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"Howard Stark is either an ignoramus or a genius."
―Alex Doobin[src]

Alex Doobin is one of the scientists working for the Strategic Scientific Reserve.


Lunch Order


Alex Doobin, along with two other scientists in the New York Bell Company Office of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, attempted to understand the inventions of Howard Stark that were collected from The Heartbreak. Doobin originally wore eyeglasses, but one invention sent an electrical charge through him strong enough to melt the spectacles.

One morning, Peggy Carter approached Doobin and asked him to collect the lunch order for himself and his colleagues. She asked him about how his research went. As he talked to her about the difficulties he was having with the inventions, Carter was using the Camera Pen to record the inventory.[1]


Roger Dooley stormed in the laboratory carrying the Blitzkrieg Button with Johann Fennhoff behind him; Dooley was upset that Peggy Carter was able to take the item without his knowledge. Doobin defended himself and his colleagues when Dooley accused them of either being either incompetent or spies. Doobin left quietly when Dooley dismissed them from the laboratory.


Hoping for his assistance, Carter retrieved Doobin when Dooley was found wearing the Stark Heat Vest as Edwin Jarvis warned that improper removal would result in an explosion. Doobin said that he could do nothing that would not result in the detonation of the Vest. Doobin witnessed as Dooley made Carter promise that she would bring Fenhoff to justice before he leaped from a window to meet his explosive demise.[2]