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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Season Three

Episode 3.22: Ascension

Season Four

Episode 4.01: The Ghost
Episode 4.03: Uprising
Episode 4.04: Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire
Episode 4.07: Deals With Our Devils
Episode 4.08: The Laws of Inferno Dynamics
Episode 4.09: Broken Promises
Episode 4.10: The Patriot
Episode 4.11: Wake Up
Episode 4.12: Hot Potato Soup
Episode 4.13: BOOM
Episode 4.14: The Man Behind the Shield
Episode 4.15: Self Control
Episode 4.16: What If...
Episode 4.17: Identity and Change
Episode 4.19: All the Madame's Men
Episode 4.20: Farewell, Cruel World!
Episode 4.21: The Return
Episode 4.22: World's End


Behind the Scenes

Video Games

Captain America: Super Soldier


Concept Art

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