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"I'm so happy you're all on board with the plan. But let me remind you, I neutralized our enemies. I brought you the Iron Fist. I was able to keep the most important operation in our history running while you succumbed to chaos and conflict. I have proven myself to be the one and only true leader–"
―Alexandra Reid[src]

Alexandra Reid was the leader of the five founders, or the "fingers", of the Hand in the wake of their own banishment from K'un-Lun for their heresy. She had focused much of her efforts on maintaining her long life and returning home. Upon taking possession of Elektra's corpse, Reid was then able to resurrect the killer and have her reborn as the Black Sky, the Hand's ultimate weapon. Determined to take the Iron Fist into their custody to complete their own plans, Reid came into conflict with both the Defenders and the other leaders of the Hand who questioned all her decisions. Just as Reid proved herself to be a worthy leader, she was betrayed and murdered by Elektra, who then took over as the leader of the Hand.


Founding the Hand

Abandoning K'un-Lun

"I had a daughter once. This was in my first life. Before I made the pilgrimage to K'un-Lun. Before I learned of the substance. And before I started the organization."
―Alexandra Reid to Elektra[src]

Following the death of her own beloved daughter, the woman who would one day be known as Alexandra Reid, settled in K'un-Lun, seeking answers about life and death.[3] However, she perverted the teachings of her masters with four others, including Madame Gao, Sowande and Bakuto, to gain immortality and was banished as a result.[2] Reid managed to convince Murakami to also leave with them and together they formed the Hand,[4] using the ancient bones of the Dragons they could find to maintain their long lives.[5] During her long life, Reid managed to build herself a vast fortune and business empire, using false names to mask her immortality while she continued building her own criminal empire.[6]

Long Life

"Brahms didn't often write in C minor. Matter of fact, that was Beethoven's key of choice. But here, Beethoven's influence is quite pronounced."
"It's not influence. It was a direct response. All Brahms wanted was to prove that he could do it, too. He was petty like that."
"Your insight on music history, it never ceases to amaze me."
"Oh, it's nothing. It's just stuff I picked up along the way."
Sandra and Alexandra Reid[src]
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During the 1800s, Reid became well-versed in the styles of then-current musicians Ludwig van Beethoven and Johannes Brahms. A fan of their work, Reid amassed a wealth of knowledge regarding the Romantic music era.[6]

Reid also settled in Constantinople, before it became known as Istanbul, where she acquired a taste for the local cuisine.[7]

Black Sky Discovery

Resurrecting Elektra

Reid is told by Sowande that Elektra is found

"My name is Alexandra. You were born. You lived and died. And what you saw on the other side--the darkness, the absence of everything--it's horrifying, isn't it? I have seen it, too. More than once. And all I want in this life is never to see it again. But now that we've been brought together that's not something we need to worry about."
―Alexandra Reid and Elektra[src]

While living in New York City, Reid spent time eating food prepared for her by Kadir, who made the best food he possibly could just for Reid's enjoyment, delighting as Reid gave him a positive review. Reid spoke to Kadir in Turkish, complimenting him on the food, noting that it was better than the food she had eaten in Constantinople, despite Kadir noting that this was the ancient name for that place, with Reid not explaining that she had been there in ancient times.

Reid and Sowande examine Elektra's corpse

Reid's dinner was interrupted by Sowande's arrival, who informed her that at long last, they had found the Black Sky. Reid was shown Elektra's corpse in one of the Hand's warehouses, where Sowande questioned how long Reid had been searching for the Black Sky, to which Reid claimed she had been looking for far too long. Sowande made a point to say that reviving Elektra would use up the last of the supply of the Resurrection Elixir, meaning their own lives would be at risk, which Reid made it clear she was satisfied with, believing that Elektra's survival was more important than their own.

Reid watches as Elektra is resurrected

Reid watched closely as the Resurrection Elixir mixed with all the blood that Nobu Yoshioka and Hirochi had collected for them which eventually resulted in Elektra being reborn from inside the Hand's sarcophagus. With the now reborn Elektra struggling to breathe or understand where she was, she fell out of the sarcophagus quickly and struggled to stand on her own feet, while Reid and her Hand soldiers watched close by. Reid, however, then calmly assured Elektra that all of the fear and pain that she was currently experiencing would soon pass, promising that she was home with the Hand.

Reid comforts the utterly horrified Elektra

Although Elektra initially attempted to attack her, Reid ordered her soldiers to stand down while she removed her coat and tried to wrap Elektra with it, seeing that she was experiencing the cold. Regaining some of her past skills taught by the Chaste, Elektra attacked Reid, who calmly and effectively subdued Elektra and pinned her down, still trying to assure her that she would be safe with them. Despite Elektra still putting up a fight, Reid was able to embrace her and use her calm voice to soon soothe Elektra and begin relaxing her to a point that she stopped struggling against her and the Hand.

Reid explains Elektra's true purpose

With Elektra finally calm, Reid cleaned her up from the blood and sat down with her, offering her food. Reid explained that language and skills would soon come back to Elektra, although she noted that everything Elektra had remembered about her past life had been removed and forgotten, claiming it did not matter. Reid and Elektra discussed the concept of death, with Reid noting that she had also experienced death and vowed to never die again. Elektra questioned who she was, and Reid claimed that Elektra was her child and the answer to everything the Hand had desired for so long.[7]

Training the Black Sky

Reid helps Elektra choose her new weapons

"It doesn't matter what you choose. You are the Black Sky. In the end, you are the weapon. Wakizashi. Good choice. They won't know what's coming till it's too late."
―Alexandra Reid to Elektra[src]

Seeking to retrain Elektra to be the greatest killer she could be, Reid allowed her to choose her own weapon before they then began fight training, with Elektra considering choosing the Twin Sai but instead choosing the Wakizashi, which Reid complimented as a good choice as she noted that the enemy would not be able to see the true threat of two blades until it was too late and so Elektra could cut them down. With her weapons chosen, Reid then took Elektra to begin fight training.

Reid watches Elektra fight multiple enemies

Reid watched closely as Elektra at first trained against just a single warrior from the Hand, using simple wooden swords, with Elektra at first being bested by the warrior with such ease that Reid began to become concerned. However, Elektra used the pain of the beatings with the rage inside of her to gain the advantage, using the skills hidden within her mind to beat the man in single combat. Satisfied with this result, Reid sent more warriors to attack Elektra, watching with pride as the Black Sky was able to fight and subdue multiple enemies at once with ease as she became stronger.

Reid presents Elektra with her new uniform

Before long, Elektra proved herself capable of taken of considerable odds and coming out as the greatest fighter the Hand had. In one final test, Reid had Elektra stripped of all weapons, surrounded her with around ten fighters all armed with swords and shut off the lights, forcing the disadvantaged Elektra to fight armed men in the dark, unaided. Elektra, however, just bested all of them as she stood alone surrounded by corpses in less than a minute. As Reid was pleased with the result of all of the training, she presented Elektra with a new uniform and weapons, telling her this was who she was.[7]

Sentenced to Death

Reid arrives at the hospital for her check up

"I'm dying. My red blood cell count has dropped precipitously and almost every one of my major organs is close to collapse. Is that still the case? What can you do to treat it?"
"To be honest, this kind of free fall is off the charts."
"That's not helpful. Or even what I asked."
―Alexandra Reid and Doctor[src]

Believing that her entire body was shutting down due to the sudden lack of any Resurrection Elixir that could keep her alive, Reid then traveled to the hospital where she was led to a room ready for her MRI scan, being requested to remove all of her clothing, including her jewelry. Doing as instructed by the doctor, Reid briefly lost her balance and held onto the window, fearing what the results of the tests would be for her and what this meant for the future.

Reid learns her entire body is shutting down

Reid was eventually joined by the doctor who informed that indeed her red blood cell count had dropped and therefore her vital organs were likely to shut down. Reid remanded to know what treatment was available to her, planning on using the Hand's resources and money to save herself. However, the doctor informed her even this would not be enough to provide a cure. When Reid questioned how long she had to live, she was informed it would be months or weeks until she eventually died. Reid agreed to undergo more tests while she contemplated how she would survive this illness.[1]

Causing the Earthquake

Reid gives Madame Gao her new updates

"How soon can we begin?"
"Three months. Then we move to the final phase."
"That won't work. Not anymore. We need to move faster."
"We all agreed. This plan, it makes sense."
―Alexandra Reid and Madame Gao[src]

Fearing she would not live long enough to see all her plans come to their conclusion, Reid traveled into Central Park where she fed the birds until Madame Gao joined her. They briefly discussed the Park's history before they got back to business, as Gao noted that their contact in the major's office was ready and they could begin their mission to reclaim the Dragon Bones. Reid, however, claimed that this would not work, not mentioning her diagnosis, and insisted that they move their operation even faster than it already was.

Reid tells Gao to speed up all their progress

Although Gao noted that the other Hand leaders had all agreed that their current plan worked best, Reid insisted that they adapt. Gao made a final argument that if they hurried their process then things would be noticed across New York City, but Reid claimed that she was aware of this and was unbothered by the concept, ordering Gao to leave and inform the other Hand leaders of this change of plan so they could begin moving forward to the last phase of their plans. As she walked away, Reid gave Gao the bird food and ordered her to finish feeding the birds for her, much to Gao's annoyance.

Reid awaits the New York City Earthquake

The following day, Reid met with Gao once again over a view of the city. While Reid was provided a drink, Gao approached her and she was informed that despite some difficulties, all of the arrangements had been made as per Reid's directions, although Gao once again questioned if Reid wished to reconsider her plan to speed up the mission, claiming that there was still time to ensure that things ran smoother. Reid chose instead not to even listen to Gao as she sent her away while Reid got to her feet to overlook all of New York City at this moment of grand victory for herself and for the Hand.

Reid comforts Elektra as New York trembles

Reid stayed where she was while she watched in satisfaction as all of New York shook and trembled due to an Earthquake caused by her people down the hole under Midland Circle. Despite the fear of the people and all of those harmed in the chaos, Reid was completely unfazed, preparing to turn around and head back indoors. However, Reid found Elektra was stood with her, looking more horrified at the destruction around them. Without any emotion, Reid simply touched Elektra's skin and claimed that New York was nothing more than a city, promising that Elektra would soon be used to watching cities fall around them, which had appeared to comfort Elektra.[1]

Madame Gao's Warning

Reid listens to a classical music performance

"The conviction of the elders of K'un-Lun was always unwavering. They think it's a virtue. But in the end, all it ever did was make them predictable. They've locked it away. But a lock is not a lock without a key. And from the beginning, they have valued one thing above all else."
―Alexandra Reid to Madame Gao[src]

Reid held a personal performance of some classical music for her to inspect, with her closing her eyes and listening to the music closely as the musicians performed. Once it was completed, Sandra spoke with Reid, noting that her donations would fund their performances for the next few years. Grateful for the donation, Sandra then invited Reid to their next performance, which she declined, before they discussed Johannes Brahms, who Reid had previously met and noted details of his own life about being inspired by Ludwig van Beethoven's music, learned through spending time with Brahms.

Reid is greeted and updated by Madame Gao

Reid was interrupted by Madame Gao's arrival, as she asked Sandra to leave them both in peace. Gao informed Reid that during their dig underneath Midland Circle they had uncovered a wall blocking their process, which they had been unable to destroy with explosives. Gao noted that the wall had writing about K'un-Lun on it and suggested that they rethink their plans about how they would be able to access the Dragon Bones they needed for the Resurrection Elixir. However, Reid remained confident and claimed that they would still be able to find a way to destroy the wall, claiming that this was not a wall but a doorway, claiming the Iron Fist could open the doorway.[6]

Capturing Stick

Reid interrogates the finally captured Stick

"Everyone else on your side is dead. You know who I am, I know who you are, so let's skip the wartime banter. Time is not something I can afford to waste. Not for your benefit but for mine, I'm taking the blinds off. Try not to bite, old friend. It's undignified."
―Alexandra Reid to Stick[src]

Once the Chaste had almost been completely destroyed, Reid soon captured the last known soldier in the long war, Stick, whom she had handcuffed to a pole to await questioning by her. Noting that she did not wish to waste time by exchanging in wartime banter or violence, Reid took off the bag covering Stick's face and claimed that they had so much to discuss with each other about the war in such short space of time.

Reid and Elektra threaten to end Stick's life

Telling Stick that the Hand had won the war against the Chaste, Reid mocked her enemy, although Stick insisted that as long as the Iron Fist was still alive the war would not be over. Reid demanded to know where the Iron Fist was, although Stick insisted that he still had no idea. They discussed how Danny Rand had returned from K'un-Lun to be a one-man army fighting against the Hand, while Stick still mocked Reid, having learned of her fatal disease. Reid in response to the insult back handed Stick, leading to him laughing and claiming a more violent Reid was the kind that he had remembered.

Reid witnesses Stick's successful escape

Reid then called upon Elektra, who sneaked up on her former master and placed her blade under his throat, shocking Stick who had last known Elektra to have been killed by Nobu Yoshioka. Although Stick tried to reach the Elektra he had once known, Reid pushed her sword into his chest and demanded the location of the Iron Fist. While they discussed what the Iron Fist was, Stick then head-butted Elektra and stole her sword, using it to cut off his own hand to free himself before escaping from the Hand's warehouse during the confusion. Reid then realized Stick had gone through the vent and cursed him.[7]

Newest Threat

Meeting the Defenders

Reid introduces herself to Danny Rand

"You haven't lost everything, Mr. Rand. Not yet. I've crossed paths with Iron Fists before, but this is different, because this time I won't kill you. No use using her for protection. They will rip right through her to get to you."
―Alexandra Reid to Danny Rand[src]

While still working inside Midland Circle, Reid was informed that her boardroom had greeted by the arrival of Danny Rand, who was now attempting to use his position at Rand Enterprises to threaten to take down Midland Circle and end their criminal dealings. Unfazed by Rand's threats, Reid greeted him and invited him to continue his speech, noting she was finding him more impressive than she had been led to believe.

Reid and her soldiers challenge Iron Fist

Although Rand listed off all of the Hand's many crimes that he now believed he could then expose onto the world, Reid still remained unintimidated by these threats, claiming that they had never been hiding. Rand told the group that he was the Iron Fist, the immortal weapon of K'un-Lun, although this only led to Reid mocking Rand about the current state of K'un-Lun. Reid had some of her soldiers aim a gun at Rand's head, which he quickly disarmed and held the soldier hostage, with Reid noting that her soldiers would attack regardless, even if it meant ripping through her to get to him.

Reid calls upon Elektra to join the fight

Iron Fist briefly fought against Reid's men singlehandedly, until he was assisted by the arrival of Luke Cage, who joined forces with Iron Fist to give him a clear advantage. At the same moment, Jessica Jones and a Masked Man arrived in the building and also assisted Iron Fist, putting Reid's soldiers at a clear disadvantage. Wishing to capture Iron Fist, Reid then sent Elektra into the fight, hoping that she would kill everyone except the Iron Fist so the Hand could then complete their plans. In the end, the combined efforts of the super-powered team was enough to overcome Reid's soldiers.[7]

Building Allies

Reid talks to Elektra about her life and death

"Our resources are depleted."
"No, but you should worry about the possibility of death."
―Alexandra Reid and Murakami[src]

While in the underground of Midland Circle, Reid came across Elektra examining her body in the mirror, focusing on all the wounds inflicted upon her in battle against Nobu Yoshioka when she was stabbed by her own Twin Sai. Reid attempted to comfort Elektra, claiming that if she had the power, she would have covered up all the scars from Elektra's past, including those inflicted by Yoshioka. Reid then told Elektra that while her life as the Black Sky was new, her body was not, telling her that the way she had died was no longer important.

Reid offers up some comfort for Elektra

Elektra questioned if she was nothing but the Black Sky, which Reid answered that the woman Elektra was before being reborn was lost before coming to the Hand. Reid went on to claim that in Elektra's past life, people such as Stick and Matt Murdock had led her from her true calling due to being afraid of the power she held inside of her. Promising that Elektra was where she needed to be, with Reid, Elektra was forced to repeat that she was the Black Sky before Reid left her alone in her room once again, with Reid noting that Elektra was her left chance to overcome the fear of death.

Reid has a private meeting with Murakami

Reid then visited Murakami, finding him cutting into a bear he had killed during a hunt as they briefly discussed Murakami's successful kill. Reid noted that their supply of Resurrection Elixir was almost depleted, claiming Murakami should not be risking his life during hunts any more. They discussed the Iron Fist's return to New York City as Murakami noted that the main issue with Reid's leadership of the Hand was always her inability to get her hands dirty, before Reid noted that Iron Fist had built a team around him, so they agreed to bring all of the Hand leaders together to fight this new threat.

Reid is fitted for a new dress by her assistants

Returning to her residence, Reid was fitted with a new gown ready for a future gala, however during the fitting Reid began to feel sick and ordered those in the room to leave her alone as she quickly made her way to her desk to take pills to ease her suffering. Despite the pills easing her pain, Reid decided to make a call to cancel her plans for the night so that she could instead focus on more important matters, such as tracking down the Defenders so that she could get closer to uncovering the Dragon Bones hidden underneath New York City so they could finally gain more of their own Elixir.[2]

Ambush at the Royal Dragon

Reid introduces herself to all the Defenders

"I can see you've formed a kind of bond here. And while that might give you some comfort, I promise you, it's temporary. They will disappoint you."
"They haven't yet."
"They will not make you stronger. If I might give you some advice, the more connections you have, the easier it will be to break you."
―Alexandra Reid and Danny Rand[src]

Reid soon tracked the Defenders down to the Royal Dragon where they had met with Stick to discuss their next move. Revealing herself, Reid suggested that they all seat down and talk things out like adults, rather than starting a fight. When Stick asked what Reid wanted, she ignored the question and called Stick resourceful while telling him that she had become determined over her own life before apologizing to Danny Rand that their last meeting ending so suddenly, denying she wanted to kill him.

Reid explains her vision to all the Defenders

Although Rand vowed to destroy the Hand, she pointed out that he had failed at this mission repeatedly and suggested he try a new tactic. When Stick then demanded to know what she wanted, Reid claimed she only wanted to bring life where there was death, leading to Luke Cage pointing out that despite her talk of life, she still killed a lot of people, before refusing to exchange pleasantries. Reid noted to Rand that despite putting together this band of heroes, she promised that they would disappoint him eventually, noting that having a team around him would make it easier for Reid to defeat him.

Reid tries to make a deal with Danny Rand

While Stick questioned what the Hand wanted with Rand, Reid still refused to answer; however, she instead offered to bring together all of the resources that the Hand had to offer for him. Reid then noted that the last time all of the Hand's leadership got together, it was a culling across the world, with Reid reminding everyone of how many people lived in New York City and how many would be at their mercy. Reid promised that everyone in New York and his new teammates would be saved if Rand volunteered to go with her, although Stick demanded that he did not. Rand refused, however, and Cage then insisted that Reid leave before things became violent.

Reid watches Elektra engage the Defenders

Reid then called upon Elektra, who smashed through the door while armed with her Wakizashi, much to the amazement of Matt Murdock. Reid ordered Elektra to slaughter everyone except Rand before Reid made her exit; however, before the fight could even begin, Jessica Jones threw a car through the window which smashed into Elektra, before Jones then rejoined her allies and prepared for the fight.[2] Reid watched from a distance as Murakami also joined the fight and fought Rand and Murdock and Jones and Cage fought Elektra with Stick before Sowande and Madame Gao's soldiers arrived.

Reid begins to question Elektra's true loyalty

Reid retreated to her car and watched their battle from a distance; however, to her horror, she witnessed Elektra getting in a duel with Murdock outdoors, during which Murdock was actually able to briefly get through to Elektra by reminding her of their past history together. Reid watched as this caused Elektra to attack Murakami when he tried to intervene before escaping, while the Defenders appeared and escaped into the sewers before Gao could reappear and found their enemies had gone, with Murakami noting that the questions of what had happened could only really be answered by Reid.[3]

Disciplining Elektra

Reid is threatened by the furious Elektra

"You had no choice in returning from death. I realize that. But I hope you understand that this is the life you were chosen to lead, as a weapon against our enemies. If you do not fulfill that role you're of no use to the Hand. Or to me."
―Alexandra Reid to Elektra[src]

Finding Elektra back inside their headquarters, Reid went inside her room find her sharpening her blades. Taking Elektra by surprise, Reid was met by the Black Sky swinging her ow blade around and nearly cutting Reid's throat, as Reid noted that Elektra had skills far beyond those of a single lifetime of training. Reid told Elektra of the daughter she had before going to K'un-Lun and learning of the Resurrection Elixir, explaining that her own daughter had been intelligent and kind but had died young, not being born as a warrior.

Reid tells Elektra about her own past life

Reid went on to note how people claimed her daughter was too good for this world, which Reid had come to accept as she viewed the strength of a warrior like Elektra over the kindest of her own late daughter. Reid told Elektra that her own purpose was to raise the Black Sky, to which Elektra expressed how grateful she was to her for making her this formidable weapon. Reid noted that while Elektra had no choice in returning from her death after being killed by Nobu Yoshioka, but insisted that serving the Hand now was the life she was meant to lead, as a weapon against their enemies.

Reid threatens Elektra with a final ultimatum

Placing Elektra's own blade by her neck, Reid then calmly informed Elektra that if she had failed to prove herself as the warrior she was promised, and did not destroy the Defenders to help them capture the Iron Fist, then Reid felt she would be of no use to the Hand and would be willing to execute her as a result. While Reid comforted Elektra after this threat, they were interrupted by Murakami's arrival, who told them that Sowande had been captured during the Ambush at the Royal Dragon. However, Reid was unfazed as she had believed Sowande would find a way to escape soon enough.[3]

Facing Disloyalties

Reid meets with the remaining Hand leaders

"You believe the Black Sky has failed us?"
"Actually, I have never felt better than with her at my side."
―Alexandra Reid and Murakami[src]

Returning to their headquarters, Reid found Bakuto waiting for her along with Madame Gao. Reid briefly commented that she planned to confront Bakuto on his failure to acquire the Iron Fist as he had been instructed to do, however, first claimed they had more to discuss. Before Reid could begin, Murakami spoke up and informed the group that the Iron Fist had just recruited Daredevil into his battle against them, disrupting the attack on Jessica Jones.

Reid discusses the sudden return of Daredevil

While Bakuto questioned why Daredevil was a concern, Murakami noted his relationship with Elektra was what concerned him, as Gao confirmed that she had fought beside him in their battle against Nobu Yoshioka before her death and later rebirth, while Murakami noted that Elektra had also loved Daredevil in her past life. Reid listened as Murakami questioned Reid's recent choice to bring Elektra back with the Resurrection Elixir, claiming that this decision had put all the members of the Hand at a greater risk than ever before, despite Reid claiming she felt safer with the Black Sky by her side.

Reid's position as the leader is questioned

Murakami claimed that Reid no longer thought of her own allies, with Bakuto noting that they were always stronger together. When Gao pointed out that Sowande had been captured by the Defenders Reid insisted that he would soon return, despite the others noting that for the first time they were all in danger of death. Reid insisted that even without Sowande they would survive, as they were all expendable, as Bakuto noted that included her. Reid was accused of forgetting their mission to return to K'un-Lun, as Gao noted that while she was afraid of not returning from death, the others wished to go home.

Reid searches for Elektra inside her room

Reid insisted it was not the case, while Murakami threatened to soon overthrow her, claiming it was perhaps time to continue their mission without the Black Sky or their leader, which Bakuto and Gao seemed to agree with while Reid considered her next actions. Considering what had been said to her and fearing the threat of her own allies turning against her, Reid went to Elektra's room to have a private word with her. However, upon entering the room, Reid discovered that Elektra had managed to escape and had gone into New York City, seemingly to try and find clues about her past life.[3]

Reid listens to some music in her residence

Fearing the consequences for all of her recent decisions, Reid then returned to her residence where she attempted to relax by playing some of Johannes Brahms' classical music on her own phonograph player for her to relax to. However, while the music was playing the record began to skip repeatedly, causing Reid to take it off the player and examine it closely to find what was causing it to skip. With not even her record playing, Reid was forced to once again consider her own mortality as she turned off the player and sat in silence in her residence, thinking of what her future would hold.[4]

Losing Sowande

Reid being informed of Sowande's demise

"Oh, please. Let's not pretend to mourn this loss."
"As if our time together has always been peaceful, as if there's never been any discord, as if we haven't all survived assassination attempts by those across from us in this very room."
―Alexandra Reid and Bakuto[src]

To her horror, Reid was informed that Sowande's severed head had been found in one of his warehouses, so Reid gathered together all of the other Hand leaders to view it as she noted to them that Stick was likely to be the one to blame for killing Sowande. Although Madame Gao and Bakuto suggested that Sowande's death could have been avoided if they had just tried to find him, Reid insisted that he had gotten himself captured and showed almost no remorse.

Reid discussing Sowande's untimely death

Reid noted that their many years together had rarely been peaceful and that they had survived several assassination attempts from one another. When Reid suggested they show unity, Murakami noted that they had been unified until Reid had brought the Black Sky into their organisation. When Bakuto demanded to know where Elektra was, Reid claimed that she was being kept hidden under the belief that one of them would try to destroy her, or she may attempt to kill them. Gao stood up for Reid, claiming that they must honor Sowande by continuing their mission and following their one true leader.[4]

Questioned by Madame Gao

Reid taking her pills while inside of her room

"How can you not see what I see?"
"Oh, she is skilled, yes..."
"I'm not talking about her abilities. She has a strength that you and I can only imagine."
"Even if I did, the others do not feel the same way."
―Alexandra Reid and Madame Gao[src]

While taking her pills, Reid was visited by Madame Gao, leading to Reid then noting that a closed door used to mean people were not welcome. Gao noted that while Reid position of the Hand's leader was one of great power, she understood that it was also a great burden, hence why she had convinced the others to follow her leadership, under the term that they would find the Iron Fist without the interference of the Black Sky, whom they had lost confidence with.

Reid and Madame Gao discussing Elektra

When Reid accused Gao of losing her faith, Gao noted that it was unlike Reid to show such weakness. Gao went on to say that while their fellow leaders could be clumsy in the way they expressed their feelings, she did agree with them, noting that the Black Sky had always been Reid's goal and now it had just failed, which Reid still disagreed with. Gao, however, then argued that since bringing Elektra back with the Resurrection Elixir they were still no closer to finding the Iron Fist or returning to K'un-Lun as was planned, claiming that the only thing they were closer to was their own deaths.

Reid is offered Madame Gao's true loyalty

Although Reid tried to argue that Elektra had more than strength of body but of mind as well, although Gao still noted that the others would not accept this, with Reid pointing out that the others wanted to take her position. Gao claimed that she was Reid's only remaining ally in this fight, although when Reid questioned why Gao did not believe that the Black Sky would be enough to save them, Gao claimed that she no longer believed in anything. Gao then left Reid to speak with Murakami and Bakuto about their decision, telling Reid to at least consider her proposal as she left the room.[4]

Proving Herself

Reid finds Elektra beside her own gravestone

"I knew you would be our salvation. And then seeing you, I realized that after all this time, and even with the others at my side I was tired of being alone."
"If we don't find more of this substance, we'll both die?"
"Yes. You need to make sure that doesn't happen."
―Alexandra Reid and Elektra[src]

Reid tracked down Elektra to the Sacred Saints Cemetery where she had been buried upon her death, explaining to her that the woman who had died was not her, claiming instead that it was Daredevil who had actually allowed Elektra to die during her final fight against Nobu Yoshioka, and telling her that Daredevil may attempt to deceive and turn her away from the Hand again, to which Elektra had still vowed that she would never allow this to happen to her.

Reid telling Elektra about her life and death

Wishing to get Elektra back on her side, Reid revealed to Elektra that she was dying, much to Elektra's shock, believing the Hand could live forever; however, Reid then noted that without the Resurrection Elixir that they gained from the bones of Dragons, then her body was beginning to shut down on its own, noting that she used the last of the Elixir to bring Elektra back to life. With Elektra seemingly devoted to finding the bones for her in order to keep them both alive, Reid then told Elektra that she was the Black Sky and vowed that once this was over, together, they would serve life itself.

Reid being visited at her dinner by Murakami

While back at Kadir's restaurant in New York City, Reid was enjoying her dinner when she was interrupted by the arrival of Murakami, who brought a bottle of extremely rare champagne, seemingly to make his peace with Reid for everything that had been said by him and the others in the wake of Sowande's death. While he got glasses and opened up the bottle, Murakami told Reid that while he had claimed to have not wanted to leave K'un-Lun all those years ago due to a desire to use their Chi abilities for good, in reality, he had simply not wished to leave with her, something that did not surprise Reid.

Reid's own life is threatened by Murakami

Reid noted that Murakami's greatest strength was his singular focus, which he agreed with. Reid then asked if Murakami had spoken to Madame Gao and he confirmed he had, before Reid claimed that regardless of what had happened in the past between them, she still believed that they were meant to fight in the War together as a unit, which Murakami seemed to agree with, before then revealing that he had brought the champagne because he wanted Reid's last meal to be a good one, revealing his intention to kill her and take over as the Hand's new leader in the wake of her final demise.

Reid sees Elektra has captured the Iron Fist

Still remaining confident, Reid mocked Murakami for being foolish enough to have come alone for a final battle against her, noting that he had always been a lone wolf, to which Murakami joked that it was an interesting metaphor as he hunted down wolves. Before their battle could begin, however, they were interrupted by the arrival of Elektra, who came in dragging the unconscious Iron Fist behind her, having defeated all the Defenders single-handedly before executing Stick and capturing Iron Fist. Seeing this, Reid told Murakami that if he knew her at all, he would know that she always won.[4]

Elektra's Betrayal

Reid personally greets the captured Iron Fist

"The truth is, you and I, we're not so different. We share the same home. We both want nothing more than to return to it. And now, without death standing in our way, I believe we can, together."
"No. We are not the same."
"I know but in the end and this is the end you'll do what everyone else does for me. You'll serve."
―Alexandra Reid and Iron Fist[src]

Reid gathered the other leaders of the Hand and proudly presented them with the captured Danny Rand, welcoming Rand into their own Headquarters. While Rand still insisted that their War was not yet over, Reid had argued that war only worked when both sides believed they were the good guys, noting that all they desired was to return to K'un-Lun and live in peace, although Rand had then furiously claimed that he had already seen K'un-Lun having already been destroyed by the Hand while he was away.

Reid mocking the now captured Danny Rand

Reid, however, claimed that Rand had seen what he had wanted to see, claiming that they were not so different, something with Rand furiously denied, although Reid argued that all they wanted was to return to their homes and now they could do that together, without the fear of death hanging over them. Amused by Rand's refusal to assist them, Reid told Rand that this was indeed the end of their war and promised him that he would soon serve her like so many before him had done, before ordering her men to take the furious Rand away while he still struggled to free himself from his bonds.

Reid becomes frustrated at all her own allies

Turning to her allies, Reid claimed they could now return to their work, although Murakami still argued that little had gone as planned under Reid's leadership. Although Madame Gao defended her by noting that they finally had the Iron Fist, Murakami claimed that it was not worth the risk to their own lives in the wake of Sowande's death. Reid became frustrated hearing her allies arguing, with Bakuto noting that their sole focus must be reclaiming the Resurrection Elixir as soon as possible while Gao noted that the Defenders would likely come for Rand and must not be underestimated.

Reid making her speech to the Hand leaders

Sick of all of the arguing, Reid turned around and told them not to underestimate her leadership, before ordering Elektra to hunt down and kill Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, along with Daredevil. While Elektra left the room, Reid addressed the Hand leaders, pointing out that while they had finally fallen into line, she had been the one who had neutralized all of their enemies within the Chaste and brought them the Iron Fist. Reid went on to claim that it was because of her that the Hand had continued with their mission throughout history while they had all fought among themselves many times.

Reid is betrayed and murdered by Elektra

However, just as Reid was claiming that she had proven herself time and time again to be the one true leader of the Hand, Elektra then returned into the room and plunged her Twin Sai into Reid's back and through her stomach. While Reid stood frozen in shock at the sudden attack, Elektra told her that Daredevil's name was Matthew before pulling out the blades and letting Reid fall to the floor. Elektra told the group that she was taking over command before she sliced off Reid's head, ending her life once and for all.[4] Reid's corpse was wrapped in a sheet and carried away by some Hand soldiers.[11]


Elektra's Leadership

"My Name is Elektra Natchios. You work for me now... Any questions?"
Elektra after killing Reid[src]

Quickly taking the position of the leader of the Hand, Elektra planned to continue with Iron Fist opening the Wall of the Chaste. However, she redirects their efforts on collecting the Substance for herself. The remaining Hand leaders, however, were shocked and outraged by the development of Reid's sudden death. Madame Gao had noted that while under Reid's leadership, the success of their organization has been due to the latter's influence over crime lords, corporations, and politicians, and that Reid's death will not bode well with their allies. Unconcerned with this, Elektra insisted that they answer to no one and that her only goal for the time being is to secure the substance, not caring for the organization that Reid established.[11]

Fall of the Hand

"Gao... 何が起こっている?[12]"
"The end."
―Murakami and Madame Gao[src]

Elektra carried out Reid's operation to use the Iron Fist to open the mystical door that was blocking the entry to the substance which lies within the bones of long deceased dragons. As Elektra and the rest of the Hand were on the verge of victory, their efforts in securing the substance and seal the destruction of New York was once again hindered in a final battle against the Defenders. After a long and decisive battle, the Hand ultimately lost. Midland Circle Financial was destroyed from the explosion set by the Defenders, Bakuto was executed in battle against Colleen Wing, Madame Gao and the mortally wounded Murakami were seemingly buried under the debris from the falling building of Midland Circle, and the substance itself was sealed off for good.

Given the outcome of the war, Alexandra Reid would not live to see the ultimate plans of the Hand fail. The very organization that she developed, which stood for centuries, had apparently fallen and the Hand's prominence in the criminal underworld was over.[5]


"What do you want?"
"The same thing I've always wanted. To bring light into the dark. To bring life where there is death."
"For all your talk of life, you sure kill a lot of people."
Stick, Alexandra Reid, and Luke Cage[src]

Like all founders of the Hand, the woman who would ultimately be known as Alexandra Reid was intelligent, cunning, and ruthless. During her many lifetimes, her means to an end has lead to the death of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, including the innocent. During the collapse of cities and societies that the Hand has been responsible for in the centuries that they have been active, Reid has thought of the events as nothing more than cities that were meant to fall. Further invalidating her declarations of life over death, she had very little to no regard for the lives of those in her organization, especially the other leaders, as she openly expressed that they were expendable. In the aftermath of Sowande's death at the hands of Stick, the remaining leaders Madame Gao, Bakuto and Murakami were shocked and seemingly remorseful of the latter's death where Reid, however, was much less affected, even insisting that Sowande's end was the result of his carelessness.

Her level of intellect was noteworthy. An example of this was during her organization's attempts to gain the Resurrection Elixir substance, only to be hindered by a blockage set by the Elders of K'un-Lun; Reid deciphered immediately on what was required to gain entry to the substance where as with the other members of the Hand, including Madame Gao, were at a loss as to how to proceed further. Because of her longevity, Reid had a very strong insight on world history, including music, as she had a great deal of knowledge on the classics.

Using the vast amount of wealth and resources she accumulated, Reid had a taste for refinement. She had always dressed in elegant clothing as well as surround herself with material possessions. She also enjoyed fine dining experiences and events such as musical arts, but in order to maintain her secrets and the secrets of her organization, she would attend these settings exclusively, preferring to be alone at all times.

What had separated Reid from the other Hand leaders was actually having a genuine and caring nature, although much of this was displayed with Elektra, whom she personally trained as the Black Sky. Reid had thought of Elektra as the salvation of the hand, but at the same time, since Reid's daughter from her first lifetime had died, Elektra was perhaps viewed as a surrogate daughter to Reid. Despite that the other Hand leaders grew disillusioned with her position as the supreme leader of the organization, and Elektra's position as the Black Sky, Reid had continued to protect her as well as stayed firm in her unrelenting faith in the Black Sky. Unfortunately for Reid, her trust in Elektra would prove to be her greatest weakness and downfall, as Elektra betrayed and murdered her, forcing Reid to experience her ultimate fear: her own loss and absence of life itself.

Powers and Abilities


  • Mystically Enhanced Physiology: Due to the usage of the The Substance synthesized from the bones of the Dragon, Reid's physical attributes are enhanced and enable her to live for more than four hundred years.
    • Longevity: Reid lived for centuries thanks to The Substance, a regenerative elixir created through the use of Dragon bone powder, that she and the other leaders of the Hand used. She could even have been alive for millennia, as the Hand was believed to be responsible for the destruction of Pompeii in 79 AD. However, by 2016, her body began to naturally reject the effects of the elixir, her organs failing one after the other, and the doctors stated that she had less than six months to live.


"It's clear, watching you fight, that you know much more than anyone can learn in a single life. That's a compliment. They've said the same thing about me."
―Alexandra Reid to Elektra[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: As one of the leaders of the Hand, Reid was a master in martial arts. She was able to easily counter Elektra's attacks when she exited the sarcophagus that the Hand used to resurrect her, though Elektra was in a weakened and confused state. During her war against the Defenders, Reid avoided combat, letting others fight for her, though it was a possibility that due to her fatal illness, she did not choose to engage in any physical confrontation. However, when facing an imminent assassination by Murakami, she showed no fear, even being insulted by the idea that the lethal assassin could think he had a chance to take her down. She was also extremely proficient as a martial arts instructor; after resurrecting Elektra, Reid opted to retrain her as a far more effective killer than before in order for Elektra to fulfill her role as the Black Sky, thus gaining fighting abilities that most cannot achieve in a lifetime. Elektra herself acknowledged that Reid had trained her well. Reid has indicated that she has had at least one past conflict with the previous incarnation of Iron Fist and has become victorious, though in what manner has yet to be specified.
  • Master Spy: Reid was a master of stealth. She was able to enter the Royal Dragon undetected, and bypass the highly enhanced senses of both Daredevil and Stick, who can sense enemies from afar. Though Stick was able to eventually sniff out her presence, this may have been her intention.
"You came alone to face me? 愚かな.[13]"
―Alexandra Reid to Murakami[src]
  • Multilingualism: Reid was fluent in her native English, as well as Turkish and Japanese. Hence, she could understand and converse with Murakami, who spoke exclusively in Japanese.



  • Sword: During her interrogation of Stick, Reid threatened him by pushing her sword against his chest while demanding to know where Iron Fist was, although this had still failed to intimidate Stick.
  • Wakizashi: With Elektra now on the side of the Hand as the Black Sky, Reid offered Elektra her choice of weapon, as Elektra chose the Wakizashi blades which could be split in two. However, when Elektra failed to destroy the Defenders, Reid took the blade from Elektra and threatened her life with it.

Other Equipment

  • Prescribed Medication: Due to her failing health without the benefit of the Resurrection Elixir, Alexandra Reid can be seen taking pills with water in order to fight back the pain and illness.
  • Resurrection Sarcophagus: Reid used the resurrection sarcophagus to bring Elektra back to life so that she could fulfill her duties as the Black Sky.




  • Daughter †




Appearances for Alexandra Reid

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  • Seemingly coincidentally, "Alexandra" is Sigourney Weaver's middle name (her full name being Susan Alexandra Weaver).
  • Reid claimed to be a "sucker" for fortune cookies.
  • Reid is a fan of classical music and frequently attended private orchestral performances.
  • All of her known aliases start with the letter A.

Behind the Scenes

  • According to showrunner Marco Ramirez, Alexandra is not a character from Marvel Comics, but an original character exclusively created for the series.
  • Alicia Vela-Bailey was a stunt double for Sigourney Weaver in the role of Alexandra Reid.


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