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"Controlling the narrative is everything. You can't have any more loose threads, so anyone who might have overheard anything you said to Diamondback or Shades in here is a threat."
"You're absolutely correct."
"I'm at your service."
―Alex Wesley and Mariah Dillard[src]

Alex Wesley was the personal assistant of Mariah Dillard who had continued to support his boss, even during her rise in the crime world, in the wake of her cousin Cottonmouth's violent murder. Wesley helped Dillard gain power and authority within Harlem; however, following her arrest, due to Shades' turning into an informant, Dillard had ordered the execution of anyone who could testify against her, with Wesley being included.


Political Advise

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Transition to Crime Life

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Black Mariah's Executions

"Tell your mother I'd never rat. I'd never roll over."
"What's going on?"
"Just about anybody that's ever worked at Harlem's Paradise is dead."
"Damn it, Alex! You knew who she was better than anyone. You should've walked when you had the chance."
―Alex Wesley and Tilda Johnson[src]

Hurrying into Mother's Touch, Wesley spoke with Tilda Johnson about Mariah Dillard becoming too dangerous for his comfort, having former associates and former employees at Harlem's Paradise slaughtered. Though Johnson questioned why he had not left her mother long before this, he admitted that he has tried previously but was always pulled back in. When Wesley tried to request hiding in her shop, he was rejected, being asked to leave before she called the police.

An evening later, his body was found in the middle of a street, a gunshot wound through his forehead.[3]


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