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"They gave me things, they gave me this palace. They gave me plastic surgery. They gave me things."
Trevor Slattery to Tony Stark[src]

Aldrich Killian's Mansion is the private residence of billionaire Aldrich Killian, located along the coast of Miami, Florida.


Mandarin's Broadcasts

Aldrich Killian used his own mansion in Miami as his primary location for the broadcasts of Trevor Slattery's "Mandarin" threats. Killian employed a film crew to use green screens and what Slattery denominated as "movie magic" to make him appear in countries with a known presence of the Ten Rings such as Afghanistan or Pakistan. Slattery also resided in the mansion and was provided with various luxuries in exchange, such as drugs, women, and TV channels.

Following the Destruction of Tony Stark's Mansion, Killian received a call from Eric Savin informing him of the success of his mission, but that Tony Stark's body was not found. Killian promptly ended the call, as he was preparing for the recording of another one of the Mandarin's threats, and simply ordered Savin to attend his appointment at Rose Hill.[1]

Kidnapping of Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts was taken to the mansion after Maya Hansen revealed her collaboration with Aldrich Killian and their intention to use Potts as an incentive to make Tony Stark work in improving Extremis.[1]

Infiltration of Tony Stark

Tony Stark tracked the origin of the Mandarin broadcasts to Aldrich Killian's Mansion in Miami, managing to defeat all of the guards using a variety of homemade weapons. Stark located and interrogated Trevor Slattery, realizing that the "Mandarin" was only a decoy created by Killian to divert attention from A.I.M. over the explosions caused by Extremis, and the man thought responsible of it was just a British actor named Trevor Slattery. While interrogating Slattery, Eric Savin attacked and rendered Stark unconscious.

Maya Hansen, who was conducting her botanic Extremis experiments in the basement, asked Stark, now prisoner, to help her stabilize the virus, but he tried to convince Hansen to do the right thing and free him. Killian showed up, explaining that the desperation Stark made him feel in Switzerland and the anonymity he experienced then would be the rule he would follow to achieve his goals. Therefore, Killian created the Mandarin to be the face of evil, a target for the people while he pulled the strings behind the scenes. In order to make Stark feel the same desperation, Killian showed a video feed of Pepper Potts painfully trying to assimilate the Extremis injected into her body.

Hansen had a change of heart, provoked by Stark's words and Killian's actions. She threatened to kill herself using an overdose of Extremis and demanded Killian to liberate Stark. Killian simply shot her without hesitation, and told Stark that a high-level position was now vacant, angering him.[1]

Kidnapping of James Rhodes

James Rhodes was brought to Aldrich Killian's Mansion too after being neutralized in Pakistan. Killian managed to force Rhodes out of the Iron Patriot Armor by using his Extremis powers to heat up the suit. Rhodes defeated Eric Savin, but was rendered unconscious as he was shocked to see Killian breathing fire.

Killian celebrated that everything was going according to his plan, as by the following day, he would control both the most feared terrorist in the world and the new President of the United States, allowing him to profit from the ensuing war. Eric Savin planned to use Rhodes' armor as a Trojan horse in order to infiltrate Air Force One and kidnap President Matthew Ellis.

Under Killian’s orders, Pepper Potts was also moved from the mansion and joined him at “base camp”, although her Extremis was still unstable.[1]

Liberation of Tony Stark

An alarm set in the watch Tony Stark obtained from Harley Keener indicated that his Mark 42 armor should have finished recharging its energy. Stark threatened the guards watching over him while tied to a mattress base. As the guards mocked him, different pieces of the armor arrived at the mansion, allowing Stark to defeat all the henchmen he came across.

Iron Man witnessed how Aldrich Killian had abandoned the complex and Eric Savin departed inside the Iron Patriot Armor. He tried to follow them, but the armor was unable to fly. Iron Man found a battery and connected it to the armor in order to raise its power reserves.

James Rhodes regained consciousness and told Stark of his current situation. They went to defeat the remaining guards in order to confront Trevor Slattery again. The pair obtained clues from Slattery on Killian's next move, which involved a ship and had something to do with Vice President Rodriguez.

Stark and Rhodes seized Slattery's speedboat, bought by Killian as payment for his acting as the Mandarin, and travelled to the Roxxon Corporation ship Norco while also trying to save the President.[1]


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