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"Let's talk about the Albanians for a minute, what they have done. Four dead NYPD officers, twelve more riding desks with disabilities. One hundred and seven civilian murders. And even after five task forces over seven years, to the tune of $11 million, we got zero."
Ray Nadeem[src]

The Albanian Syndicate was a powerful crime organization operating in New York City. Upon the success of their criminal business, Wilson Fisk gave the FBI the key information to take them down, in order to secretly take control over their territory.


Illicit Activity

"With Fisk's intel, we beheaded the Albanian Syndicate in one day. One single day. No loss of life, no injuries, no mayhem. I mean, look at the take. We got their documents and data, and we're gonna get their money."
Ray Nadeem[src]

Albanian Syndicate became one of the most powerful criminal organizations in New York City. Establishing their illicit business in multiple directions, such as drug trafficking ring in Jalisco, counterfeiting, and Dark Web child pornography, Albanian Syndicate drew the attention of the New York City Police Department and District Attorney's Office.[1] However, Albanians avoided prosecutions, bribing police officers, judges, and even Deputy Mayor. Albanians were responsible for killing 107 civilian murders and the death of four police officers.

Mother Teresa is arrested by the FBI

After seven years of unsuccessful task force operations valued of $11,0000,000, organized to take down Albanians, their activity drew the attention of the FBI New York Crime Division. Ray Nadeem managed to cut a deal with Wilson Fisk who gave the FBI useful information about Mother Teresa. The task force led by Nadeem stormed his mansion where FBI arrested all Albanians, including Mother Teresa, as well as corrupted police officers and judges connected with Albanians. Also, FBI confiscated Albanians' computers in order to track their money trail.[2]

Ambush on the FBI Convoy

Albanians are surrendered to Benjamin Poindexter

"Blood was lost during the motorcade attack. My baby cousin's blood."
Vic Jusufi to Matt Murdock[src]

Hearing rumors that Wilson Fisk was responsible for the operation and was escorted by the FBI out of Ryker's Island, Vic Jusufi organized an ambush in order to get revenge. Albanians set up explosives on the road and several armored vehicles were destroyed. The squad of Albanians then eliminated multiple FBI agents on the way to Fisk. However, before they could break into his vehicles, Benjamin Poindexter killed all Albanians, including Jusufi's cousin, even when they dropped their weapons and surrendered to him.[2]

Ryker's Island Inmates

"Fisk still controls half the guards and prisoners."
"Yeah, but not the Albanians. Not since Fisk ratted your people out to the FBI."
Vic Jusufi to Matt Murdock[src]

Albanian Syndicate suffered heavy casualties by the FBI which used Wilson Fisk's information to take down Albanians' illicit activities.[1] Eventually, Albanians' leader, Vic Jusufi, and his subordinates were arrested and incarcerated in Ryker's Island. Planning to take revenge on Fisk, Jusufi was informed that Matt Murdock was asking Michael Kemp about him.

Albanian prepares to kill Matt Murdock

During the riot in Ryker's, Jusufi learned that inmates controlled by Fisk attempted to kill Murdock. Jusufi ordered his men to apprehend Murdock who informed him that he intends to take down Fisk and return him to Ryker's where nothing could protect him from Albanians. Jusufi decided to help Murdock and informed him about Jasper Evans who was bribed by Fisk to attack him and ordered his man disguised as a prison guard to escort Murdock out of prison.[3]

Kingpin's Recruitments

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