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"I wouldn't want to save the world with any other crew."
―Alex Wilder to the Runaways[src]

Alex Wilder is the son of Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder. Upon reuniting with his childhood friends, they discovered that their parents used PRIDE to cover up ceremonial sacrifices of the Church of Gibborim. Wilder put his strategizing and hacking skills into practice. He teamed up with his friends and formed the Runaways. Having been framed for Destiny Gonzalez's murder, and with no other choice, they were forced to run.

Without telling his teammates, Wilder remained in contact with the Crips leader Darius Davis, befriending him and falling in love with Davis' sister-in-law Livvie. Nevertheless, Davis betrayed Wilder and attempted to return him to his parents, only for Wilder to be rescued by the Runaways and brought back to the Hostel. Unlike the other teenagers, Wilder remained determined to take down PRIDE and bring them to justice, especially due to them murdering Davis. Despite facing a lot of criticism from his teammates due to his choices, like trying to ally himself with AWOL which put Livvie in great danger, Wilder carried on his plans and managed to have his parents arrested by the LAPD. However, he also discovered that he was one of the only three teenagers still running free along with Nico Minoru and Molly Hernandez.

Wilder was instrumental in the liberation of his teammates who had been captured by the Gibborim thanks to his ability to decrypt the Abstract. However, the violent emotion he felt when learning his mother's death caused the Magistrate's Son, who had been possessing him since the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site but remained dormant due to Wilder's strong personality, to resurface. Wilder was eventually freed from his influence, but found himself trapped in the Dark Dimension as his friends were forced to leave him behind. For months, Wilder was tormented by a recreation of Davis, who wanted him to reveal his dark side by killing his mother. Feeling he had no other way out, Wilder eventually agreed to obey before being found by his friends and allowed to leave the Dark Dimension. Alex then joined the Runaways' efforts to stop Morgan le Fay and the Coven, although he expressed a more ruthless than ever pragmatism due to his stay in the Dark Dimension. After an intense confrontation at the Hostel, involving Wilder killing Bronwyn and briefly seeing a future version of himself, the Runaways were victorious and Wilder expressed his wish to have a more peaceful life.


Early Life


Alex Wilder was born the son of Catherine and Geoffrey Wilder. Due to his parents being closely affiliated with the members of PRIDE, Wilder grew up befriending the children of the organization's members.[13]

Disturbing Discovery

Wilder hanging out with Amy Minoru

Wilder became particularly close friends with Amy Minoru, as both of them shared the same passion for video games, with Minoru being aware that Wilder also had feelings for her younger sister Nico. However, while they were playing together in the Timely Coffee, Wilder was asked by Amy to examine her laptop and Wilder told her that she had been hacked. Much to Wilder's bewilderment, this caused Amy to panic and leave the café.

Wilder learned that Minoru had hacked into Wizard's servers. He offered to accompany her when she would tell that to her mother Tina, but Minoru refused and Wilder did not insist. Shortly after, however, Minoru died, apparently committing suicide, and Wilder felt responsible for what had happened.[14] Traumatized by the loss of his friend, he chose not to attend her funeral, something which sparked the end of his friendship with the other teenagers.[13]


Crime Discovery

Wilder playing videogames

"There's no way my parents would kill someone, all right, especially an innocent girl. My parents fight for people like her."
―Alex Wilder[src]

Wilder was playing Star Wars: Battlefront when his father Geoffrey asked him to come and enjoy breakfast with him and his mother Catherine. During the meal, they discussed Wilder's way of coping with Amy Minoru's death, but Alex insisted that he was fine hanging out alone without his childhood friends. Despite this, Alex was encouraged by his parents to invite his friends over to the Wilder Mansion for a reunion like the teenagers used to do during their parents' PRIDE meetings.

Wilder looking at Nico Minoru in class

Alex went to Atlas Academy and watched his friend Nico Minoru from afar, not sure about what to do. He eventually resolved to give it a try and called Catherine to inform her that he would invite his friends. Later, he approached Chase Stein to start a conversation and invite him, only to be rebuffed by the argument which erupted between Stein, Gert Yorkes, Karolina Dean and himself, leaving him still alone. He then found Minoru and tried to tell her how much he missed her, but she pretended not to hear him due to listening to music and left.

Due to this failure, Wilder returned home, finding the members of PRIDE all gathered and lamenting over the fact that his former friends had not come. Thus; he went to spend some time alone in the guesthouse. However, he decided to try one last thing and sent his former friends a picture of their old group. This, combined with all the ordeals they had to face in the meantime, caused the teenagers to answer to his invitation, much to his delight.

Wilder accidentally opens a secret passage

Despite this reunion, things were still tense between the future Runaways, who struggled to find something to do together. The situation escalated into an argument, during which Alex was blamed for having avoided Amy's funeral, which sparked the end of their friendship. Alex and the others followed Stein into Geoffrey's office where he wanted to find some alcohol. However, once in the study, Alex accidentally activated a secret mechanism which opened a mysterious passageway leading into the basement.

Wilder witnesses a Rite of Blood

Going downstairs and discussions where it could lead them, Wilder and the group soon arrived in a gallery from the top of which they saw all their parents gathered in red robes, and unable to hear them due to an invisible force field. Wilder and the others were then utterly astonished when they saw their parents apparently sacrificing a young girl in a ritual. However, while they watched in horror, Molly Hernandez tried to take a picture of the scene with her phone, triggering a flash which forced the teenagers to flee in order to remain unseen from their parents.[13]

Wilder playing Twister with the group

Alex instructed his teammates to hide in the guesthouse while he left to shut down power in the Wilder Mansion so that the parents would think that their ritual had caused the flash and the power shortage. He then returned to the Runaways and explained his plans, which was approved by Minoru. As they knew their parents would come and check on the teenagers, they pretended to be playing Twister when Geoffrey and Catherine arrived.

Once they left, Wilder and his friends began talking about what they had seen, finding it hard to believe that their parents could be murderers. They decided that they needed more time to figure it out and went to the mansion's hall to join their parents, with Wilder trying to casually discuss with Nico's father Robert. He then gathered his teammates and encouraged them to act normal until they understood what they had seen. He then saw his friends departing, except Nico who he found in the bathroom, extremely upset by their discovery.

Wilder comforts Nico Minoru

Wilder comforted Nico, especially in regard of the loss of her sister Amy which made her feel more lonely than ever now that their parents turned out to be possible criminals and then took her back to her parents so she would return home. Remaining alone with his own parents, Wilder shortened the conversation about potential mutual feelings between him and Nico and went to his bedroom. He then sent a text message to the Runaways, asking them to meet him at the beach in the next morning to begin their investigation.[15]


Wilder and the Runaways meet on the beach

"I'll try and check out that secret ceremony room. Might be some clues down there, seeing as it's a secret ceremonial room."
―Alex Wilder[src]

In the next day, Wilder was joined by his friends on the beach to discuss their recent discovery, sharing Nico Minoru's doubts about the picture of Destiny Gonzalez received by Karolina Dean. He convinced his teammates to perform some investigation on their own, instructing Chase Stein to find the Dematerialization Box used by PRIDE in the Stein Mansion why he would try to access the Wilder Mansion's secret room once again. He suggested that Minoru joined him as a lookout, but was disappointed when she declared that she would rather inspect the Staff of One used by her mother Tina during the ritual.

Wilder decides to investigate his father's office

Wilder thus returned home and went to his father Geoffrey's office. Knowing that he did not have much time before his father returned home, Wilder activated the opening mechanism and called Geoffrey to know when he would arrive. However, Wilder realized that his father's message informing him had been delayed and that Geoffrey was already home. Fearing that Geoffrey would find him in the study with the secret passageway open, Alex hurried to see him. Much to Wilder's relief, once Geoffrey arrived in his study, the passage was closed again.

Wilder and Nico Minoru using the Staff of One

Wilder was later called by Minoru, who had experienced some trouble with the Staff of One as she had accidentally caused snow to fall in her mother Tina's office. Once in the Minoru Mansion, Wilder unsuccessfully asked Wizey to stop the snowfall, then asked to inspect the Staff of One himself. However, at the moment he took it, he experienced pain which forced him to drop it. The process caused the snow to stop. Wilder and Minoru were then informed by Wizey that Tina was on her way home. They thus hurried to clean up the snow in the office before Tina's return.

Wilder kisses Nico Minoru

Wilder was then taken into Nico's room and they quickly devised the story to have Tina to believe: pretending that Nico had invited him over in their parents' absence and that they were making out. Wilder gleefully went along with this story due to his feelings for Nico, and Tina arrived in the room while they were acting. Wilder was told to leave the house and was show his way out by Nico. However, before departing, Wilder commented on how Nico had chosen him to assist her and kissed her goodbye, assuming that not everything was fake in what they had shown to Tina. He then smiled for some time in his car before leaving.[16]

Wilder joins a WizTalk conversation

In the evening, Alex took part in a WizTalk conversation with the other Runaways in order to discuss the thin results of their investigation. Wilder indicated that he could not enter the ceremonial room, and still had a hard time to believe that his parents could be murderers, despite Stein reminding that his father Geoffrey had been sentenced to jail for murder. Once the conversation was ended, Alex returned into Geoffrey's study and attempted to open the secret passageway, only to discover that the mechanism had been changed. While searching through his father's belongings, he found a hidden gun and decided to keep him for his safety.

Wilder is invited by Nico Minoru to accompany her to the LAPD

On the next day, Wilder went to Atlas Academy and was approached by Nico, who planned to report the murders to the LAPD despite Wilder advising otherwise since they had no concrete proof of their parents' crime. Wilder watched as she left for the District 27 West Side Station at the end of the day and, declining Dean's and Gert Yorkes' office to join them in order to find something to prove their parents' innocence at the Dean Mansion, he decided to go to the police station as well to support Nico. However, they were surprised to see Victor Stein and Robert Minoru accompanied by Detective Flores, who had conducted the investigation on Amy's so-called suicide.

Wilder decrypts a Church of Gibborim file

Figuring out that PRIDE had an influence over the police, Wilder and Nico decided to quickly leave. Once in his car, Wilder showed her the handgun he had stolen from his father, claiming that they had to ensure their safety on their own. They then went to the Timely Coffee, where Wilder used his computer to decrypt a Church of Gibborim file sent by Yorkes and retrieved on Leslie Dean's laptop. The file turned out to contain a list of fifteen runaways, and they figured out they had all been victims of PRIDE selected by Leslie in person.[17]

Kidnapped by Darius Davis

Wilder is kidnapped by Darius Davis

"Alex, my man... You're about to find out who your father really is."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]

Alex was then called out by the barista of the Timely Coffee who informed him that his car's alarm had been activated. He went out of the coffee while Nico Minoru updated Karolina Dean of their new discoveries, only to be attacked and kidnapped in the parking zone by Darius Davis and the Crips, a street gang to which Geoffrey Wilder once belonged.[17] Alex was forcefully put into their car and ordered by Davis to give him his phone as they drove to a location unknown to Alex.

Alex was taken to a house, and Davis explained that it was where his grandmother Nana B was living. Alex was then told the real reason why his father had been cleared of his murder charges: Davis had agreed to take the blame for the crime Geoffrey had perpetrated, in exchange for the promise that Geoffrey would take care of Nana B and Davis' girlfriend Tamar. However, once out of jail, Davis estimated that Geoffrey had forgotten him and not given Davis what he deserved, which was why he had abducted Wilder in an attempt to extort money from Geoffrey. Alex was not that surprised by Davis' reveal and insisted that he was not like his father.

Wilder shoots Andre Compton

Once Davis called Geoffrey to inform him that he had his son, Alex told Geoffrey that he was still all right and listened as Davis demanded a million dollars from Geoffrey. They then went to a park and waited for Geoffrey to bring the money. Meanwhile, Alex discussed with Davis' young associate Andre Compton, who told him how he had hacked Geoffrey's phone and explained that he had joined the Crips due to the lack of good opportunities like the ones Wilder had. However, the conversation was ended when Geoffrey attacked with a couple of LAPD officers. In the ensuing confrontation, Alex shot Compton, who aimed at Geoffrey, with his father's gun he had kept the whole time.

Wilder and the Runaways fight Darius Davis

Once the fight was over, Alex handed over the gun to his father. However, this also caused him to be taken hostage by Davis while Geoffrey was distracted by Compton's wound. Therefore, Alex was once again taken away by Davis in his car and was confronted about him shooting Compton. Eventually, Wilder was rescued by the Runaways, who managed to stop Davis' car thanks to Molly Hernandez's superhuman strength and Dean firing light beams at Darius. Once Davis fled due to being afraid of Chase Stein's Fistigons and Minoru's Staff of One, Alex decided to return to his father who was still with the wounded Compton.

Wilder and the Runaways meet at the Timely Coffee

Alex insisted that Compton should be taken to a hospital and wanted to come with his father wherever he planned to take Compton, but Geoffrey denied this, claiming that Compton would be all right. Alex blatantly accused his father of lying, mentioning what Davis had told of him, but Geoffrey quickly rebuffed Alex and ordered him to take a bus and leave. Therefore, Alex returned to the Timely Coffee and joined the other Runaways, convincing them to go to the Wilder Mansion in an attempt to save Compton from a possible sacrifice. However, once they arrived, they found the ceremonial room empty and figured out that PRIDE had decided to carry out the ritual somewhere else.

Wilder shares a kiss with Nico Minoru

Heavily upset by his failure to save Compton, Alex retreated into his bedroom, where he was joined by Minoru. Alex confessed that he had shot Compton and that he was the reason Compton would die since Alex had protected his father who might not even deserve this protection. He was comforted by Minoru, who told her relief to have him back and they eventually shared a kiss. As they were making out, Dean arrived in the room to inform them that Stein had found a video camera in the sacrifice room. By looking into it, Alex discovered that its data were transferred on a server located in Wizard Headquarters, prompting the Runaways to decide to retrieve it, as they could not fathom any possible explanation for their parents' actions.[1]

Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters

Wilder and the Runaways discuss their new mission

"Okay, we three are Operation Tina Server Room. I'm not great at code names. I'm working on it."
―Alex Wilder to Nico Minoru and Gert Yorkes[src]

In the next day, Alex called Nico Minoru to confirm her intent to hack into Wizard servers during a PRIDE gala at Wizard Headquarters. He then went to the Timely Coffee and joined the Runaways to discuss their upcoming mission, and while some of them, like Minoru or Molly Hernandez, began to voice second thoughts and suggested to try to talk to their parents, Alex considered that they were beyond talking to them and convinced his friends that their plan was their only option.

Wilder argues with his father

Alex returned to his house to prepare for the gala and was approached by his father who offered to help him with his tie. However, Alex abruptly rebuffed him, claiming that their relationship had been too much damaged because of his father's action. Alex prepared on his own and then left with a limo to go to the party with the other Runaways. Once they arrived, Alex voiced his disgust at the idea that the crowd believed to PRIDE to be heroes while they were actually criminal.

Wilder try to hack into Wizard's servers

As the party had begun, Wilder decided to launch the mission with Nico and Gert Yorkes. He sent the latter to distract the security guard Earl and took advantage of this to take an elevator with Nico. They reached the servers room, with Wilder expressing his amazement at the sophisticated equipment, and attempted to hack into the servers. However, he soon realized that he could not plug his own equipment to Wizard's, prompting him and Nico to try to access the file they were looking for directly from Nico's mother Tina's office.

Wilder opens Tina Minoru's office

Since Nico's access card failed to open the door to Tina's office, Wilder suggested to try himself and claimed to have successfully guessed Tina's password. Once Nico managed to activate Tina's desk thanks to a mechanism similar to the one powering the Staff of One, Wilder plugged his computer and began downloading the file he wanted to retrieve. However, he was informed by Nico that Tina was coming to her office. They thus hid behind the desk and waited for her to arrive. As they heard her crying, Wilder prevented Nico from going to her mother as they could not afford to be discovered.

Wilder listens Nico Minoru

Once the download was completed, Wilder and Nico returned into the building's hall, discussing about what they had done and seen in Tina's office, and Wilder assured Nico that he had simply guessed Tina's password, which was simply "password". They were then joined by Chase Stein, who informed them of the recent developments regarding the Runaways and PRIDE, namely that Karolina Dean had the ability to fly and that Robert Minoru and Janet Stein were having an affair.[18]

Decryption and Confession

Wilder speaking to his parents

"Alex, you can't keep the circumstances of my sister's suicide a secret and then blame my lipstick."
"I was scared, okay? Scared that you'd never forgive me. 'Cause losing you forever, Nico, that'd be like another death."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

The day following the Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters, Alex was surprised to see his parents Geoffrey and Catherine in his bedroom as he got out of his bathroom. As his parents asked him if there was something he would like to discuss before the upcoming Atlas Academy open house, Alex returned the question to them, leading to an awkward moment, and then left after picking up his laptop, on which the decryption of the file stolen from Wizard's servers was still running, before Catherine could reach it and see what Wilder was doing.

Wilder went to Atlas Academy, where he was approached by Nico Minoru, who told him that her own parents were now separated, and asked to know how Wilder could have known her mother Tina's password, as she did not believe that he had simply guessed it. However, before he could answer, they were joined by Karolina Dean and Chase Stein, and later by Gert Yorkes and Molly Hernandez. Sensing jealousy within the group, Wilder encouraged his friends to support each other and confessed that the decryption of the file was harder than he expected.

Wilder listens Molly Hernandez

Alex was then shocked by Hernandez's reveal that she had inadvertently told Catherine that she had seen PRIDE's red gowns, meaning that she knew about the Rite of Blood and could have told her friends. Although he understood that Hernandez had been intimidated by Catherine's personality, Alex blamed her for not having disclosed such a vital piece of information earlier, which caused Hernandez to angrily leave as she did not feel supported by her friends. Wilder and his friends then went to attend the beginning of the open house.

Wilder meets with Nico Minoru at the Timely Coffee

Near the end of the open house, Wilder was informed by Stein that his parents were meeting with Dale and Stacey Yorkes. Wilder and the Runaways easily figured out that they were talking about Hernandez and Wilder lamented over the fact that the decryption was still not finished. When asked by Stein about what they would do once it would be, Wilder simply replied that the matter would be off their hands and that he would be glad of it. Leaving Atlas Academy, Wilder went to the Timely Coffee, where Minoru joined him. Once again, Wilder was asked by Minoru to tell her about how he knew Tina's password, leaving him in discomfort.[19]

Wilder and Nico Minoru argue over the death of Amy

Knowing that he did not have the choice, Wilder confessed everything he knew about the circumstances of her sister Amy's death: that he knew she had stolen Tina's password and hacked into Wizard as well, and that Amy had realized that Tina knew about it the night before she died. Wilder explained that he blamed himself for not having done enough to protect and support Amy and that he regretted not staying with her on the night she died. This led to an argument, as Nico reproached Wilder with having kept this a secret from her while Wilder claimed that he had sworn not to talk about it and that even if he could, Nico had distanced herself from everyone else after Amy's death.

Wilder watches the first Rite of Blood

The pair kept talking about Amy's alleged suicide, figuring out that thins did not add up and hypothesizing that Amy might have discovered PRIDE's secret as well. When Nico decided to return to the Minoru Mansion to find Amy's phone, who had not been found yet, Wilder suggested to go with her, but she bluntly refused, causing Wilder to remain in the Timely Coffee until the decryption of the file was finally completed. Thus, Wilder was able to watch PRIDE's very first sacrifice of Brooks Watten. He then saw Nico returning and was informed that she had found the phone, which was reloading as they spoke. In return, Wilder told her that he had successfully accessed PRIDE's file.

Wilder is surprised by the dinosaur

Wilder sent a message to the other Runaways, asking them to come as soon as possible. Once all the Runaways were gathered, they discussed what to do with the video, and Wilder was upset that both Stein and Dean preferred to wait before sending it, as Stein feared for his father's life if PRIDE were imprisoned while Karolina had asked for her father Frank Dean's help. Nonetheless, Wilder decided to carry on their initial plan to release the footage, only to be attacked by Stein, who grabbed his laptop and violently smashed it while Wilder was distracted by the discovery of Yorkes' dinosaur, thus destroying the only solid piece of evidence that the Runaways had against PRIDE.[14]

Infiltration into the PRIDE Construction Site

Wilder argues with Chase Stein

"Look, I know that it's been a shitty couple of weeks, but, we're friends again, and I didn't think we ever would be."
―Alex Wilder to the Runaways[src]

On the next day at Atlas Academy, Wilder watched as Chase Stein was being comforted by his former teammates about the health of his father. Due to Wilder still deeply resenting Stein for destroying his laptop, he attempted to leave as Stein approached, but Karolina Dean told him to stay so they could discuss what had happened. Still, Wilder insisted that Stein's actions meant that the Runaways were powerless against PRIDE. As they faced division and even separation, Wilder tried to leave alone and walked by Eiffel, who was selling tickets for the upcoming school dance and claimed that Wilder had no business in it. However, Wilder smiled when Gert Yorkes, speaking for the team, declared that they would all go to the dance.

Wilder and the Runaways watch the Hernandezes' tape

Later, Wilder and the group were surprised by Molly Hernandez's return, as she had left Montebello where she had been sent away and explained that she had found a videotape left to her by her parents. Wilder guided the group to a room with a VHS reader, and they all watched the video were Gene and Alice Hernandez detailed the potentially cataclysmic consequences of PRIDE's action at the PRIDE Construction Site. The Runaways then debated over what to do and Wilder, agreeing with Stein despite his resentment, claimed that they had to do something about it to stop their parents' plan. Therefore, he instructed his teammates to use the dance as a cover to gather in the evening and then go to the dig site.

Wilder and Nico Minoru discussing the last message Amy had on her phone

While preparing for the dance, Wilder received a phone call from Nico Minoru using her sister Amy Minoru's phone. He thus went to the Minoru Mansion where Minoru showed him the last text message received by Amy, warning her about a male individual coming for her. As they discussed who had killed Amy and who had sent her the message, they were interrupted by Robert Minoru who wanted to take some pictures of them. Despite still acting as a couple in front of him, Wilder was told by Minoru that their relationship was definitely over. They then left for the school dance.

Wilder speaking to the Runaways

During the dance, while waiting in the car, Wilder wondered why Stein and Yorkes were not coming. When Minoru decided to look for them, Wilder offered to come with her, but she chose to go with Dean instead. Once all the team was gathered, they drove to the PRIDE Construction Site and reviewed all the equipment they had gathered. Wilder himself intended to use an access card stolen from his father Geoffrey, but they were stopped by Carl, a member of the Church of Gibborim who explained that the site was no longer managed by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc. Still, the Runaways were able to enter the dig site thanks to Dean.

Wilder and the Runaways confront PRIDE

Wilder and his teammates quickly discovered the massive hole created by the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine. Wilder and Dean then went with Hernandez as she used her superhuman strength to push a truck down the hole, and Wilder was amazed by its depth. However, as Minoru attempted to fill the hole with sand using the Staff of One, the Runaways were confronted by PRIDE, who had arrived on the dig site. Refusing to follow his parents who wanted him to come home, Alex prepared for a fight between the teenagers and their parents.[20]

Wilder was not able to take much part in the confrontation against PRIDE. Like his friends, he was knocked over by Jonah's powers when he joined PRIDE and he reluctantly accepted to leave Dean behind as she claimed that Jonah was only interested in her. Wilder ran away with his team, astonished by the amount of power unleashed by the duel between Dean and Jonah. He then tried to convince Minoru that they had to leave even without Dean, which she agreed to do after noticing Dean's defeat.[21]

Rescue of Karolina Dean

Wilder hiding with the Runaways

"Look, I'm sorry, but we have to do what's best for the group."
"No, I say we have to think about each other."
―Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru[src]

Wandering through Los Angeles, Wilder led his teammates to the forest near the Griffith Observatory. There, the Runaways discussed their next move, and Wilder suggested that they left the city to prepare and rescue Karolina Dean, while Nico Minoru insisted that they had to save her right away. Wilder eventually agreed to devise a plan to rescue Dean before leaving Los Angeles. He thus instructed some of his friends to find new clothes for them to go incognito.

Wilder stealing a security van

Before departing for the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, Wilder persuaded Gert Yorkes to leave her dinosaur Old Lace behind, as it was not safe to have her with them. He and the Runaways then went to the Timely Coffee to find Vaughn Kaye, a young member of the Church of Gibborim, who they attempted to convince that Dean was in danger because of Jonah, but he did not believe them, leaving them on their own. While his friends infiltrated the Church's office, Wilder went to steal a van for their escape. While doing so, he saw his parents leaving the building, apparently angered by their recent meeting with Jonah and deciding to leave PRIDE.

Wilder calls Darius Davis

Wilder successfully managed to steal a Church of Gibborim van, enabling his friends to safely leave the office with Dean, who Molly Hernandez and Chase Stein had managed to rescue. Wilder and the Runaways then returned into the woods. Leaving his friends for a moment, Wilder returned into the city and decided to contact Darius Davis in order to strike an alliance with him, thus enabling the Runaways to have some money.[21]

Life on the Run

Wilder and the Runaways watching a WHiH World News report

"What do we do?"
"We run."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]

Wilder returned to his fellow Runaways early in the morning, informing Nico Minoru that he had someone providing him money so they could survive. Wilder and the Runaways then went to the Los Angeles Bus Depot in order to leave the city. However, they caught a WHiH World News report informing the population that the teenagers were suspected of having abducted Molly Hernandez and to be involved in the death of Destiny Gonzalez. Thus, Wilder and his teammates were forced to flee on foot.[21]

Working for Darius Davis

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While they were on the run, the Fistigons and money given to Alex by Darius Davis were stolen by Mike on a Bike while Chase Stein was on the lookout. Alex and the Runaways chased Mike until they came to a street and lost him. They saw a security camera and were forced to retreat, knowing their parents could use it to find them. As they regrouped, the Runaways realized that Mike on a Bike had also stolen the money. While talking, Molly Hernandez brought to the group's attention the food situation, and knowing they could not pay to eat somewhere, Alex suggested they find somewhere they can eat for free.

The Runaways found a food kitchen and had an argument about whether they should eat there or not due to the fact that it was a food kitchen owned by PRIDE, with Alex stating he would not like to eat PRIDE soup. Eventually, the group decided to eat there, and Alex, as the group's leader, was pounded with questions on why he was ready to leave Karolina Dean behind earlier and then where he would get money, in which he stated he would find a way to get some.

Wilder met with Darius Davis again, who was surprised that he had already lost the money he gave him. Wilder pleaded with Davis to give him money because his friends were counting on him, saying he would do anything. Davis then took him to his house, where he confiscated the gun he loaned Wilder, saying that if the police would find the gun, Wilder would be framed for using it instead of him, with him then saying that due to Wilders family lineage, he had made an insurance policy to make sure they stayed that way, and that he was not safe with the gun on the streets.

Davis took him inside his house, with Davis tricking Alex into thinking he was going to make him do dirty business, but then revealing that he actually was here to paint his and Tamar's babies room, thinking of a seafoam green for the color and revealing the baby was due in two weeks and it would be a boy. After painting for a while, Tamar came home and walked into the room to see how the painting was, getting into an argument with Darius about the color of the room, her wanting it to be "Robin's Egg" instead. She called her sister Livvie in and asked her on her opinion, saying Tamar was always right, and leaving Darius to apologize to him for the trouble of repainting the room. Livvie then stepped forward and introduced herself, apologizing as well before noting that he hadn't been doing much manual labor. Darius then asked Alex, who started to like Livvie, to get back to work and left the room with his family.

After hours of work, Alex told the Runaways to meet at a place where homeless people lived. Alex bought tents and other necessary supplies using the money Darius gave him. Wilder realized what he missed soon enough, seeing that they had held a funeral for Graciela Aguirre, guessing it was PRIDE who murdered her, with Chase Stein telling him it always was.

Wilder and the Runaways woke the next morning to the sound of the Fistigons. Alex and the team running towards Mike on a Bike, Alex trying to tell Mike that they were dangerous. The team stole bikes from the shelter and started chasing Mike. Soon enough, Gert Yorkes called on Old Lace, who tackled Mike. Just as Wilder and the team started to corner him, he used the Fistigons to shoot at them, though missing, and ran away, the Runaways dropping their bikes and running after him. As they were chasing him, Karolina Dean fell through a window and discovered the Hostel. As Chase Stein recovered the Fistigons from Mike, the rest of the team decided to explore the Hostel. Alex realized that people had been here before, while Alex jokingly reminded them about the tents, they all kept exploring the Hostel, deciding to make it their new base and home.[3]

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"Willing to win, whatever it takes? That's what you said, right?"
"Everyone's afraid. They're always second guessing, debating shit endlessly. This is about survival. So, yes, I'm not gonna apologize for wanting to live."
Geoffrey Wilder and Alex Wilder[src]

Wilder is an introverted and quiet individual who used to spend most of his time playing video games and engaging in traditionally nerdy activities, and he claimed that he was perfectly comfortable with this way of life. After Amy Minoru passed away, his isolated behavior began to increase. Nonetheless, Wilder later revealed he does desire to become social once again and tries to reunite his childhood friends, and this action indirectly caused the creation of the Runaways. Following the discovery of PRIDE's true nature, Wilder gained the trust of the Runaways due to his intelligence and a firm belief in the team's friendship, as he was able to reunite the group two years after the tragic death of Minoru. He was often responsible for ending the bickering amongst the team, and he skillfully organized the team for the various missions they gave themselves, ending up as a natural, albeit sometimes heavily questioned, leader of the team.

Wilder was deeply affected by the revelation that his parents were criminals. While the Runaways were hiding from PRIDE at the Hostel, he was the only one to actually care about bringing PRIDE to justice while his teammates focused on other matters, such as how to survive and trying to plan their future. Wilder began to adopt an extremely pragmatic point of view while trying to take down PRIDE, which led him to harsh decisions like striking a deal with the corrupt AWOL, even if it meant antagonizing his teammates. He notably told Karolina Dean that the Runaways could not survive and win against PRIDE if they were not willing to have blood on their hands.

Although generally calm and cunning, Wilder could lose his temper on some occasions, especially when the life of people he really cared about was threatened. As such, upon discovering that AWOL held Livvie as a hostage, Wilder was willing to risk his life alone to save her, and when AWOL was eventually held captive by the Runaways, Wilder made him suffer from the Fistigons and could have tortured him further if not being stopped by Dean and Molly Hernandez. He later apologized to Dean for this lack of self-control. His six months long stay in the Dark Dimension deepened this dark side of Wilder since he was constantly tortured by a recreation of Darius Davis which eventually led him to kill a recreation of his own mother. Once back in his world, Wilder was shown to be more ruthless and harsh.

Wilder can be very stubborn, as evidenced by the consistent clashing of opinions with his fellow Runaways, and has consistently refused to consider forgiving his parents for their crimes. Conversely, his stubbornness allowed Wilder to subconsciously resist being subsumed by Magistrate's Son far longer that the other Gibborim-possessed hosts; only when Wilder learned of his mother's death was he pushed into enough despair to allow the Son to exert full control over Wilder's body.

While he has often protested that he does not care that he has no powers like the rest of the Runaways, Wilder does hold a deep-seeded hope to possess all of their powers for himself, as seen when Dagger unintentionally used her ability of hope perception to view his secret desire. Still, Wilder claimed that this had only been caused because of his long stay in the Dark Dimension.

Powers and Abilities

Fistigons Capabilities

Although Wilder does not possess any innate powers, he is able to use the Fistigons given by Chase Stein to grant himself various abilities he would otherwise be incapable of doing.


"Even though he think he's smarter than everyone, he really is smart."
Molly Hernandez[src]
  • Gifted Intellect: Wilder is considered to be an intelligent person by many, namely his father and Nico Minoru. The latter called upon him for assistance when she discovered abilities of the Staff of One, believing he could create a solution. She emphasized this by saying she "needed a nerd." The usually anti-authoritarian Chase Stein even agreed that Wilder is the smartest member of the Runaways.
"Where'd you learn all this stuff anyway?"
"Simple video game theory."
Karolina Dean and Alex Wilder[src]
  • Expert Tactician: Wilder has a honed sense for strategy from his experience with video games. When Molly Hernandez flash-photographed a meeting of their parents sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez, Alex quickly devised a plan to cut the power to his mansion to make it seems like a circuit blew from the usage of the Dematerialization Box, in order to confuse them from believing they were being watched. Chase Stein became annoyed that the team assumed only Alex created plans, but nonetheless they proved effective when he orchestrated the Infiltration into Wizard Headquarters and hack into their servers during a PRIDE gala, as well as having their parents witness them attending Atlas Academy's dance as a cover for them secretly sabotaging their parents' construction site. After escaping their parents and Jonah, Alex organized the team to retrieve nourishment and outfits in order to maintain a low profile on the run, obtained a getaway van to help retrieve Karolina Dean from Church of Gibborim captivity, and appealed to Darius Davis' hatred for his own father to obtain a weapon and money. Despite his abilities in devising clever plans and making decisions under pressure were sometimes questioned, such as when he suggested the team rescue Dean at a later date, eating at separate tables at a homeless shelter to reduce noticeability, inviting Livvie to temporarily stay at the Hostel, risking striking a deal with the corrupt AWOL or leaving Old Lace behind, Alex was still trusted by his teammates when it came to strategy, such as during the Infiltration into Atlas Academy, the Infiltration into the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, the Infiltration into the Gordon Hotel, the Capture of Molly Hernandez, the Siege of the Hostel (during which he drew from simple video game theory), the Rescue of Gert Yorkes and Chase Stein, and the Chase of the Runaways. Gert Yorkes theorized that Wilder's brief absence was the very reason the team was not thriving in practice, because "making a plan has always been Alex's job" according to Molly. In exchange for manual labor, Wilder also learned about anticipation and victory through discernment from Davis and used his knowledge to finally frame his parents for a crime. According to Livvie, Alex always has a plan.
"From the other side of the screen, it all looks so easy."
―Alex Wilder quoting Tron to Nico Minoru[src]
  • Expert Hacker: Wilder is a highly skilled hacker, as he received an A+ in Ethical Hacking according to his father. He also attended Def Con 23 where he sat in the back of a seminar on how to hack a call while his parents went to go see Cirque de Soleil during their family vacation in Las Vegas. He was able to decrypt PRIDE's files on their sacrifice victims, and was able to track where PRIDE's cameras footage was being transmitted to by translating it's IP address into a physical address. He was also able to retrieve data from the Wizard server, which is considered to be one of the most secure in the world. He also rerouted Gibborim security vans by getting into the church records and tracing the VIN numbers, which allowed him to access anyone who used a traffic app, plugged in their phone or any device using Wi-Fi. Wilder hacked Livvie's phone tracking system and was able to make it look as if the phone was located in the mountains of Wakanda, surprising his then-girlfriend.
"So we broke into Atlas for this thing, and now you're stripping it for parts?"
"No. I am adding parts, turning it from a super computer into a super-duper computer... or something like that. It's all a part of my plan."
Nico Minoru and Alex Wilder[src]
  • Skilled Engineer: Wilder was able to build a super-computer from salvaged older parts in order to access the security system at the PRIDE Construction Site.
  • Thief: Wilder is an adept thief. He managed to steal one of his father's pistols from the latter's study, a security van from the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, and a car from Gower Car Wash.
  • Combatant: Wilder was able to take down a Church of Gibborim security guard aiming a gun at his father. He also managed to kill Bronwyn with a shiv.
  • Marksman: Wilder knows how to handle and discharge a pistol. He shot Andre Compton in the shoulder, and the latter required medical attention. He later learned how to properly hold a pistol from Darius Davis, and he could effectively use Chase Stein's Fistigons against AWOL.



"We've gotta protect ourselves."
―Alex Wilder to Nico Minoru[src]
"Hold it right, as if you were gonna use it."
Darius Davis to Alex Wilder[src]
  • Glock 17: Wilder obtained this handgun from Darius Davis when he ran away from his parents, with the excuse of protecting himself when he was on the streets. However, it was a trick to plant Wilder's prints on it, in order to have an insurance in case he betrayed Davis, as the gun had been used on a crime, and Davis kept the gun just in case. Wilder retrieved the gun from Tamar following Davis' death, and used to frame his parents, by planting the gun on their car and calling the police so that they retrieve it.
"What would we do with a gun?"
"Use it? OK, OK, my bad. Wouldn't use it. My bad."
Molly Hernandez and Alex Wilder[src]
"This is a military grade directed energy weapon."
―Alex Wilder to AWOL[src]
  • Fistigons:

    Wilder with the Fistigons

    During the Siege of the Hostel, Wilder wore Chase Stein's Fistigons to threaten AWOL who was held captive by the Runaways, placing them right in front of his face so he could feel the high energy emitted by the gloves. He later used the Fistigons to fire at AWOL and his squad, although he was not able to hit one of them. Stein later bequeathed the Fistigons and the X-Ray Specs to Wilder before the former left the Runaways. Wilder later wore the Fistigons as a safety precaution during a meeting between the Runaways and Stein, who had agreed to join PRIDE. He used them to fire at PRIDE Drones, but the electronics were jammed and they were rendered ineffective.
  • Shiv: During his imprisonment at a prison within the Dark Dimension's version of Los Angeles, Alex was given a shiv by the apparition of Darius Davis. In order to save his friends, Alex used the shiv to kill the apparition of his mother, Catherine, an act which severely darkened his soul. After the Runaways fled from the Dark Dimension, he kept the shiv with himself. He then used it to slay Bronwyn from behind during the Battle at the Hostel.


"Let's Baby Driver this bitch!"
―Alex Wilder[src]


  • Wilder Mansion: Wilder lived in this wealthy residence with his parents Geoffrey and Catherine. After the death of Amy Minoru and growing estranged from his other friends Wilder started hanging out by himself playing video games all day in his room.
  • Timely Coffee: Wilder often met with the other Runaways at the Timely Coffee, where they would discuss their plans to take down PRIDE.
"Welcome to the Hostel. This is my spot, we call it Alexville, or at least I do, in my head."
―Alex Wilder to Livvie[src]
  • Hostel: Like the other Runaways, Wilder sought refuge in an abandoned mansion known as the Hostel. He initially spent little time in the Hostel since he was often outside, meeting with Darius Davis and starting a relationship with Livvie, but eventually settled down in a more permanent way. Unlike his teammates, Wilder lived in the ground floor, where he installed computer equipment to hack into the PRIDE Construction Site. He also collected pieces of evidence and notes about PRIDE, including a map of the construction site, which he pinned on a wall of the Hostel.






Appearances for Alex Wilder

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Alex Wilder was revealed to be a mole of the PRIDE inside the Runaways. After his death, he was eventually resurrected by Daimon Helstrom and tried to recreate the PRIDE with Cornell Cottonmouth, Black Mariah and Cockroach Hamilton in New York City.
    • Suspicions of Wilder being a mole were alluded to by his teammates in the episode Gimmie Shelter, but later episodes showed that Wilder remained loyal to the Runaways (although he kept secrets from them). The only time Wilder went against the Runaways was when the Magistrate's Son controlled him.
    • The vision of Wilder's hopes seen by Tandy Bowen, in which Wilder holds all the powers and equipment of his teammates, is a nod to his treacherous nature in the comics (the way Wilder appears in the vision accurately replicates an image from the comics after he betrayed the Runaways and stole their artifacts).
  • Wilder is 5'9" and weighs 129 lbs.
  • Wilder is a fan of Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man.
  • Wilder is a fan of the Star Wars and Doctor Who franchises and owns memorabilia dedicated to them; He owns an R2-D2 flash drive, and his license plate says "My other ride is a TARDIS", respectively.
    • Another reference to his interest in Star Wars is his phone's answering machine response: "Hey. Currently training on Dagobah. Leave a message."[1] The Dagobah System is where Luke Skywalker trained under Yoda to fight Darth Vader.
  • Wilder plays Star Wars: Battlefront, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Street Fighter II, Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto; as well as Magic: The Gathering.

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