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"I buried the red suit. The man who attacked the Bulletin, he resurrected it."
"You do, however, match the description of a guy who's been tuning up FBI agents."
"Which is the last thing I ever wanted, but you people haven't left me any choice. If you'd just wake the hell up instead of playing right into Fisk's hands. He's using you, and I think you know it."
Daredevil and Ray Nadeem

Aftermath is the seventh episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil.


The press crucifies Daredevil after the attack on the Bulletin, and Agent Nadeem suspects the FBI paid too high a price for Fisk's co-operation.


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Wilson Fisk's plan proves to be a success, Daredevil becomes incriminated as a culprit behind the New York Bulletin killings. After the attack, Murdock returns to the Clinton Church where Maggie Grace nurses his wounds and they discuss a man behind the killings.

Investigating the attack, Ray Nadeem brings Karen Page and Foggy Nelson for a questioning, citing Page's personal connection with Daredevil. Page claims that the man who attacked the Bulletin was not Daredevil, pointing out that Daredevil does not kill and a culprit murdered Jasper Evans who had incriminating evidence against Fisk. The aftermath of the Bulletin attack puts heavy weight on Page and Nelson who feel traumatized after the experience.


Daredevil approaches Melvin Potter, asking him if he made a Daredevil's Suit for the man who attacked the Bulletin. Potter admits that Fisk's men demanded him to make a suit by threatening Betsy Beatty and agrees to let Daredevil check his workshop.

Nadeem decides to look closer into the information provided by Page and Nelson and requests Warden Riggle for a questioning. Evans informs Riggle that Evans who was supposed to be incarcerated in Ryker's Island was found dead at the Bulletin office, but Riggle's lack of cooperation makes Nadeem consider that Page was not wrong in her accusations. Nadeem and Hattley discuss the situation, noting that if Fisk truly manipulates the FBI, it would bring the entire operation under fire and asks Hattley to give him time, so he could find more information before reporting.

Page visits Mitchell Ellison at the hospital and he tells her to write an article about everything she knew about Daredevil and his connection to Fisk. Page refuses, claiming that it was not Daredevil and Mitchell realizes that Page knew his secret identity. Ellison furiously demands Page to give him the information but when she refuses again, Ellison tells her that she is fired from the Bulletin.


Potter brings Daredevil to his workshop and shows him another Daredevil's suit that Fisk ordered him to make. Potter then turns against Daredevil and traps him with the suit, as a part of Fisk's plan to incriminate him. Daredevil engages in a fight with Potter before the FBI tactical unit raids the workshop to apprehend Daredevil. Potter tells Daredevil that the man in the Daredevil's suit was an FBI agent and stays to fight the agents, while Daredevil escapes, leaving Potter to be arrested.


Fisk is informed by Felix Manning that Benjamin Poindexter is in the hiding, as Fisk had planned but also that the plan to have the FBI to take down Daredevil was unsuccessful. Since Potter was arrested, Manning asks what to do with Beatty and Fisk tells him to leave her alone, since it was irrelevant. Feeling suspicious about Fisk, Nadeem rushes to his bedroom only to find him lying in his bed. Nadeem asks Fisk if he told Evans to stab him, so the FBI would get him out of prison and had him liberated in exchange, and Fisk's response makes Nadeem convinced that he was manipulating the FBI the entire time.

Daredevil returns to the church after escaping the FBI agents and the illusion of Fisk mocks him on his failure. He then approaches Beatty, informing her about Potter's arrest and tells her to leave New York City to escape Fisk's retribution.

Returning home, Nelson examines the legal files Marci Stahl brought and comes to realize Fisk's true goal. Meanwhile, Page considers leaving New York and returning to Fagan Corners but her father tells her that he does not want her back.

Nadeem continues to investigate the attack on Fisk before returning home where his family celebrates his promotion. Later, Seema Nadeem confronts him that he lied to her about his involvement in the Bulletin attack. Nadeem tells her that he did not want her to worry about him and promises to be honest from now on. Nadeem then goes to the basement for drinks where he encounters Daredevil who tells him that he was not the one behind the Bulletin killings and informs Nadeem that the true culprit is an FBI agent.


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  • Wilson Fisk is informed there is a challenge to his ownership of the 'Rabbit in a Snowstorm' painting. Fisk uses a concealed staircase to access his surveillance room.


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