"Here's the deal, tubby. You're gonna charm her, and I'm gonna poke her with this thing and extract the Reality Stone, and get gone lickety-split."
Rocket Raccoon to Thor[src]

The Aether Extractor is a device used to remove the Aether from its host's body. It was created to assist the Avengers in the Time Heist to extract the Aether from Jane Foster in Alternate 2013.


Time Heist

Theft of the Reality Stone

"I got the thing. Come on. We gotta move."
Rocket Raccoon to Thor[src]

When brainstorming how to retrieve the Infinity Stones from history for the Time Heist, Thor informed the Avengers of the Aether, and how it was infused in his at the time girlfriend, Jane Foster. They then created a device that would allow them to extract the Aether from her body.

Rocket Raccoon about to extract the Aether

When Thor and Rocket Raccoon traveled to Asgard in 2013 during the Second Dark Elf Conflict, Rocket made a plan for Thor to distract Foster as he injected her with the device. However, Thor left him, so Rocket had to go in solo. Rocket snuck into Foster's room, and when she woke up, Rocket crept up behind her and extracted the Aether from her body. Once he got what he came for, Rocket regrouped with Thor and they departed from the past, having succeeded in their mission.[1]


The Aether extractor was designed by the Avengers under Thor's suggestion that they would need a certain device to extract the stone from Jane Foster's body without any repercussions. During the Theft of the Reality Stone, Rocket managed to obtain the Aether from Foster's body and returned to 2023 with the extracted Infinity Stone. The Avengers assembled the stones together and somehow managed to solidify the Aether into the Reality Stone so they could place it on the Nano-Gauntlet.


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