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"Let's talk about the Albanians for a minute, what they have done. Four dead NYPD officers, twelve more riding desks with disabilities. One hundred and seven civilian murders. And even after five task forces over seven years, to the tune of $11 million, we got zero. Those are some shitty numbers."
Ray Nadeem[src]

The Albanian Syndicate is a powerful crime organization operating in New York City.


"With Fisk's intel, we beheaded the Albanian syndicate in one day. One single day. No loss of life, no injuries, no mayhem. I mean, look at the take. We got their documents and data, and we're gonna get their money."
Ray Nadeem[src]

After Wilson Fisk gave the FBI information to capture important leaders within the Albanian mob, Fisk was transferred to new accommodations accompanied by a heavily armed FBI escort. The Albanians, out for blood, attacked the motorcade, taking out nearly every agent guarding Fisk, but were ultimately thwarted when Agent Benjamin Poindexter arrived on the scene and killed every assailant, saving the lives of Fisk and his fellow FBI agents. [1]

While Matt Murdock was trying to escape prison during a riot, he was suddenly pulled aside by an Albanian inmate and came face-to-face with Vic Jusufi, the leader of the Albanian Mob who was incarcerated thanks to Fisk's testimony. Wanting revenge on Fisk, Vic revealed that Fisk staged his own shanking by hiring an inmate, Jasper Evans, to do it. He also reveals that Evans was released in return for his services. The mob then helped Matt escape the prison by having one of their members dress up as a guard and escort Matt out of the facility.[2]