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"The Ancient One is the latest in a long line of Sorcerers Supreme, going back thousands of years to the father of the Mystic Arts, the mighty Agamotto. The same sorcerer who created the Eye you so recklessly borrowed."
Wong to Doctor Strange[src]

Agamotto was the first Sorcerer Supreme of Earth, founder of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, the builder of the Sanctums, and the creator of the Eye of Agamotto.


Stephen Strange using the Eye of Agamotto

Thousands of years ago, the being known as Agamotto was the first to discover the Mystic Arts on Earth. He then founded the Masters of the Mystic Arts and began training humans in the study of magic. Agamotto even found one of the Infinity Stones, building a relic that enabled him to properly harness the Time Stone's great power. He also erected three sanctuaries at three places of power around the globe in an effort to shield Earth from extradimensional threats like Dormammu, the lord of the Dark Dimension.[2]


  • Master Sorcerer: As the first Sorcerer Supreme and the founder of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Agamotto was an immensely powerful master sorcerer, quite possibly the greatest sorcerer in history. His understanding of magic was great enough that he was able to create powerful magical relics like the Eye of Agamotto which allows sorcerers to harness the power of an Infinity Stone. He also built the Sanctums, whole structures capable of generating a powerful barrier that can shield Earth extradimensional threats as powerful as Dormammu, the ruler of the Dark Dimension.






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