"Yondu Udonta, I will see you in the stars."
―Aleta Ogord[src]

Aleta Ogord is a leader of Aleta Ravager Clan and the wife of Stakar Ogord, as well as a member of his team.


Yondu Udonta's Funeral

Together with fellow Ravager captains, Aleta Ogord and her clan attended the funeral of Yondu Udonta, paying respect for her fallen comrade.[1] Afterwards, Ogord, as well as Mainframe, Charlie-27, Martinex, and Krugarr, were gathered together by Stakar Ogord who offered them to reassemble their team and work together again, which they accepted.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Leader: As the captain of her own clan, Ogord commanded dozens of Ravagers and spearheaded countless operations.
  • Thief: Ogord is a highly skilled thief.





  • In the comics, Aleta Ogord is merged with her adopted brother and husband Stakar Ogord by the Hawk God to form the superpowered hero Starhawk.


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