"Jacked me for my tips!"
"I'm on it!"
"I work hard for that money!"
"I'm on it!"
―Alicia and Luke Cage[src]

Alicia is a resident of Harlem whom turns to Luke Cage after Cottonmouth's henchmen steal her earnings.


"Those two?"
Luke Cage and Alicia[src]
In their efforts to retrieve Cottonmouth's his wealth his henchmen raided Harlem, stealing from its residents. Among the victims was Alicia, a waitress at Sugardaddys gentlemen's club, from whom they jacked her hard worked for tips. Alicia turned to Luke Cage, asking for his help. After helping another resident Cage returned to her, asking her to bring him to the thugs who stole her money. She pointed them out outside the gentlemen's club. Alicia wondered if Cage did not need a gun for such a situation, to which he stated that he is the gun. Cage knocked out the first thug and allowed Alicia to take back her money from the second one. Cage threatend the second thug, before knocking him out too. Alicia looked at Cage thankfully before he walked away.[1]





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