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"You need to check these dudes! Everybody heard about what you did in the projects. Don't be a punk and just stand by."
―Aisha Axton to Luke Cage[src]

Aisha Axton is a woman living in Harlem who sought the help of Luke Cage in challenging Cottonmouth's control of the area.


Early Life

Aisha Axton was the daughter to baseball legend Eddie Axton and grew up in Harlem. Growing older, she established a small memorabilia shop in the city of his accomplishments since playing in the League.[1]

Conflict in Harlem

"You need to get my daddy's ring back. You remember what he was like before he got strung out?"
"Eddie's a good dude deep down."
"To me, what's left of him is that ring. The only reason why he didn't pawn it is because I took it away from him. Somebody's gotta protect his legacy. Even if he won't."
―Aisha Axton and Bobby Fish[src]

Axton became a victim of Cottonmouth's sweep for money and valuables. When Zip and Sugar entered the shop, she was quickly disarmed and forced to watch as Zip used the baseball bat to destroy the place, taking her father's championship ring before informing her to ask Luke Cage. Walking to Pop's Barber Shop, she demanded that Cage fight back against Stoke's actions and not to be a coward.

Growing increasingly impatient, she came into possession of a handgun and attempted to kill Sugar. Attending Henry Hunter's funeral, Axton sat close to Stokes and Shades, her hand gripping the gun. When Cage arrived and sat next to her, she was told to let go of the gun and, later, discovers it crushed in her purse. After his speech, she received the ring back from Cage.[1]

Heroin Epidemic

"I came up seeing a lot. My dad. His drug buddies. But I ain't never seen anything like that."
"Break it down."
"It was like they just came at each other. Wild eyes. Chomping teeth. It was like that bath salts stuff you hear about."
―Aisha Axton and Luke Cage[src]

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"Aisha ain't like the others. She wants that ring back. You gotta understand. When her father was sick, she came up in the streets all by herself. She's tougher than she looks."
Blue to Luke Cage[src]

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  • Baseball Bat: Though it was intended to be use in defense against Zip and Sugar, Aisha was quickly disarmed and restrained to witness the two destroy property inside the antique shop.
  • Handgun: After Zip steals her father's champion ring and desperate for its return, Aisha arms herself with a handgun in her purse, having shot Sugar and motivated to murder Cottonmouth at Pop's funeral. The weapon was destroyed by Cage before she was able to execute him.







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