"なぜあなたはこれをやっている? 私たちはあなたに何もしませんでした"[1]
"あなたは生き残った…惑星の半分はそうではなかった。 彼らはサノスを手に入れた。 分かってるね...[2]"
―Akihiko and Hawkeye[src]

Akihiko was a Yakuza boss executed by Hawkeye.


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Akihiko jumping out a window

Akihiko, as well as his Yakuza subordinates, were targeted by Hawkeye who considered that they did not deserve to survive the Decimation. Barton decided to eliminate the rest of the criminals by his own, and hunted Akihiko down to Japan. Eventually, Akihiko's hideout in Tokyo was attacked by Barton, who had hunted down Akihiko to take him down. Despite his most trusted men's best efforts, his henchmen were all killed by the Barton, who then challenged Akihiko to a swordfight.

Though he fought his best, Akihiko was ultimately no match for Barton, who fatally injured Akihiko by slashing his throat. With his dying breath, Akihiko asked Barton to help him before he executed him by stabbing Akihiko with his sword backward, ending with the life of the Yakuza boss.[3]


  • Sword Proficiency: Akihiko was able to fight at least on par with Clint Barton for a couple of seconds with a sword even though he was easily overpowered.


  • Katana: To be added





  • In the comics, Akihiko was a member of the Yakuza's science division known as the Shogun Reapers. He piloted a giant shogun mech alongside his boss, Danny Fear. He was killed when he was sucked out into space.

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  1. Translates from Japanese to:"Why are you doing this? We never did anything to you!"
  2. Translates from Japanese to:"You survived... Half the planet didn't. They got Thanos. You get me..."
  3. Avengers: Endgame

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