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"She gave the Staff to you? You couldn't possibly be ready."
"A little judgy of you."
―Akari Minoru and Nico Minoru[src]

Akari Minoru was a recreation of the grandmother of Nico Minoru inside the Dark Dimension.


"Why are you doing this? I'm your granddaughter!"
"You're my ticket out of here."
Nico Minoru and Akari Minoru[src]

Minoru was recreated in the Dark Dimension alongside her daughters Tokiko and Judith, and confronted Nico Minoru, who had been sent into the Dark Dimension after casting a powerful spell. Minoru asked Nico about her mother and inquired about the Staff of One, as she desired it for herself. Upon knowing that the Staff had been entrusted to Nico, Minoru voiced her disapproval as she considered Nico not ready to wield its power.

Minoru was then surprised to learn that Nico hosted the Staff within her own body. Having discussed the matter with her daughters, she instructed them to restrain Nico so that she could extract the Staff with a knife, counting on it to leave the Dark Dimension. However, she was attacked and stopped by Quinton the Great, disguised as Amy Minoru. Declaring the newcomer not welcome, Minoru attacked him with assistance from her daughters and cast a dark magic spell, but Quinton blocked it and redirected it onto Minoru and her daughters, causing them to fall and vanish.[1]


  • Sorceress: Minoru wielded some amount of magical prowess. Just like her daughters Tokiko and Judith, she was shown to be able to move at great speed, surprising Nico Minoru as she stepped back and towards her without warning; she was also able to cast offensive dark spells and had knowledge of the Staff of One which she planned on using to escape from the Dark Dimension.