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"Some years ago, a terrorist from America needed a boogeyman to bring your country to its knees. So, he appropriated Ten Rings. My Ten Rings. But because he didn't know my actual name, he invented a new one. Do you know what that name he chose? The Mandarin. He gave his figurehead the name of a chicken dish. And it worked! America was terrified. Of an orange."
Xu Wenwu to Katy Chen[src]

Aldrich Killian's War was a series of attacks orchestrated by Aldrich Killian in his plan to gain control of the United States of America. Using Maya Hansen's research on Extremis, Killian turned dozens of amputees and other disabled people into loyal super soldiers.

When several of Killian's failed experiments resulted in the deaths of innocent civilians, he decided to masquerade them as terrorist attacks and hired actor Trevor Slattery to take responsibility by posing as the Mandarin, the leader of the Ten Rings.

Killian's final goal was to assassinate the President of the United States and replace him with his pawn, Vice President Rodriguez. This would allow him to create a system of supply and demand for his Extremis Soldiers, all while effectively controlling the War on Terror. However, Killian was stopped by Iron Man and Iron Patriot in the Battle on the Norco.



The group known as A.I.M. bombed an area in the United States in 2012. Since then, they bombed four other areas over the course of the year.[1]

Destruction of the Chinese Theatre

"The heat from the blast was in excess of 3,000°C. Any subjects within 12.5 yards were vaporized instantly."
"No bomb parts found in a three-mile radius of the Chinese Theatre."
J.A.R.V.I.S. and Tony Stark[src]

Jack Taggart accidentally explodes

A.I.M. provided an Extremis user named Jack Taggart more dosages of the serum, thus causing the destruction of the TCL Chinese Theatre when Taggart accidentally exploded from an Extremis malfunction. During this incident, Tony Stark's bodyguard and friend for years, Happy Hogan, was greatly injured.

After the explosion, Stark visited Hogan at the Los Angeles Mercy Hospital. When leaving, he was followed by multiple reporters asking why he has not killed the Mandarin yet. To this, Stark threatened the Mandarin on live television, giving him his address.[1]

Attack on Stark Mansion

Maya Hansen, Tony Stark's old lover, confronted him at his home, seemingly warning him about the effects of his recent public outburst. Pepper Potts appeared and told Stark that it was time for them to leave until they were attacked by missiles from several helicopters, lead by Eric Savin. Stark signaled his armor onto Potts, protecting her. Once Potts had gotten Hansen to safety, Stark summoned the armor back to himself, fending off the helicopters surrounding him. After being out-gunned, Stark was pulled into the ocean while his mansion demolished over him, with him barely escaping.[1]

Stark in Tennessee

Tony Stark found himself in rural Rose Hill, Tennessee after J.A.R.V.I.S. followed his initial flight plan to find the Mandarin. Lacking the power to return to California, Stark allowed the world to believe he was dead. He sent a private call, hoping for Pepper Potts to hear. Apologizing for putting her in danger, Stark stated that he cannot return home yet, not until he found and stopped the Mandarin. While hiding out in Rose Hill, Stark took the opportunity to investigate one of the attacks there, for which he was nearly killed by Eric Savin and Ellen Brandt, yet managed to discover a link to A.I.M..[1]

"Execution" of Thomas Richards

"There's just one lesson left, President Ellis. So run away, hide, kiss your children goodbye. Because nothing, not your army, not your red, white and blue attack dog can save you! I'll see you soon."
Mandarin to Matthew Ellis[src]
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Search for the Real Mandarin

After infiltrating Aldrich Killian's Mansion, Tony Stark discovered that the Mandarin is not really a terrorist, rather a British actor employed by Killian to act as a threat to America, covering up the deaths of A.I.M.'s test subjects in the Extremis program. Stark was knocked unconscious by Eric Savin, who took him to Killian. Being held prisoner, Stark was pressed by Killian to work for him and learned that Pepper Potts was captured as well, being subjected to Extremis. This caused Maya Hansen to rebel against Killian's agenda, only for him to murder her in response. Stark summoned his Mark XLII all the way from Harley Keener's house and escaped captivity, defeating several guards.[1]

Attack on Air Force One

Air Force One explodes in the air

"It is an honor, Mr. President."
"If you're gonna do it, do it!"
"Whoa, cool your boots, sir. That's not how the Mandarin works."
Eric Savin and Matthew Ellis[src]

Tony Stark reunited with James Rhodes, who revealed that Eric Savin had taken control of the Iron Patriot armor, intending to launch an attack on President Matthew Ellis aboard Air Force One. Remotely controlling his armor, Stark sent it aboard the plane and killed Savin by blasting a hole through his chest. The armor then exited the plane and saved the surviving passengers and crew but was unable to rescue Ellis from Savin, who already exited him from the plane in the Iron Patriot armor.[1]

Battle on the Norco

"It's a glorious day, Savin. This time tomorrow, I'll have the West's most powerful leader in one hand, and the world's most feared terrorist in the other. I'll own the War on Terror."
Aldrich Killian to Eric Savin[src]

Tony Stark and James Rhodes traced Aldrich Killian to the decommissioned oil tanker, the Norco, where he intended to kill President Matthew Ellis on live television. Sneaking in, they were attacked by several Extremis Soldiers. Overpowered, Stark summoned the Iron Legion to their aid (controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S.) except the Mark XLII, which was running late after trying to save the President in Air Force One.

Stark found Pepper Potts under some wreckage when Killian unexpectedly attacked him and began burning through his suit, forcing him to eject from it before he summoned another. Coming to Potts' aid once again, Stark was unable to reach her and watched in horror as she fell into a pit of fire to a certain death. Enraged, Stark engaged in a fight with Killian. As Killian proved his Extremis abilities could cut through the armor with ease, Stark again exited his suit to avoid defeat. Standing over a platform, Stark, now armorless, awaited the Mark XLII but it simply crashed into a wall. As Killian began to boast of himself, Stark summoned the Mark XLII onto Killian, trapping him. He then ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to let it self-destruct while he escaped.

Jumping into another suit, Stark escaped the explosion and crashed onto the ground. Suddenly, Killian emerged from the flames, still intent on Stark's death, declaring himself to be the true Mandarin. Just before he could make an attack, Potts struck Killian to the ground, still alive due to the Extremis. Using a repulsor she took from a stray Iron Man suit, Potts was able to finish Killian off, ending his war.[1]


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"Well, some time ago, I was offered the role of a terrorist. I know, facile, trite, I couldn’t agree more. But times were lean, you know what I mean? Anyway, the producer told me he worked for the BBC. But, ironic twist, it turns out he, in fact, was a terrorist, and I wasn’t playing a character at all, but what I now recognise to be a rather unflattering portrait of your father. We all got our just deserts. The producer got blown up by Iron Man, and I served time in federal prison."
Trevor Slattery to Shang-Chi[src]

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