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Afghan Insurgents is a terrorist group active in Afghanistan during the War in Afghanistan.


As the War in Afghanistan, multiple terrorist groups across Afghanistan had activated and threatened world security. United States Government used to station multiple United States Army troops in Afghanistan to fight against terrorists.

Without United States Congress' approval, William Rawlins and Ray Schoonover launched Operation Cerberus aimed to eliminate terrorists across Afghanistan. They founded the Cerberus Squad who managed to commit multiple confirmed eliminations, by extracting information from kidnapped people. Insurgents caught on to Cerberus Squad's existence and tactics, so they leaked information that a high-ranking insurgent leader was in Kandahar in an isolated compound. Rawlins ordered the Cerberus Squad to assassinate the target without any air support.

Insurgents' plan worked and the Cerberus Squad was ambushed by terrorists. Many soldiers were dead or injured, with the remaining unit members taking cover outside the compound. Frank Castle, knowing that the enemy mortars would soon target their position, decided to act.

With the squad giving him covering fire, he entered the compound alone to take out the insurgents pinning down the squad. Fighting in close quarters, Castle killed dozens of insurgents, eventually resorting to using his combat knife once he was out of ammunition. With the insurgents in the compound dead, Cerberus Squad could fall back to a location safe for helicopter evac.[1]


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