"I understand you're a government contractor."
"I supply the armed forces. It gives me some flexibility with security restrictions."
Jeri Hogarth and Alex Sokolov[src]

Alex Sokolov is a government contractor who operates illegal cargo smuggling outside of the United States of America.


Smuggle to Thailand

"Where will you be taking me?"
"We'll layover in Thailand. From there you can go wherever you want. You don't need the wig. I trust these guys."
Trish Walker and Alex Sokolov[src]

Working as a transporter and supplier of the United States Armed Forces, Alex Sokolov was contacted by the United States Government. As a government contractor, Sokolov was granted with some flexibility with security restrictions what allowed him to secretly establish illegal smuggling business.

Sokolov was contacted by Jeri Hogarth who paid him to get Trish Walker out of the United States of America. Although Sokolov was concerned that Walker was his client, Hogarth assured him that she would pay him anyway. Sokolov informed Walker that she will be transported to Phuket, Thailand inside the specially modified coffins that he use for shipping supplies to war zones. Hogarth asked Sokolov was Walker going to stay in the coffin for the entire flight, and he replied that not all of the flight crew know about my the smuggling, so she had to stay inside.


Sokolov is confronted by Jessica Jones

Walker accepted Sokolov's plan and laid in the coffin, while he was preparing for the flight. However, Sokolov was confronted by Jessica Jones who demanded Sokolov to tell where Walker was. Sokolov replied that he was not aware of what she Jones was talking about and demanded her to leave the SAC Imports Airport. Jones then attacked Sokolov, so he told her that Walker was in the coffin, however, before she asked Sokolov in which coffin she was, Sokolov felt unconscious.[1]





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