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"All these challenges, my brother, it's good practice. You gotta make hay while the sun shines. 'Cause you never know when rain may come."
―Albert to Danny Rand[src]

Albert is the owner of Royal Al Moving, and the employer of Danny Rand.


"When I was twelve years old, I almost joined the Hatchets. My best friend was recruited. Seeing him in a casket kept me on the straight and narrow."
―Albert to Danny Rand[src]

At the age of 12, Albert almost joined the Yangsi Gonshi during a Triad war. His best friend was recruited and then killed. Albert credited seeing him lying in a coffin as keeping him out of a life of crime.

In his adult life, Albert owned a moving company, Royal Al Moving. He employed Danny Rand. He and Danny talked about Danny moving in with Colleen Wing, and Albert joked that Colleen was actually going to be his future wife.

Albert later gave directions to Mary Walker. Danny also talked to her and she took his picture. After Mary left, Albert chided Danny about his luck with women.[1]