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Alexander Pierce High School was a computer-programmed high school located inside the Framework named in honor of Alexander Pierce.



Phil Coulson as a teacher within the school

Located in Washington, D.C., Alexander Pierce High School was established in 2014 and was named after high-ranking HYDRA operative Alexander Pierce. While living a rewritten life, Phil Coulson worked there as a history teacher spreading HYDRA's propaganda. During one of his classes, his student Chris Adler was taken by two HYDRA agents. Coulson was later visited by Jemma Simmons but he ordered her to leave and reported her to HYDRA as a subversive. While leaving the school, Coulson later found Daisy Johnson who had sneaked into his car and who managed to have Coulson remember some parts of his real life.[1]

HYDRA agents frequently visited the school to arrest any students who opposed HYDRA, like Chris Adler or Burnell, and take them to the HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center.[2]


Like everything else in the Framework, Alexander Pierce High School was deleted when Aida shut down the alternate reality, planning to rebuild the Framework world in the real world.[3]

Academic Staff




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