"Please, I'm not a terrorist. I have a family, children. I am a good man."
―Ahmad Zubair[src]

Ahmad Zubair was a member of the Afghan National Police and had cooperated with Dinah Madani in an investigation into Afghan heroin smuggling. When Zubair uncovered some of the illegal actions of Operation Cerberus, as well as the operation's ties to the smuggling, he was painted a "terrorist" by William Rawlins and captured by Cerberus Squad. While Rawlins did not disclose the real reasons for capturing and detaining Zubair, he personally took charge of torturing him. Despite Zubair insisting upon his innocence, Rawlins had then ordered Frank Castle to illegally execute him.


Afghan Police

Killed by Cerberus Squad

"Ahmad Zubair was my partner. He was taken from his home in Kandahar, shot in the head, and buried in an unmarked grave."
Dinah Madani to Sam Stein[src]

Zubair worked in the Afghan National Police during the war in Afghanistan. Partnered with the Department of Homeland Security's Dinah Madani, he assisted in investigating heroin smuggling in Kandahar. He relayed to Madani that he had discovered some criminal activity and that Americans were involved, and was also assured protection for his testimony.

However, Zubair was then painted as a "terrorist" by William Rawlins, captured by the Cerberus Squad and tortured into revealing whom he told about the Operation Cerberus. When he was deemed to be useless by Ray Schoonover and Rawlins, they order Zubair's death, carried out by Frank Castle. Under the orders of Rawlins, his body was buried out in the deserts of Afghanistan by Castle and Gunner Henderson.[1]


Search for Justice

"I resent that no one wants the truth."
"I just want you to be sure that this case of yours isn't just a way to avoid dealing with losing someone you were close to."
"I didn't lose anyone. They killed him. I told Ahmad he could trust us. Told him he could trust me."
Dinah Madani and Farah Madani[src]

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  • Investigator: Zubair was a skilled investigator. He discovered that heroin was being trafficked out of Afghanistan by US soldiers.
  • Bilingualism: Zubair spoke fluent English and Pashto.



  • Wife
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