"テメェ、なぜこんなことをする? おれたち俺達はテメェに何もしてねえだろう!"[1]
"地球の半分。 サノスやられ。 お前は何故。無事なのだ…[2]"
―Akihiko and Rōnin[src]

Akihiko was a Yakuza boss and criminal leader who was hunted down by Rōnin for having survived the Snap.


Post Snap

Massacre in Tokyo

"What I want... You can't give me."
―Akihiko and Rōnin[src]
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Akihiko jumps out a window to escape Ronin

Akihiko and his Yakuza subordinates clashed with Rōnin, who believed they did not deserve to survive the Snap and were hunting them down. Rōnin killed all of Akihiko's henchmen and forced him out of his hideout in Tokyo, Japan, challenging him to a duel.

Though he fought his best, Akihiko was ultimately no match for Rōnin, who fatally injured Akihiko by slashing his throat. With his dying breath, Akihiko asked Rōnin to help him before Rōnin executed him by stabbing Akihiko with his sword backward, violently ending the life of the Yakuza boss.[4]


  • Expert Acrobat: Akihiko was able to jump out of a window in order to try to escape Rōnin.
  • Sword Expertise: Akihiko was able to fight at least on par with Rōnin for a couple of seconds with a sword even though he was easily overpowered.
  • Leadership: Akihiko was able to lead his faction of the Yakuza.


  • Katana: Akihiko used a katana to fight the vigilante Rōnin.





  • In the comics, Akihiko was a member of the Yakuza's science division known as the Shogun Reapers. Akihiko piloted a giant shogun mech alongside his boss, Danny Fear. Akihiko was killed when he was sucked out into space.

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  1. Translates from Japanese to:"Why are you doing this? We never did anything to you!"
  2. Translates from Japanese to:"You survived... Half the planet didn't. They got Thanos. You get me..."
  3. Translates from Japanese to:"Wait... Wait! Help me. I'll give you anything! What do you want?"
  4. Avengers: Endgame

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