frankenthaler. As Arocho thanked her, Jones insisted that her compliment was justified, to which Arocho insisted that he just needed the right muse with Jessica, before Jones walked away, leaving Jessica to make her excuses as to why she could not invite Arocho in.

On his way out, Arocho called out to Jones in Spanish, which she replied to, before Jessica closed the door and demanded to know what was going on, to which Jones insisted that she had simply liked Arocho's painting. While Jones noted that Arocho seemed nice, Jessica explained that he was a convicted criminal, to which Jones claimed that this must be the reason she liked him. However, Jessica demanded that she mother stay away from Arocho, before commenting that she should have never brought her to her apartment, as Jones told her to calm down.

However, this comment annoyed Jessica, noting that her mother was a monster of rage who was telling her to calm down. Changing the subject, Jones explained that she had believed Eddy Costa was going to come into the apartment, so she had jumped onto the roof to get out of sight, only to run into Arocho on the stairs while she was coming back down. Jones questioned if Jessica was upset because she believed that she had been abandoned again, to which Jessica said that she thought her mother was out murdering people once again, which Jones denied.


Jones asking where she will be sleeping

Jones insisted that Jessica could not get rid of her that easily, before questioning where she should put her belongings inside of her apartment, to which Jessica told her to take her bed, while she would sleep on the couch for the night. Picking up her belongings, including the restraints that she would wear to sleep in case of night terrors, Jones questioned what Jessica would do the following day, to which Jessica simply said that she would figure it out, confessing that there was no version that would likely end well for either of them, although Jones had then suggested that it did not actually have to end.[6]

Attacked by Pryce Cheng[]

"I'm okay... I'm okay, it's just a graze."
"They're trying to kill us!"
"But we're okay. Wait! Let me handle this!"
Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]

As the evening came, Jones had made herself a cup of tea in the Alias Investigations Office, quietly singing a song to herself before rejoining Jessica Jones, who had been listening to her singing. Jones had then poured some of Jessica's whiskey into her tea, to which Jessica accused her of wasting it, while Jones had jokingly suggested that Jessica was not her daughter due to her not liking this way of drinking, before going to hand Jessica her glass of straight whiskey.

However, just as Jones leant forward, she accidentally spilled a drop, causing her to step back, just as a gunshot was fired through the window, barely missing her. In response, Jessica tackled her mother just before another shot was fired through the window, this time striking Jessica in the shoulder as they fell to the floor. Although Jessica insisted that she was okay, Jones had become enraged that someone was trying to kill them, as she had moved to the wall and glanced out the window, in order to see where exactly the shooter was located.

Having spotted the shooter, Jones ran out of the apartment and get him, ignoring Jessica's attempts to convince her to let her handle it.[6] Leaping across to the building opposite, Jones chased down and cornered Pryce Cheng, who was identified as the shooter, on the stairs, as he had been attempting to escape. With her enhanced speed, Jones swiftly caught up with Cheng and managed to get the rifle out of his hands, before lifting him up and slamming his body into the wall, which caused Cheng to then painfully fall down some of the stairs.

Cheng had then attempted to run, only for Jones to pull him back and throw him against the wall. However, before Jones could continue beating Cheng into submission, Jessica called out for her to stop, causing Jones to let go of Cheng. This momentary pause allowed Cheng to grab his rifle, only for Jessica to inject the tranquilizer into his neck, swiftly rendering Cheng unconscious. Jessica had then cursed the situation, before they were forced to bring Cheng's unconscious body back to the apartment, while they figured out what to do next.[13]

Shooting Aftermath[]

"I can finish this."
"You wanna kill him."
"No, I don't want to, but I should."
"You lay one finger on him, and you are dead to me again."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

With Pryce Cheng unconscious, Jones watched Jessica Jones duct tape his hands and leave him in her bathtub, with Jones offering to handle the situation, only for Jessica to refuse, knowing that Jones intended to kill Cheng. Jones insisted that she did not want to kill Cheng but believed that it was the right thing to do, only for Jessica to insist that if she touched him, then she would be considered dead to Jessica, which Jones had reluctantly accepted.

Jones had then questioned how Jessica believed they should handle the situation, to which Jessica insisted that she would find another option for her mother, which did not involve her being sent to the Raft for the rest of her life. Jessica also noted that, until she figured out what this would be, Cheng would have to stay as her reluctant prisoner. Jones insisted that her kidnapping was all Jessica's fault, before noticing her daughter checking her gunshot wound in the mirror, while Jessica denied that she would be in the same situation as her mother.

Jones insisted that she did not want her daughter to go to prison for kidnapping Cheng, to which Jessica insisted that she did not want her mother to murder anybody else. Jones noted that once Cheng woke up, he would go straight to the New York City Police Department, to which Jessica noted that, once Cheng woke up, she would remind him that he had attempted to commit murder, which would result in him being sent to prison for up to ten years. However, Jones insisted that this was a bad plan, while Jessica retorted that her mother was a bad plan.

Jones had then watched Jessica awkwardly attempting to pour whiskey onto her gunshot wound to clean it, as she offered to assist her, to which Jessica insisted that she could do it herself, while Jones had insisted that she would just waste the alcohol by pouring it everywhere. Jessica then reluctantly agreed to allow her mother to help, as Jones lifted up her shirt to examine the wound, questioning if Jessica was also a fast healer, and noting that it was not a bad wound in that case. Jones then cleaned the gunshot wound, before using duct tape to seal it.[13]

Suffering from Night Terrors[]

"You're here. I always dream about you, losing you, over, over and over again."
"Same. It's okay, I'm here."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Once this was done, Jones prepared to go to bed, attaching her restraints to ensure that she did not get up, telling Jessica Jones had they both needed to get some rest. However, Jessica insisted that she would not be able to sleep until she had figured out what to do, as Jones noted that Pryce Cheng would still be in the Alias Investigations Office by the morning, only for Jessica to insist that she was talking about what to do with her.

In response, Jones had promised to still be there once Jessica woke up as well. Noticing her looking at the restraints, Jones explained they were for her night terrors. While Jessica noted that she also got night terrors, Jones insisted that they would be nothing like hers, before asking Jessica to help strap her into the restraints. Jessica agreed, and tightened the restraints around her mother's arms and legs, while Jones explained that Karl Malus would usually help her with these, while Jessica had mockingly called this a romantic gesture.

Jones expressed her hope that Malus was okay, while Jessica insisted that she hoped Malus faced justice, which angered Jones, before she apologized and controlled her breathing. Jones insisted that she missed Malus, as she relaxed, and Jessica finished attaching all of the restraints to her limbs. Jones had then suggested that Jessica should attempt to get some sleep, reminding her that she had been injured, which Jessica did not respond to. However, during the night Jones overheard Trish Walker and Jessica arguing, interrupting her night terrors.

Confused and scared, Jones had woken up and broken her restraints off, standing in the room and looking out of the window, in a trance of confusion and rage. Jessica had then come into the room and asked if she was okay, to which the confused Jones had asked her where her daughter was, to which Jessica promised that she was right there. As Jessica attempted to touch her mother, Jones responded by striking her, causing Jessica to be thrown across the room, as Jessica demanded that her mother wake up from the trance, causing Jones to finally break free.

Finally realizing where she was, Jones breathed a sigh of relief, acknowledging that Jessica was there, as she caught her breath and explained that she always dreamt about her, and the car crash that caused her to lose her daughter. As Jones explained that she saw that crash every night, Jessica explained that she suffered from the same nightmares, as she continued to tell her mother that it was all okay, and that she was with her now. Jessica then took her mother's hand and helped her back into bed, staying by her side through the rest of the night.[13]

Debating the Car Accident[]

"You think that was your fault? Hey! Look at me. You did not cause that accident, your father did. Took his eyes off the road, he was a shitty driver."
"Throw dad under the bus because he's not here to defend himself."
"It was his fault! Jesus. This whole time you've been blaming yourself?"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

By the morning, Jones and Jessica Jones had gone to check on Pryce Cheng's condition, finding that he was still unconscious and had urinated on himself during the night, as Jessica rinsed him off with the shower head, while Jones complained about the smell. Jessica then questioned how long Cheng would be unconscious, with Jones noting that Karl Malus had designed the drugs to subdue her, so a normal man like Cheng would be unconscious for hours, and would likely wake soon.

While Jessica insisted that Cheng would see reason once he woke up, Jones noted that she was hungry and suggested that they get some food. Jones then made spaghetti for breakfast, as there was nothing else to eat, while Jessica confirmed that there was no news online about Cheng going missing yet. Jessica then noticed that Jones had put butter and jam on her spaghetti, with Jones noting that she loved this meal as a child, to which Jessica then noted that her mother was still a terrible cook, which Jones accepted had never changed.

Jessica reminded her mother that they would not have this situation if neither of them went to jail, with Jones admitting that it would still be difficult to keep her in check, and it would be difficult to do without Malus. As Jessica noted that Malus was gone and she should get over it, Jones insisted that Malus was not dead and was staying out of sight. However, Jessica then presented Jones with a plastic bag filled her the ashes of Brian and Phillip Jones, questioning why she and Malus had sent these ashes to her, and if it was for her to find closure.

Jones questioned why Jessica kept the ashes in a plastic bag, to which Jessica noted that obviously the ashes had not been of her mother like she believed, with Jones noting that Malus had believed that sending her the ashes would have helped Jessica to move on with her life. Jones questioned why Jessica had not just scattered the ashes and gotten rid of them, to which Jessica claimed that this would have been a too easy way to let herself off the hook for the accident. To her horror, Jones then realized Jessica blame herself for the accident.

Jones had then told Jessica to look at her, as she insisted that the accident had not been her fault, telling her that it was Brian's fault for taking his eyes off the road, accusing Brian of being a poor driver, to which Jessica claimed that Jones was blaming her father because he was not there to defend himself. Jones expressed her shock that Jessica had been blaming herself for so many years, before commenting on the feeling of driving, to which Jessica explained that the accident caused her to never learn to drive, as she was still too traumatized.

Jones went on to explain that she always loved driver, but Brian had refused to allow her behind the wheel due to his ego, before claiming that everyone would still be alive if she had been the one driving, claiming that she would also be to blame, but not Jessica. As Jones suggested that her submission to Brian's demands had set a bad example to her daughter, Jessica noted that Jones had recently set worse examples through her acts of violence. Jones insisted that she never believed that the crash was Jessica's fault, although Jessica still insisted that it was.

In response, Jones grabbed the bag of ashes and marched into the bathroom, telling Jessica that she would help her to find closure, pouring the ashes down the toilet. As Jessica questioned if this was supposed to make her feel better, Jones told her that she could feel however she wanted, but that she had nothing to forgive herself for. As Jessica noted that Jones was not the best judge of self forgiveness, Jones told her that she had done what she had to, and had found that the only way to live with it, was simply not to wallow with regret or self hatred.

Jones had then turned to Cheng, questioning why they should allow him to live when he wanted to kill them, to which Jessica insisted that she was not a murderer, although Jones tried to argue that it would be self defense, while Jessica noted that Cheng was unconscious. Jones then suggested that they could run before Cheng woke up, suggesting that she and Malus had once discussed Montevideo as somewhere to escape to. As Jessica questioned why she would go with her, Jones insisted that, no matter how messed up it was, they were their only family.

Jessica questioned if her mother wanted her to become a fugitive with her, which Jones denied, insisting that she wanted them to have more time together. However, they were interrupted by Jessica's phone ringing, as she answered a call from Oscar Arocho, as Jones overheard the conversation and learnt Arocho's ex-wife had kidnapped his son. Jones suggested that Jessica go and find the boy, while she stayed in the apartment, although Jessica insisted that she would not leave her mother alone with Cheng, as she agreed to let her mother help.[13]

Kidnapping of Vido Arocho[]

"How long have you been divorced?"
"Almost two years, Sonia has trouble letting go."
"Well, it's her family. Doesn't give her the right to mess up her kid though."
―Alisa Jones and Oscar Arocho[src]

Having put on a hat and coat to hide her identity, Jones joined Jessica Jones as they went to Sonia's Apartment in order to search for Vido Arocho, meeting Oscar Arocho there. Using her strength, Jessica broke down the door, and the group searched for Sonia's passports, believing that she would likely be taking Vido out of the country, with Jones going through the drawers to find any receipts or notes that could help them learn where Sonia had gone.

With Arocho confirming that Vido's toy of Captain America was gone, which he would always take on trips, and Jessica failing to find the passports, they confirmed that Sonia was stealing Vido. As Arocho cursed losing his son, Jones promised that they would not allow that to happen. Arocho confessed that he should have been more prepared, as Sonia had been afraid of losing their custody hearing, while Jones questioned how long they had been divorced for, admitting to relating to Sonia's struggles, but becoming angry at the trauma she would give Vido.

Holding a picture of Arocho and Sonia's wedding, Jones began struggling with her temper, accidentally cracking the picture, while Jessica noted that Sonia had a lot of overdue payments for credit cards, giving her a clue that Sonia might struggle to get a plane ticket as a result of her poor credit. Arocho confirmed that he and Sonia shared a credit card for emergencies with Vido, discovering that she used this credit card to buy bus tickets. With this information, Jones followed behind Jessica and Arocho as they went to the bus station to find Sonia and Vido.

Arriving at the bus station, Jessica had deduced, having seen how much money Sonia had spent, that Sonia would be on a bus to either Niagara Falls or Montréal, noting that there was a border crossing in Montréal that she would likely use. As the group split up to search, Jones asked a worker where the buses to Montréal departed from, only for the worker to dismiss her question and tell her to look at the schedules, angering Jones as she pushed the man against a bus and asked the question again, before Jessica found her and reminded her mother to lay low.

The worker then confirmed that the bus they needed was just departing, as Jessica raced after the bus and grabbed onto the back, desperately attempting to force it to stop. Since Jessica struggled to do this alone, Jones rejoined her and used her strength to pull the bus back, eventually managing to force it to stop and lifting up its back wheels so it could not set off again. While Arocho ran on board the bus to find his son, Jones and Jessica were then confronted by the bus driver, only for Jessica to claim that her brakes must have gone off accidentally.

Sonia confronted by Jessica and her mom

Jones watches Jessica Jones save the day

As Jessica told her mother that being involved was stupid, as she could have been seen, Jones insisted she was following her example. They then saw Arocho get off the bus with Vido, having gotten him away from Sonia, who followed insisting that Vido was her son, and questioning if he would be better off with Jessica. However, Jessica insisted that Vido would be better off with a mother who was not in prison for kidnapping, although Sonia claimed that she had nothing left, except for her son. In response, Jessica insisted Sonia would always be Vido's mother, and nothing would change that, as Jones watched on.[13]

Arrested by the NYPD[]

"We could eliminate the threat. You get that, don't you? You've had to do this before."
"That was different. Kilgrave was a threat to everyone."
"But you did what you had to do. This time, you just have to walk out the door. You don't have to see what happens next."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

The group had then returned to the Apartment Building, where Jones went into the Alias Investigations Office, while Jessica Jones said goodbye to Oscar Arocho, who thanked her and Jones for helping to rescue Vido from being taken away by Sonia, with Arocho noting that he had witnessed Jones using the same strength that Jessica had, and offered to forge any papers that they might need to get her out, as Arocho quietly assumed she would be in some sort of trouble.

Once they were alone, Jones had asked Jessica if it made her nervous to see her around Arocho, which Jessica confirmed, noting that Jones had previously murdered Stirling Adams when she encountered him. Saddened by this, Jones told her daughter that she did not want to hurt her again, to which Jessica noted that Jones was not in control of that. Jessica then noted that she understood by Jones had avoided her for those seventeen years, and why she had Dorothy Walker adopt her, telling her that these things she could at least understand, if not forgive.

Taking a seat at the desk, Jones told Jessica that she had been repressing and hiding her strength for years, but their rescue of Vido had made her think that they should instead be using their strength to do good. However, they were then interrupted by the sound of thumbing, and discovered that Pryce Cheng was beginning to wake up, as Jessica noted that it was time to talk sense into Cheng. However, Jones insisted that Cheng would never see sense, and had once again suggested that she be allowed to kill him in order to protect them for being arrested.

Pryce kidnaps

Jones waiting for Pryce Cheng to wake up

However, Jessica still refused to endorse murder, despite Jones noting that if she was sent to the Raft they would never see each other again. While Jessica insisted that she would be able to convince Cheng, Jones said they should simply eliminate the threat altogether, noting that Jessica should understand this, as she had to previously killed Kilgrave in order to protect others, although Jessica claimed that it was a different situation. As Jessica noted that Kilgrave threatened everyone, Jones noted that she had done what she needed to by killing him.

Jones told Jessica that she just needed to walk out of the door, as she would not let her watch as she killed Cheng, promising that she would kill Cheng painlessly. Seeing her determination to kill Cheng, Jessica noted that, even if she could control her, she would never be able to change Jones' desire for violence, to which Jones noted that all daughters wished they could change their mothers. Jones confirmed that she would kill Cheng if Jessica was not there, as Cheng woke up and reacted in fear, before Jessica questioned if he remembered trying to kill them.

Cheng claimed that he was only attempting to kill Jones, as Jessica unstrapped his legs and dragged him out of the bath and into her bedroom, ordering Jones to stay away. Jones remained outside of the door while Jessica spoke to Cheng and explained the situation, negotiating how they would look the other way for the attempted murder, if Cheng never spoke about the kidnapping. However, as Jones listened, Cheng insisted that she was a different story, noting that Jones had murdered Nick Spanos, as Jones struggled to control her rage as she listened.

To Jones' sadness and disappointment, she had then listened to Jessica calling Eddy Costa, confessing the killer was in her apartment. In response, Jones proceeded to punch down the door, knocking Jessica off her feet, before throwing Cheng down the hallway as he attempted to run, with Cheng desperately attempting to escape while Jones chased him, before Jessica tackled her mother to protect Cheng. As Jessica told Cheng to run, Jones pushed Jessica out of her way and ran after him, only for Jessica to grab her mother and push her against the wall.

Although Jones managed to break free, Jessica kept ahold of her leg to allow Cheng time to run, as Jones responded by punching Jessica in the head, knocking her to the ground. However, as the enraged Jones attempted to strike her daughter again, Jessica looked up at her from the floor and called her mom, which caused Jones to momentarily freeze, choosing not to hit her again, instead continuing to chase down Cheng in order to kill him. However, once Jones made it down the corridor, she froze in shock as she realized that she had just hit her only daughter.


Jones finally allows herself to be arrested

Still fueled by her rage, Jones charged out of the building in order to find Cheng, only to be met by multiple New York City Police Department cars, and officers aiming their shotguns at her and demanding that she raise her hands to surrender. Finding herself surrounded, Jones considered leaping to freedom before the officers could shoot her dead, only to turn around and see Jessica watching the situation, with blood dripping from Jessica's injuries that she had caused. As Jessica begged her mother to not hurt anyone else, Jones agreed to dropped to her knees with her hands raised, reluctantly surrendering to the police.[13]


Meeting with Jeri Hogarth[]

"I almost put your face through the floor, where's your sense of self-preservation?"
"You're still my mother."
"No, I just have her voice. Karl is all I've got."
"Then you're a goddamn idiot."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Having been arrested by the New York City Police Department, Jones was transferred to the Eastern Regional Detention Center, where her wig was taken away, and she was kept in heavy hand and leg cuffs that she could not escape from. Jones was then moved through the facility, with multiple guards keeping her at gunpoint. Jones was then brought to meet with Jessica Jones and Jeri Hogarth, in order for them to discuss her legal case and potential transfer.

Having been brought into the room, Jones was handcuffed to the table, as Jessica questioned if the guards had treated her well, while Hogarth spoke to Dale Holiday, who only referred to Jones as the inmate. Although Hogarth attempted to have the room emptied so they could speak to Jones alone, Holiday refused, insisted that they needed guns trained on Jones constantly, which Jessica called overkill. Hogarth argued that Jones still have the right to attorney-client privilege, although Holiday argued that Jones' powers removed those rights.

As Jones sat in silence, Jessica attempted to argue for her mother's rights, to which Holiday insisted that Jones' powers made this a special circumstance, putting the guards under a new protocol, suggesting that their only way to get privacy would be to keep their voices down. Frustrated, Hogarth and Jessica agreed to Holiday's rules, as they sat down and Hogarth introduced herself to Jones, noting that, although she was in a difficult position, there was still a chance to improve her situation, as long as Jones agreed to certain stipulations.

Once Hogarth had explained their deal, Jessica insisted that it was a good deal, and it would mean Jones would not be sent to the Raft, with Hogarth reiterating how the Raft worked as a prison, and how much time Jones would spend in solitary confinement in there, while the deal would allow Jones to stay in this prison and receive visitation. With Jones remaining silent, Hogarth explained that they would ensure that all of Jones' needs were met, including her wig, and promised that she would still be visited by Jessica while being held in this prison.

Jones confirmed with Jessica and Hogarth that, in order to get this, she would need to make a full confession to her crimes, and that she would have to tell them everything she knew about IGH and Karl Malus, including where Malus could be found and arrested. Hogarth noted that the people in charge of the case wanted to make sure they arrested the man who was creating powered individuals like her, to which Jones had then claimed that she was the person responsible for who she was, not Malus, continuing to refuse to give up Malus.

However, this comment caused Jessica to confirm that Jones did know where they could find Malus. As Jessica asked her mother to look at her, Jones could barely glance at her, commenting on how she had struck her daughter while chasing Pryce Cheng, as she questioned where Jessica's sense of self-preservation was, believing herself to be a danger to her daughter. While Jessica noted that Jones was still her mother, Jones denied this, claiming that Malus was the only person she had left to protect, believing that she had already failed Jessica.

Frustrated by her refusal to accept their help and give up Malus, Jessica called her an idiot and slumped back in her chair. Hogarth then informed Jones that she had until the following morning to accept this deal, noting that she would try and buy her some more time to consider it. However, Jones told them that she had already made up her mind that she would not betray Malus, as she indicated to the guards to take her back to her cell, with Jessica and Hogarth then being forced to leave the prison without the result that they had wanted.[1]

Visitation with Jessica Jones[]

"You can leave here whole, or you can leave in pieces. But one thing you will never do is control me."
―Alisa Jones to Dale Holiday[src]

Having been given back her wig, Jones was visited at the Eastern Regional Detention Center by Jessica Jones, while still under armed guard. Jones and her daughter discussed her taking a vacation, with Jones reminding her of her recommendation for Montevideo. Jones questioned if Jessica would actually be able to make vacation plans, in spite of everything that had happened, with Jessica noting that this could only happen if Jones made her confession.

Instead of answering this, Jones reminded Jessica of how they had gone on their first beach vacation as a family when Jessica was twelve, with Jones noting how nice it was to get out of New York City. Jones asked Jessica if she remembered where they had stayed, with Jessica recalling that it was the Love By The Sea hotel, where the rooms were love themed, with Jones confessing that it was mainly used by prostitutes. To make Jessica aware that she was trying to tell her something different, Jones claimed that Jessica had always been a romantic.

Jones recalled that Jessica and Phillip Jones had gotten into a fight about which room they wanted to stay in, with Jessica wanting the "Honeymoon Heaven", while Phillip wanted "Tiki Hideaway", while she eventually chose the "Paradise Suite" for them. As this was where Karl Malus had been hidden, Jones noted how much she had loved it, to which Jessica claimed that she would go and pay it a visit, in order to find Malus, which Jones accepted. With this, her meeting with Jessica was ended, and Jones was escorted back to her cell with the armed guards.

While they were walking back, Dale Holiday noted that Jessica was clearly loyal to her mother, noting that this was nice to see, commenting that his own father had spent half his life locked away in a prison like this, which Jones did not respond to. As Holiday questioned if she was surprised by this fact, Jones had jokingly noted that she had previously taught mathematics, referring to her knowledge of statistics. Jones had then questioned if Holiday's father was still held in prison, to which he confessed that his father had died from diabetes.

Once they were back in her cell, Holiday continued telling Jones about his difficult relationship with his father, insisting that he was nothing like his father, to which Jones noted that they all made promises like this. Holiday told Jones to stay healthy and finish her lunch, to which Jones looked at the chicken pie and noted that she did not eat meat, insisting that she was not hungry anymore. However, Holiday refused to allow her to not eat the food, despite Jones' insistence, with Holiday making it clear he would not allow Jones to break any rules.


Jones getting threatened by Dale Holiday

Becoming frustrated, Jones noted that she was not like the other prisoners, to which Holiday noted that this was true, as Jones had murdered people with her bare hands, with Holiday insisting that Jones was under his care, and he would keep her under control. Jones asked Holiday to leave her alone, to which Holiday insisted that he could not, demanding that she eat the meat. However, Jones had instead dropped the food on the floor, telling Holiday to eat it himself, to which Holiday drew his Taser Rod and then furiously ordered her to eat the food, although Jones had still remained unintimidated by Holiday's threats.

However, Jones responded by grabbing Holiday's Taser Rod and snapping it in half, before furiously ripping her steel handcuffs apart and pinning Holiday against the wall. Jones then grabbed ahold of Holiday's head, threatening to break his neck, only for Jones to get her temper back under control, as she released Holiday, grabbing him by his Bulletproof Vest and pushing him out of her cell. As the cell bars closed between them, Jones warned Holiday that he would never be able to control her, threatening to tear him apart if he tried to again.[1]

Trish Walker's Visitation[]

"If you loved my daughter, you'd stop this bullshit quest. But you can't stop, can you?"
"No, because Karl experimented on her. She never asked for powers!"
"But she's got them, and you don't, and you can't stand that, can you? That's why you wouldn't let this investigation die. You are the reason I did everything I did!"
―Alisa Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Jones was brought out of her cell once again for visitation, with the armed guards watching her as always, with Jones briefly pausing in her march, with the guards ordering her to keep moving forward. Jones had then discovered that it was Trish Walker who had come to see her, as Jones was handcuffed to the table once again, looking Walker directly in the eyes as she was. Ending the awkward silence, Jones questioned if Walker was a natural blonde, to which Walker noted that it was both.

Jones noted that she was surprised that Walker had been allowed to go past all of Eastern Regional Detention Center's security, to which Walker noted that the warden had owed her a favor, due to Walker doing a segment on her for Trish Talk the previous year. Walker then told Jones that she had questions for her, acknowledging that Jones likely also had questions that she wanted to ask her as well. Jones had then insisted that she only had one question for Walker, questioning why she had begun her investigation into her.

As Walker simply claimed to be a journalist investigating a story, Jones instead called her a personality. Walker went on to claim that she had wanted to stop IGH from hurting people, to which Jones furiously insisted that Karl Malus had been saving lives, as Jones slammed her fist against the table, causing the guards to raise their guns and Taser Rods at her. Despite Lavell Nevins telling Walker to move away, Walker had still insisted that she was okay, agreeing to move only a little way back, requesting that she be allowed to keep talking to Jones.

Jones promised the guards that she would not lose her temper again, with the guard giving Walker only five more minutes to talk with Jones. Jones then told Walker to elaborate on why she had hunted her and Malus down, to which Walker claimed that she had done it for Jessica Jones, who she called her sister, much to Jones' disgust. Walker went on to claim that Jessica was drinking more and struggling with her temper, which was why she had taken on the investigation herself, although Jones insisted that Jessica had always had a temper like hers.

Changing the subject, Walker noted that she had checked to see if Jones was being transferred to the Raft, which they had not, meaning that Jones had accepted Jeri Hogarth's deal. Walker went on to note that Malus had still not been caught, so Jones had likely not given him up yet, as Jones questioned if Walker had come there to convince her to confess where Malus was hiding, questioning if this was simply so Walker could accept the credit and revive her career, to which Walker insisted that she wanted to ensure that Malus surrendered peacefully.

Walker promised Jones that she would get Malus' side of the story out there, claiming to just want to help Jessica to put the entire ordeal behind her. When Walker tried to question if Jones loved her daughter, Jones leaned forward and told Walker that, if she loved Jessica, then she should stop her investigation into IGH, suggesting that Walker could not stop, which Walker confirmed. Walker insisted that Malus had experimented on Jessica, and that Jessica had never asked for those powers, to which Jones suggested that Walker was actually jealous of Jessica.

Jones suggested that the real reason that Walker had refused to stop her investigation, was that she was desperate to gain the same power that Jessica had. Jones claimed that Walker was the reason for every murder that Jones had committed, including Will Simpson and Robert Coleman, among others, to which Walker insisted that Jones killed them because she was a cold blooded murderer, suggesting that this was why her own daughter turned her into the New York City Police Department and she had ended up being held in this prison, which enraged Jones.

Jones had then furiously claimed that she should have killed Walker when she had the chance, raising as arms and threatening to strangle Walker. This threat caused Walker to get up from her seat and move to the exit, as the guards raised their weapons once again and threatened Jones, who demanded that Walker go back to Jessica and tell her all about their conversation. Jones had then insisted that Jessica was still her daughter, and would always choose her mother over Walker, as Walker then charged out of the prison, with Jones slumping back into her chair.[1]

Tormented by Dale Holiday[]

"Morning, inmate. Got those shipped here especially for you."
"I'm gonna kill...."
"I used to be a bad seed. Mad at the world for kicking me in the teeth. Felt it was only fair to kick it back."
Dale Holiday and Alisa Jones[src]

While Jones was sleeping in her cell within the Eastern Regional Detention Center, she was awoken sharply when her handcuffs were suddenly electrified, shocking her entire body. Jones sat up to discover Dale Holiday was standing over her, who explained that he had the electrified handcuffs specifically for her imprisonment. Enraged, Jones threatened to kill Holiday for this, only for him to electrocute Jones once again, causing her intense pain as Holiday watched on with no emotion.

Jones was then forced to watch as Holiday walked over to her positions, knocking them off their shelves, while he explained that he had been a bad man in his youth, due to him being made at the world and it made him violent. As Holiday looked at Jones' photograph of Jessica and Phillip Jones at Playland, Holiday told Jones that his grandparents had changed his life, electrocuting Jones once again while he explained that his grandparents had taken him fishing and hunting, and taught him their version of respect, imposing rules on him.

Jones watched on as Holiday tore up the photograph of her children in front of her, before telling Jones, who he only referred to by her prisoner number, that he would make her learn his rules. Picking up the meat pie that had been left on the floor, Holiday told Jones that if he gave the order, Jones would lose her right to be visited by her daughter, as he ordered Jones to eat the meat that she had previously refused. Desperate to still be able to see her daughter, Jones had then tearfully opened her mouth and allowed Holiday to feed her the meat pie.[1]

Denying the Abuse[]

"You have got to keep her the hell away from Karl."
"On it."
"I can stomach this cage as long as I know both of you are okay. But if anything happens to either of you, I will lose my shit."
"You won't have to."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones was brought into the visitation room to meet with Jessica Jones, where she was ordered by Dale Holiday to remain still, which Jones had obeyed, not wishing for her handcuffs to be electrocuted again. Once Jessica entered the room, she immediately acknowledged the new handcuffs, which she compared to science fiction, to which Jones noted that they were better than being chained down to the table like a dog, not commenting on the pain that they caused her.

Seeing her distress, Jessica questioned if her mother was okay, to which Jones simply claimed that she had not slept. Jessica then explained that Trish Walker had told her about their meeting, and how Jones claimed that she wished she had killed her when she had the chance, to which Jones confessed that she should not have said that, knowing how much Walker meant to Jessica. Jones told Jessica that Walker needed to stay away from Karl Malus, which Jessica promised to do, with Jones noting that she could only survive if Jessica and Malus were safe.

Jones confessed that if either Jessica or Malus were harmed, she would lose all control of her rage, as Jessica promised that she would not have to. Jessica had then told Jones that she was working on what she called a new case for Alias Investigations, which she was getting close to solving, claiming that the paperwork would be done by the next day, while Jones realized that she was actually referring to getting Malus the paperwork he needed to leave New York City. Jones thanked Jessica, before lifting her arms, inadvertently showing her burn scars.

Seeing these, Jessica questioned what they were, with Jones denying that they had been caused by her handcuffs, and instead insisting that it was merely a rash. Refusing to leave this alone, Jessica questioned if the handcuffs were hurting her mother, which she did not respond to, before questioning which of the guards had done this to her, only for Jones to promise that she would handle this when the time was right. As Jessica noted that she ended up in the Eastern Regional Detention Center because of how she handled things, Jones asked her to stop.

Despite all of Jones' efforts to stop her daughter from questioning the burns further, Jessica looked around the room and locked eyes with Holiday, who Jones could barely glance at, leaving Jessica to realize that it was Holiday who had caused the burns to her mother's arms. Jessica had then ordered her mother to remain in her cell, and to not do anything to retaliate against Holiday, promising that she would be back as soon as possible. With that, Jessica got up and walked out of the room, with Holiday opening the door for her and Jones remaining in her seat.[1]

Dale Holiday's Replacement[]

"I have a new guard this morning, Dale didn't show up to work. His replacement's nice, she let me call you."
"So... Did you have a date last night?"
"Did you go out?"
"Yeah... Yeah I went out..."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Having spent the night chained to her bed again, Jones was awoken as the lights in her cell were turned on, only for her to be greeted by Marilyn Toussaint, who had brought in her breakfast. Shocked by Toussaint's presence, Jones did not say a word, but did flinch when Toussaint went to unlock her handcuffs, fearing that she would be electrocuted again. However, Toussaint made it clear that she would not electrocute Jones, suggesting that they work on a mutual respect instead, which Jones agreed to.

As her handcuffs were being removed, Jones had questioned where Dale Holiday was, to which Toussaint explained that Holiday simply had not come to the Eastern Regional Detention Center this morning for unknown reasons. Toussaint then gave Jones her eggs to eat, as Jones questioned if Holiday would usually skip work, to which Toussaint claimed that Holiday was not a normal man, jokingly questioning if she was not good enough to work as Jones' guard. Jones told her that the opposite was the case, as Toussaint told her to eat her breakfast.

While Toussaint suggested that they enjoy Holiday not being at work, Jones decided to take advantage of the new guard, asking if she could make a phone call before breakfast. As Toussaint jokingly questioned if Jones was taking advantage of her, Jones claimed that Jessica Jones had a blind date the night before, and that she simply wanted to call and ensure that she got home safe. Toussaint agreed, noting that she called her own daughter every day, even if her daughter did not want her to, agreeing that they never stopped being a mother.

As requested, Jones was allowed to call Jessica at the Alias Investigations Office, with Jessica noting that their line was being listened to by others, with Jones claiming that she simply wanted to hear her voice. However, Jessica asked if they could talk later on, as she claimed that this was not a good time for her. Instead of accepting this, Jones noted that Jessica that Toussaint had become her new guard this morning, since Holiday had failed to come in. With Jessica noted reacting, Jones asked Jessica about the date that she knew she did not have.

Jones attempted to learn if Jessica had anything to do with Holiday not coming into work, with Jessica seemingly confirming this by telling her mother that she had gone out the night before. Jones noted that she did not want Jessica to get involved with her conflict with Holiday, to which Jessica acknowledged that she should have listened to her, as Jones questioned if Jessica was okay, which she did not answer. Jessica eventually claimed to be found, requesting that her mother not get emotional about this, as she did not want to risk her mother losing control.

Still focused on the potential murder of Holiday, Jones questioned if Jessica had cleaned up the apartment, ensuring that she did not say anything incriminating on the phone, suggesting that Jessica was simply messy. Jessica confirmed that she knew how to clean, making it clear that she had ensured there was no evidence left in the Holiday Residence, as Jones breathed a sigh of relief. After a long awkward silence, Jones emotionally told Jessica that she was proud of her, to which Jessica told her mother to be okay, before then hanging up the phone call.[12]

Karl Malus' Disappearance[]

"Did you tell Trish where he was? Did she know?"
"No, of course not."
"It has to be Trish. She wanted me to give him up. Me! The little moron!"
"It's not Trish."
"With her pseudo-noble bullshit!"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones was brought into the meeting from my Marilyn Toussaint, where she was visited by Jessica Jones, as Toussaint introduced herself to Jessica, noting how much Jones had been talking about her, with Jones noting that Toussaint also had a daughter who was training to join the New York City Police Department. While Toussaint tried to ask about Alias Investigations, Jessica dismissed the questions, while Jones noted that Jessica had turned her into the police.

Jones asked Toussaint if she and Jessica could speak alone, while Toussaint refused, insisting that it would be against their protocol. However, Jones insisted that the camera would remain on, and noted how much this would mean to her, as Toussaint had reluctantly agreed, leaving with Lavell Nevins and the other guards. Once they were alone, Jones noted how much of a difference the change of guard made, before asking if Jessica was okay, to which Jessica confessed to not sleeping, as Jones asked if she feared that Dale Holiday would be in her dreams.

While Jones insisted that she also had dreams about her victims, she insisted that they would fade, which Jessica denied was always true, to which Jones insisted that Holiday was an evil man, which she believed should have comforted Jessica. Changing the subject, Jessica asked Jones if Karl Malus had any friends, confessing that she had lost track of Malus and wanted to know where he would have gone. Jones questioned if Malus had hid paperwork, which Jessica admitted he did not, to which Jones insisted that Malus would not leave without the paperwork.

As Jones began to panic about what had happened to Malus, Jessica told her not to panic, promising that she would be able to find him. Jones had then questioned if Jessica had told Trish Walker where Malus was, which Jessica denied, with Jones furiously insisting that it had to be Walker who had taken him, noting that Walker had come to the Eastern Regional Detention Center to get her to give him up, calling Walker a moron. While Jones began losing control of her rage, Jessica had still continued to insist that Walker did not know where Malus was.

In order to calm her mother down, Jessica noted that she had already dealt with Jones' problem with Holiday, and promised that she would deal with this problem, asking Jones if she trusted her. Despite Jones' threats to murder Walker if she was involved with Malus' disappearance, Jones finally calmed down and admitted that she did trust Jessica to handle it. Jessica had then promised that everything would be okay, to which the still stressed Jones noted that it better be, before Jessica had then left the prison in order to track down Malus' location.

Once Jessica had left the prison, Jones began pacing back and forth in her cell, feeling increasing stressed about Malus' safety and whereabouts. As Jones looked out of her cell, she saw that Toussaint was watching a television program about the Pacific Ocean, which caused Jones to think back on the day that Malus told her that he would be closing down IGH's Clinic and invited her to move into the Malus Residence with him, beginning their life together. However, Jones was snapped back to reality when the prison buzzer went off, and a prisoner count began.[12]

Escape from the Detention Center[]

"No... No, no, no! No!"
"Jones, you alright?"
"No! No, no!"
"Jones... Answer me. Inmate? Do you need a medic?"
―Alisa Jones and Marilyn Toussaint[src]

As the night came, Jones remained unable to sleep, instead standing inside her cell in the Eastern Regional Detention Center, and watching the television in the guard's control room. Once the weather report was finished, a special news report came up, in which the host announced that the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility had been destroyed, and that Trish Walker was seemingly connected with this, as Jones took notice of this report out of fear.

As she watched in horror, Jones greatest fear was then confirmed, as the news announced that Karl Malus had been killed in the fire that had destroyed the facility, with images confirming that Walker had been with Malus moments before his death. Devastated by this news, Jones backed herself into the wall, unable to speak or process the news that Malus was dead. Letting out a scream of emotional agony, Jones dropped down to her knees, crying out, which attracted the attention of Marilyn Toussaint, who went over to Jones' cell to check on her.

As Toussaint asked Jones if she was okay, and if she needed a medic, Jones remained on her knees, weeping over Malus' death, until Toussaint stepped inside of her cell, speaking to her calmly and questioning what was happening. However, Jones then proceeded to grab Toussaint, as she furiously threw her against her cell wall, knocking Toussaint unconscious. Jones then ripped down the bars of her cell, as well as the second door, as the alarms across the prison rang out, with the guards seeing what happened on the CCTV camera, while Jones escaped.[12]


Jones manages to return to New York City

Having managed to get out of the prison, Jones stowed herself away inside of a Tri-Boro Charities van, which was able to drive her back into New York City, with Jones secretly hidden in the back. As the van arrived at its destination, Jones began hitting at the locked doors of the van, as a worker had nervously questioned who was inside there. However, Jones had then proceeded to kick at the locked door with enough force, that all the locks were ripped off, and the worker was thrown backwards. While the worker ran for his life, Jones stepped out of the van and found some clothes to change into, before then stepping back out into the city.


Jones looking at the poster for Trish Walker

Jones had then proceeded to walk herself to Times Square, where she attempted to keep her emotions under control, as she had found herself to be surrounded by civilians who she did not wish to harm, despite multiple people bumping into her, much to Jones' considerable frustration. However, Jones come across a sign for Trish Talk, with Walker's face on it, as Jones then immediately remembered Malus and the fact that Walker was seemingly responsible for his death, as Jones became determined to get her revenge against Walker.[15]

On the Run[]

Attack on the WNEX Station[]

"I think she might go after Trish."
"It makes sense. In her mind, Trish's investigation ruined her life. Forced her to kill all of those people to protect him. She probably thinks that Trish is also responsible for Karl's death."
Jessica Jones and Eddy Costa[src]

Jones had soon made her way to the WNEX Station, where she intended to kill Trish Walker in revenge for the death of Karl Malus. Stepping into the studio where Trish Talk was recorded, Jones looked around and was greeted by Ian, who had assumed that Jones was a fan attempting to meet Walker. Ignoring Ian's comment that they were recording a show, Jones looked into the booth, seeing a violinist and a blonde woman, whom she had assumed to be Walker, while Ian attempted to stop her.

While Ian was attempting to block her way and invite her to go to another room for a tour, Jones ignored him, instead furiously throwing Ian through the glass wall when he touched her. As the violinist jumped back in fear, and Nicole left to call security, Jones stepped towards the blonde woman, preparing herself to kill her, only to realize that it was not actually Walker. Having realized her mistake, Jones looked at the fear in the eyes of the blonde woman, as well as Ian, who was lying on the floor bleeding heavily, as she proceeded to leave the studio.[15]

Hunting Trish Walker[]

"If she sees the cops, she will flatten anybody in her way!"
"Your best friend's an open target, she needs protection."
"Trish needs me, I can talk my mom down."
"I can't take that chance, I'm calling SWAT."
Jessica Jones and Ruth Sunday[src]

Having left the WNEX Station before she could be caught and arrested, Jones had then returned to the Love By The Sea, and looked over all of Karl Malus' clothes that he had left were, desperately weeping over the loss of her love as she held his The Doors T-shirt. However, while Jones was weeping over Malus, she overheard WJBP-TV news report about Trish Walker, who was currently being treated in Riverbank Medical Center, as Jones then took notice.

As Jones watched the news, she saw Dorothy Walker being interviewed by Thembi Wallace about her daughter's condition, with Dorothy noting that her daughter was a fighter and an influencer. Enraged, Jones grabbed a nearby bin and threw it at the mirror, smashing it, before continuing to watch the news report, in which Dorothy referred to Malus as a fraud who had caused Trish to have a reaction to a standard procedure. Enraged by these lies, Jones had then left the motel room, now knowing where she could find and kill Trish in revenge for Malus' death.

Stepping out of her motel room, Jones looked for a way to get herself back into New York City without being seen, so that she could get close enough to Trish to kill her. Fortunately for Jones, she had then witnessed a family pulling up in an RV, with the parents going inside the motel and leaving their teenage son to watch, although he remained distracted by his I-pad. With the son distracted, Jones proceeded to simply jump into the front seat of the RV and drive it to the Riverbank Medical Center, where she had intended to locate and murder Trish.[15]

Attack on Riverbank Medical Center[]

"She took everything from me! She did this! You did this... You!"
"That's just a story that you've made up inside your head, just like one of your nightmares."
"But you can wake up!"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Upon arriving at Riverbank Medical Center, Jones had immediately approached a nurse who was having his lunch break, sneaking up on the nurse and scaring him. Jones had then demanded to know which room Trish Walker was being treated in, only for the nurse to insist that he could not give her this information. However, Jones had then furiously thrown the nurse against the wall and asked where Walker was again, as the nurse finally gave her the information, fearing for his life.

In order to avoid the guards and cameras within the hospital, Jones proceeded to leap and climb up to Walker's window, and climbed inside, just as Jessica Jones had arrived, intending to defend Walker from her mother's rage. Jones ordered her daughter to get out, which Jessica refused to do, while Jones insisted that Walker had taken everything away from her, including Karl Malus, blaming Walker for everything that had happened. Filled with rage and confusion, Jones could not look away from the sleeping Walker, while Jessica calmly blocked her path.

Jessica attempted to convince her mother that this was all made up in her head, and that she was wrong about how Malus had died, insisting that it was like one of Jones' nightmares, which Jones refused to believe. Despite Jessica telling her to wake up, Jones' anger took over as she charged at Walker, with Jessica attempting to knock out her mother by injecting her with the tranquillizer, only for Jones to be able to wrestle away from Jessica's hands, furiously insisting that she would not be put to sleep again, as the pair fell onto Walker's bed.

Jones had then used Jessica's own arm to attempt to choke Walker to death, as Jessica desperately begged her mother to stop and let her go, insisting that Jones had the entire situation wrong. However, Jones continued to ignore Jessica, furiously claiming that Walker had killed Malus. As Jessica insisted that Walker was not her enemy, she attempted to stop her mother by punching her in the face, which caused Jones to become distracted, as she furiously released Walker and threw Jessica across the bed, causing the unconscious Walker to fall to the floor.

As Jones once again attempted to attack Walker, insisting that she had stolen away her family, only for Jessica to throw her mother across the room, desperately begging her to stop and she knelt down to protect Walker. As Jessica begged her mother to not take away her own family, and not leave her with no family again, Jones paused for a moment, looking at her daughter's scared and emotional face. As empathy took over, Jones had finally snapped back to reality and calmed herself down, amazed that she was able to get out of such a murderous rage.

However, just as Jones was marveling that she had come back to her senses, she was interrupted when Eddy Costa and Ruth Sunday burst into the room with their guns aimed at her, ordering Jones to surrender, with Sunday making it clear that they would shoot her if she did not get onto the floor. With Jones terrified and confused, Jessica asked Costa and Sunday to back off, promising that her mother would surrender, only for Jones to make a run for the window. Before Jones to leap to safety, Sunday shot her in the leg, causing her to floor to the floor.

As Costa told Jessica to stay back, Sunday went over to the wounded Jones and attempted to put her in handcuffs, only for Jones to grab Sunday, disarm her, and put her into a headlock, much to the horror of Jessica and Costa. With Jones hiding herself behind Sunday, Costa had attempted to line up a shot to kill her, but could not risk shooting Sunday, despite Sunday still telling him to take the shot. Jones had then looked over at Jessica, insisting that the New York City Police Department would kill her, which Jessica had insisted that she would not allow.

Despite all of Jessica's promises that she would protect Jones if she surrendered herself and agreed to return to the Eastern Regional Detention Center, Jones refused to give in, and instead threw herself and Sunday out of the window. Jessica and Costa then watched in horror, as Jones and Sunday vanished from view, falling several stories to the ground, which Jones was able to survive and escape from, while Sunday was killed upon impact. As Jones went into hiding, Costa arranged a task force to hunt her down, with the police wanting revenge for Sunday's death.[15]

Calling Jessica Jones[]

"I was confused, I'm not anymore."
"Where are you?"
"I need to see you."
"You have to be stopped."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Following the clash at Riverbank Medical Center, Jones managed to make it back to her RV, where she bandaged up the gunshot wound on her leg, before calling Jessica Jones, immediately apologizing about attempting to kill Trish Walker, and throwing Ruth Sunday out of the window to her death. However, Jessica insisted that an apology would not be enough, as she accused her mother of trying to kill Walker, who she called the most important person in her life, her best friend and sister.

Jones insisted that she had been confused in that moment, but promised her mind was under control, before Jessica asked where she was, which Jones did not answer. Jones instead insisted that she needed to see her daughter, to which Jessica insisted that she needed to be stopped, while Jones asked Jessica to meet her without the New York City Police Department. Eventually, Jessica agreed to meet at Walker's Apartment, with Jessica agreeing to not bring the police, but noting that Jones could not hurt anyone else, which Jones agreed with.[15]

Ambushed by Jessica Jones[]

"Guns don't seem like your style."
"It's gotta be easier than using my bare hands."
"Less personal. I suppose if you have to kill your own mother, you might not wanna look her in the eyes while you do it."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

As agreed, Jones had gone to Trish Walker's Apartment, still bleeding from her gunshot wound and leaving a puddle of blood in the elevator, as she discovered that the door was already open. As Jones cautiously stepped inside, she found the lights had been turned off, as Jones called out to Jessica Jones, but getting no response as she moved through the apartment, ensuring that there was nobody else there waiting for her as she stepped into the living room.

Ambush on Alisa Jones

Jones being threatened by Jessica Jones

However, Jones had then heard a gun being clocked, as Jessica told her mother to not move, as she aimed her gun directly at the back of Jones' head. Sighing over her daughter's decision, Jones noted that guns did not seem to be her style, to which Jessica noted that this would be an easier way to kill her mother than using her bare hands, which Jones accepted as this would be less personal. Jones then noted that if Jessica had to kill her own mother, it would be easier to not look her in the eyes when she did so, as Jessica ordered Jones to turn around.

Jones had then confessed that she had been pushed over the edge when she learned that Karl Malus had died, apologizing for what she had done. Jones insisted that her death was not their only option, as Jessica had brought her back to reality at Riverbank Medical Center, to which Jessica noted that this had been a moment before Jones would have murdered Walker, although Jones insisted that this was still remarkable. As Jones claimed that Jessica had done something that Malus had never been able to do, Jessica insisted that she did not care.

Ignoring Jessica's insistence that she did not care, Jones continued to explain that Malus had been attempting to develop technics to calm her down during her episodes of rage, but had failed, while Jessica had succeeded. Jessica reluctantly accepted that it worked, but noted this was only one time, although Jones argued that it also happened at her Apartment Building when she had attacked Pryce Cheng, with Jones insisting that they could master this, to which Jessica insisted that they could not work together, which Jones still tried to argue for.

Jessica told her mother that she had killed any chance of them working together when she attacked Walker and killed Ruth Sunday, to which Jones argued that she had been left with no choice, as she insisted that Sunday and Eddy Costa would not have let her live. However, Jessica told Jones that there was always a choice in these matters, but that her mother's brain was too damaged to ever make the right choice. Jessica told Jones that this was over, ordering her to go to the Raft, or one of them would end up dead, promising that she would shoot her mother.

Jessica begged her mother not to force her into pulling the trigger by refusing to go to the Raft, to which Jones insisted that, if she did not have her daughter in her life, she had nothing else to live for. Jones had then told Jessica to shoot her, noting that she would be glad that it was her daughter who ended this. However, as Jessica went to pull the trigger, she hesitated and took her eyes away from her mother, too distressed to shoot, as Jones had charged forward and took the gun from Jessica's hand, striking her on the head and knocking her unconscious.[15]

Kidnapping of Jessica Jones[]

"I have already wasted too much of my life locked up, and there is another option. You can reach me."
"Not if I'm unconscious. You could have crushed my skull."
"But I didn't, I held back!"
"Is that supposed to reassure me."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

Jones would then take the unconscious Jessica Jones and took her into the RV, driving them out of New York City, as Jones listened to the radio while driving through the night.[15] Having pulled over after several hours of driving, Jones was applying more gaffer tape to her injured leg, when Jessica finally woke up, confused and questioning where they were and what Jones had done, while Jones simply questioned if her head was okay, offering her aspirin.

However, Jessica instead charged out of the RV, as she furiously questioned where exactly Jones had brought her, while Jones followed her out to try and calm her down. Jessica accused Jones of hitting her back at Trish Walker's Apartment, which Jones had confessed was a spur of the moment decision, as she could not allow Jessica to hand her over to the New York City Police Department again. As Jessica questioned where they were, Jones simply said they were in transit, suggesting that Jessica could decide where they would eventually end up.

In response, Jessica told her mother that she should be taken to the Raft to be imprisoned, which Jones refused, as she claimed to have already wasted too much of her life imprisoned, suggesting that there was still another option for them. Jones then went on to remind Jessica of how she had already calmed her seemingly uncontrollable rage, although Jessica noted that this did not work when Jones knocked her unconscious. Jessica noted that Jones could have crushed her skull, to which Jones agreed but insisted that she had held back to protect her.

Jessica Jones - 2x13 - AKA Playland - Jessica and Alisa (1)

Jones and Jessica Jones debating the plan

While Jessica questioned if this was meant to reassure her, Jones insisted that thanks to Jessica she had been able to control herself. With Jessica questioning if this was because of a motherly love for her, Jones admitted it could be because she was once pregnant with her, or because they both shared powers, or because they had both already lost too much, insisting that they did not have to lose each other as well. Jessica had then accused her mother of being insane, to which Jones insisted that Jessica was her cure, and that she was also Jessica's cure.

However, Jessica told her mother that she was not the one who was sick, as she insisted that she was the one who helped people and that she had a life, to which Jones noted that Jessica was drunk every hour of the day, suggesting that she was numbing herself to her trauma and questioning if this was a life worth living. Jones insisted that they could be better together, before Jessica noticed a car coming down the road, as she ordered her mother to get back into the RV, noting that the police were still looking for her and that she needed to stay out of sight.

As Jones jokingly questioned if Jessica was trying to protect her, Jessica insisted that her intention was to protect people from her mother, which Jones called heroic. Jones had then told her daughter that she needed her too, before Jessica once again told her to get into the RV in order to stay out of sight, which Jones agreed to, as Jessica greeted the driver who had questioned if they needed help, which Jessica politely refused. Once the other driver was gone, Jessica reluctantly agreed to get back into the RV, as she and Jones had then continued driving.[4]

Discussion About Powers[]

"I've seen you trying to do something, to find some meaning, to fulfil some promise. I could do that too."
"We are the two most powerful women in the world, we could do anything!"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

As they drove into the morning, Jones commented to Jessica Jones that they would need to find route out of New York City that avoided the main roads, noting that it would take longer, but would be safer. However, Jones noticed that Jessica was instead looking at the keys and considering taking them out to stop the RV, as Jones noted that she could try, but that it likely would not work, as she questioned what other plans Jessica was making to stop their journey.

As Jessica suggested that she could hit the brake, dive out of the window or punch her mother into a coma, with Jones noting that her last idea could be difficult, which Jessica confessed was the reason she had not attempted it. Jessica had then suggested that Jones could simply pull the RV over, to which Jones questioned if she would call the National Guard if she did, as they agreed that if she tried this, then Jones would likely loss control of her rage, resulting in people dying, so Jessica would not try it. They then agreed that Jones had trapped her in this situation, as Jones confessed that she wanted to make it difficult for Jessica to leave her.


Jones stopping the RV at the traffic lights

Jessica confessed that she no longer knew what to do, as she had attempted to convince her mother to hand herself over to the New York City Police Department, she had tried to hold her at the Eastern Regional Detention Center, and even tried to kill her, but this had all failed, to which Jones noted that she had not tried to join her yet. As they stopped at a traffic light, Jones and Jessica observed a happy family in the car next to them, before Jones noted that she had observed her daughter trying to make a difference, suggesting she could do the same.

Jessica questioned how her mother intended to do this, to which Jones insisted that they were the two most powerful women in the world, and therefore they could do anything. However, Jessica told her mother that she would not abandon Trish Walker, to which Jones noted that Walker was destroying her life because of Jessica, which Jessica sarcastically thanked her for, as Jones insisted that people would always feel less than around them, causing them to resent or idealize them, noting that even Karl Malus did this with her, as he often put her on a pedestal.

While Jones went on to note that sometimes Malus seemed to wish he had never met her, she insisted that they deserved more from life. Jones went on to insist that they should not be limping through their lives due to all the powers that they had, to which Jessica had then sarcastically insisted that if her mother told her that with great power came great responsibility, then she would throw up on her. However, Jones simply smiled at this comment, noting that Jessica had thrown up on her a lot when she was a baby, while they continued driving down the road.[4]

Rescue of Trudy's Family[]

"No, no, no! The fire is too intense!"
"I can't just let him die!"
"Yes... Save the family!"
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

As they were driving down the road, Jones noted to Jessica Jones that they would make an amazing team, as Jessica rejoined her in the front seat, and noted that her mother was not the first psychopath who had wanted to team up with her, and she had ended up killing the other. Knowing what she meant, Jones questioned if Jessica really thought she was like Kilgrave, to which Jessica noted that if her mother still believed as strongly in killing then she was.

In response, Jones insisted that she wanted to make up for the murders that she had committed, as she asked for Jessica to at least consider this. However, before they could discuss this further, Jessica warned her mother about an accident that had just occurred in front of them, as Jones slammed on the breaks of the RV, causing Jessica to hit her head. Once Jones confirmed that Jessica was unharmed, she looked at the scene of the accident, where a family's car had collided with a truck carrying flammable canisters, which were exploding in the road.

Jessica Jones - 2x13 - AKA Playland - Alisa and Jessica (1)

Jones and Jessica Jones rescue the family

Seeing the family in danger, Jones ignored Jessica's calls for her to wait, and charged out of the RV to help them, as she ran over to the child and carried him away from danger, while more canisters exploded near her. Jones had then ordered Jessica to rescue the father from the car, as Jessica managed to rip the car door away and pull him to safety, just as Jones returned to assist her. As Jones took the father under arm and carried him away, he asked Jessica to find Trudy, his wife, as Jessica ran back to the crash site to find and rescue Trudy.

Once the husband and son were safe, Jones went back to help Jessica to rescue Trudy, whose legs had been trapped under a trailer, with Jones proceeding to throw the trailer aside, with Trudy becoming amazed by Jones' strength. Jones and Jessica had then picked up Trudy and carried her away from the flames, only for Jones to hear the cries of the driver of the truck, who was still trapped by the flames. As Jessica attempted to help him, Jones insisted that the fire was too intense, to which Jessica insisted that she could not leave him to die.

With little time remaining, Jones handed Trudy to Jessica and told her to save the family, as she ran back into the flames to rescue the driver, ignoring Jessica's protests. Jones had then managed to pull the driver to safety and shield them both with a sheet of metal, just as the truck exploded in a massive ball of flame. Fearing the worst, Jessica had run back to the fire, and had soon found Jones and the driver alive, as Jones had saved his life. Once she was on her feet, Jones was then hugged by the extremely emotional Jessica, much to Jones' relief.[4]

Aftermath of the Crash[]

"That family can describe us. And after that car flip, the cops are gonna know it's us. We need to get to the border."
"Wait, what? "We"? Then
we are doing this?"
"Don't get choked up. We still have to get out of this shitstorm."
Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]

Following the rescue of Trudy and her family, Jones and Jessica Jones left the scene and continued their drive, while Jessica complained that the family would be able to describe them, and after Jones had shown her strength, the New York City Police Department would know that it was them, insisting that they needed to get to the border. However, Jones picked up on the fact that Jessica had referred to them as we, like a team, although Jessica dismissed this.

While Jessica insisted that she would still be focused on getting them out of the situation that her mother had caused, Jones had then let out a cheer of celebration, delighting at their rescue of the innocent family, and the idea that Jessica was willing to leave New York City with her. Although Jessica had smiled at her mother's delight, she still insisted that, if they wanted to make it through the border, she would have to make a phone call to Oscar Arocho first, in order to obtain fake IDs and paperwork for them to get over the border.

However, once Jessica had returned from meeting with Arocho at a cafe, reuniting with Jones at a scrap yard, she then made it clear that they had failed to get what they needed, since Arocho had been followed by the police, who had attempted to follow Jessica back to her mother so they could arrest her. As Jones realized what had happened, she was told by Jessica that they should simply drive further north, as they had now lost their chance to get over the border like they planned, as they got back into the RV to continue on with their journey.[4]

Eddy Costa's Warning[]

Jessica Jones - 2x13 - AKA Playland - Jessica and Alisa (3)

Jones and Jessica Jones continue to drive

"We should, I don't know, go to a war zone or something!"
"We have enough people gunning for us, without dropping into a crossfire."
"Oh, come on! What we did back there, I want more! We could, I don't know, deliver supplies to needy villages, or rescue old people."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

While they drove together, Jessica Jones told her mother that she believed they could get to Montréal in eight hours time, as Jones questioned how they would get across the border, now that they did not have Oscar Arocho's false documents, to which Jessica suggested that they then literally jump onto an Adirondack train from Vermont. Jones smiled at this, noting that this was a benefit of travelling with a powered person, which Jessica did not respond to.

Jessica continued to explain that they could make their way from Vermont towards Uruguay, which Jones refused, explaining that Karl Malus had wanted to go to Uruguay. Jones instead suggested that they travel to a war zone, to which Jessica noted that they had enough people trying to shoot them, without running towards active gunfire. However, Jones insisted that she wanted to experience more of the excitement that she felt while rescuing Trudy's family, suggesting that they bring supplies to needy villagers or rescue old people who were in need.

These ideas were mocked by Jessica, who questioned if Jones wanted a superhero costume as well, to which Jones jokingly claimed that she would look good in a unitard. Jones went on to note how she wanted to experience something as gratifying as that rescue again, although Jessica simply insisted that they get out of the suburbs first. However, while they were driving, Jones spotted some traffic, as Jessica then realized that this was likely a roadblock, intended to find them, as she advised her mother to take another exit in order to avoid them being seen.

Once Jessica confirmed that they were not being followed, they overheard a strange laugh from the back of the RV, as Jessica went to investigate, realizing that it was a phone, with Jones admitting that the teenager from the RV's owners had left it in there. As Jessica hung up the call, she noted that the teenager's family must have gone to the New York City Police Department, noting that it was an unknown number. Jessica had then noted to her mother that Detective Eddy Costa had sent a text to the phone, confirming that he was the one calling.

Jones then listened on as Jessica answered Costa's call on speaker, who noted that they knew she was helping her mother, which had made her an accomplice to her crimes, insisting that he did not want to see Jessica get hurt. Costa went on to tell Jessica that she had to prove herself to be a good person, noting that her mother would have to face justice for killing Ruth Sunday among others, but Jessica still had a chance. Instead of replying to Costa's warning, Jessica crushed the phone, as Jones continued driving and considered what to do next.

Jones pulled the RV over, turning back to Jessica and confessing that this was all her fault, and that she would likely get Jessica killed, which Jessica denied, insisting that this was not over with yet. Jones watched on as Jessica grabbed a map and insisted that the police could not block every road in Westchester, suggesting that they drive west and find somewhere to hide the RV. Jones sat in quiet contemplation about what to do, as Jessica told her to keep on driving, which she did, having decided what she needed to do for Jessica's protection.[4]

Murdered by Trish Walker[]

"Hero isn't a bad word, Jessica. It's just someone who gives a shit, and does something about it."
"Well, I don't. I don't give a shit."
"Yes, you do! You do. It sucks, and it hurts, but you do. You are far more capable than I ever was. Maybe I don't have to be amazing. Maybe I just made you."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]

With Jones having made her decision about what to do next, she then drove herself and Jessica Jones to Playland in Rye, as Jones took a moment to sit near the gates and observe the park, before walking closer and looking at the ferris wheel in the distance. Jones was then rejoined by Jessica, who noted that she had found a boat by the pier, similar to one that Jones and Brian Jones used to sail, insisting that as it was dark, they could be undetected on it as they escaped.

However, Jones ignored Jessica's suggestion, and instead broke the padlock on the gates, and walked into Playland, despite Jessica's protests that they were running out of time. While Jessica noted that they had not come there for the memories, but for the boats that they could take, Jones told her daughter to leave, to which Jessica questioned what her mother was talking about. Jones had then turned on the Ferris wheel, to which Jessica noted that someone would see the lights and hear the music, to which Jones insisted that she want them to come.

Knowing what she was talking about, Jessica questioned if this is where her mother wanted her life to end, to which Jones insisted that she would not be the cause of Jessica's death. However, Jessica insisted that she would not say goodbye to her mother again, having just gotten her back in her life, while Jones stepped inside the ferris wheel, advising Jessica to not say anything, and saying goodbye to her. Despite her protests, Jessica got into the ferris wheel with her mother, as it took them up into the air, with Jones asking Jessica to let her do this.

As they rode the ferris wheel, Jessica asked her mother what happened to her ideas of becoming a team, to which Jones answered that it was the best dream that she had ever had. Jones told Jessica that she had gone as far as she could go, to which Jessica insisted that she could not quit, after everything that they had been through. Jones noted that she had caused a lot of damage through her life, but claimed that Jessica stood on the rubble of that damage like a shining light, to which Jessica asked her not to compare her to some kind of godly figure.

Jones went on to insist that calling herself a hero was not a bad thing, as she claimed that a hero was just someone who cared enough to do something about the wrongs of the world. However, Jessica denied that she cared about the world, which Jones had denied was true, acknowledging that it sucked for her life, and that it would often hurt her but that it was still true, while also insisting that Jessica was far more capable than she ever was. Jones suggested that she did not have to do more than just bring Jessica into the world to be amazing for her.

Jessica Jones S2 Alisa Dead

Jones is shot and killed by Trish Walker

However, just as Jones placed her hands lovingly on her daughter's cheeks, and Jessica was insisting that she would not allow her mother to go away and they be lost from each other again, a gunshot rang out and Jones was struck on the head, as her lifeless body fell to the ground and her blood hit Jessica in the face. The horrified Jessica then looked out and discovered that Trish Walker was the one who shot and killed her mother. Jessica had then confronted Walker, before allowing her to run, and allowing the police to assume that she executed her own mother.[4]


Conflict Between Sisters[]

"I lost the only family I had. Again."
"It was always gonna end that way."
"It didn't have to be you. I look at you now and all I see is the person who killed my mother."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Jones' death by her own best friend and adoptive sister had left Jessica Jones unable to see Trish Walker as anything more than the person who killed her mother. Despite Walker's efforts, the friendship between the two ended.[4] A year later, Jones was able to finally forgive Walker for what she did after she chose to save her from suffocating in Gregory Sallinger's tank, rather than go after the killer.[16] While not as close as they were before, they were able to rebuild their friendship, that even when Jones had to turn Walker over to the authorities, the two sisters still cared for each other.[17]


"You're not the first psychopath who's wanted to team up with me. The last time one of us ended up dead."
"You really think I'm like Kilgrave?"
"Only if killing is still a viable option in your mind."
Jessica Jones and Alisa Jones[src]

Alisa was an intelligent woman with a deadpan snark like wit similar to her daughter, Jessica Jones, who greatly loved her family. After her life was saved, the experiments granted Alisa a high level of strength that came with a deadly rage due to her brain damage.

But unlike Jessica, Alisa looked at life far more optimistically and hated being confined; to counter Jessica's preconceived notion that the Jones led a perfect life in the past, Alisa revealed that she desired to teach mathematics to a university, but was unable to because of her husband, Phillip Jones and was struck teaching math to underachieving students. Alisa grew to resent her suburban life, as a result; she was considering a divorce out of a desire to do something with her life.

Despite Alisa's initial fear of her powers, she desired to become a hero of sorts and use her powers for the good of others, a dream she was never able to realize; due to her uncontrollable rage causing her to hurt anyone, friend or foe. However, Alisa's love for her daughter, Jessica eventually allowed her to regain some control of her sanity, which Alisa decided to stop attempting to run away with Jessica and turn herself in to the authorities so her daughter would be free to live her own life, despite knowing that they would kill her.

Powers and Abilities[]


"We were just putting her to bed, and... she threw me like I was a ragdoll. Ten feet into a glass cabinet. I broke my back, glass ripped me to shreds. Then she got Luanne, the other nurse. She twisted that poor girl's head clean around."
Inez Green, to Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Due to Karl Malus' illegal experiments at IGH, Jones' physical attributes are enhanced to superhuman levels.
    • Superhuman Strength: Jones possessed incredible strength that, to Jessica Jones' own admission, far surpasses Jessica's, as gently bumping into Malcolm Ducasse caused him to go flying into a motorbike. She was easily able to throw Jessica around a bar and completely demolish a grand piano with seemingly little effort when upset. Alisa, much like her daughter, was able to forcefully open doors with little effort, and could break glass at Neptune's World Aquarium. She was also strong enough to be able to twist the heads of Luanne McClure and Will Simpson around with minimal effort, killing them instantly. She often loses control of her strength when upset or enraged, due to her brain damage and the traumatic events that she had previously experienced.
    • Superhuman Durability: Thanks to the experiments from IGH, Jones was a lot more resistant to injury, being able to jump from high places without breaking her legs and withstanding hits from Jessica. However, like Jessica, she appeared to be vulnerable to gunshots, as Ruth Sunday injured her in the leg, and Trish Walker ultimately killed her when the latter shot her in the head.
    • Superhuman Speed: Thanks to her super strong legs, Jones was able to move fast. She was able to outrun Jessica after being subdued at a bar. Despite sustaining an injury to her right thigh, Alisa was able to still escape the scene upon falling out of the hospital window.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The experiments at IGH healed Jones' skin and body from the car accident. She was unable to grow hair, however, but her healing ability allowed her to recover from gunshot wounds.
    • Flight: Jones possessed the ability to fly, similar to how her daughter Jessica Jones can fly, as she was able to leap over Jessica and Trish Walker after murdering Will Simpson. Alisa was also able to propel herself to the top of a high building in order to escape Jessica. She even admitted to being capable of leaping ten stories high.


  • Expert Assassin: Despite having no formal training, Jones was a capable assassin. She killed both Miklos Kozlov and Robert Coleman, and made both their deaths look like accidents. She also killed Leslie Hansen and managed to successfully dispose of her body though it was eventually discovered after a lengthy, but undetermined, amount of time. Jones almost succeeded in killing Trish Walker while she was in the Riverbank Medical Center, despite being under police protection and only failing due to Jessica Jones's intervention.
  • Combatant: While not trained in martial arts or any other form of fighting, Jones was still a dangerous combatant, using her brute strength to often overpower and brutally murder her enemies.
"And a big, beautiful brain that can calculate cube roots in her head."
Karl Malus to Jessica Jones[src]
  • Gifted Intellect: Jones was a candidate for a tenure-track professorship in mathematics at University of Michigan, though she did not take it because her husband Brian did not want to relocate. She was stated to be able to do cube roots in her head by Karl Malus.
  • Bilingualism: Jones was fluent in her native English, as well as Spanish, as shown when she met Oscar Arocho.



Other Equipment[]

  • Tranquilizers: Karl Malus used a tranquilizer to keep Jones under control. Jessica Jones attempted to do this to Jones, but she fought against it.
  • Arm and Leg Restraints: While in prison, Jones was fitted with restraints that kept her from using her pow
  • Electrified Handcuffs: Dale Holiday had handcuffs electrified for Jones' imprisonment, which Jones wore while she was the Eastern Regional Detention Center. Holiday used them to torture Jones in her sleep and left burn scars on her arms, which Jessica Jones noticed while visiting her mother.


  • RV: Jones stole an RV and drove it to the hospital in an attempt to murder Trish Walker. She later kidnapped Jessica Jones and brought her in the RV on the road, and they attempted to go to Canada together. They stopped in Rye, New York, but Jones as killed before they could resume their trip.


  • Jones Residence: Jones and her husband raised a family in their home, where Jones made meatloaf and gave it to their neighbor, even though she did not like it. Jones and her husband often fought, and Jones kept whiskey in the house.
  • Love By The Sea: Jones and her family spent a vacation near the beach, where they discovered that it was mostly used by prostitutes. Jones' children fought over which room they were staying in, so Jones decided for them. Jones also honeymooned at the hotel with Karl Malus years later.
  • Industrial Garments & Handling Facility: A car crash led to Jones being taken in by IGH, where she was experimented on by Karl Malus, Luanne McClure, and Leslie Hansen. Jones was kept in the facility for years, until she escaped and went to see Jessica Jones. However, Jones accepted that she could not be part of Jessica's life and returned to the clinic willingly. She stayed for many more years and came to believe in IGH's cause, until Malus shut down the facility, where she went to live with him in his home.
  • Malus Residence: Jones lived with Karl Malus in his home following the closure of the Industrial Garments & Handling Facility. Jones and Malus got married after living in the home for so many years, and kept a piano which she learned to play. She destroyed Jessica Jones' research into IGH in the house, and proceeded to practice piano, although she eventually destroyed it in a fit of rage. Jones reunited with her daughter in the residence, and the pair escaped from the house together when the NYPD came after Jones.
  • Neptune's World Aquarium: Jones and Karl Malus often met each other at Neptune's World Aquarium, where Malus enjoyed looking at the ocotpus. One day, Jessica Jones found Jones and Malus there, causing Jones to break the glass so that they could escape.
"Wow, you really abandoned your suburban roots."
"Never really took to words like "davenport" and "duvet"."
"No, me neither."
―Alisa Jones and Jessica Jones[src]
  • Alias Investigations Office: Jessica Jones allowed Jones to stay in her apartment after they escaped the NYPD together, and the pair bonded. However, they were attacked by Pryce Cheng, who Jones then injected with a tranquilizer. This led to Jessica deciding to call the police on her mother, leading to her arrest.







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