The Aerodynamic Marvel is a single-pilot attack aircraft designed by Hammer Industries.


The United States Armed Forces, wanting to send the message that they do not need Iron Man, tasked Hammer Industries with developing a single pilot close-quarter combat vehicle with full protection and attack capabilities. Thaddeus Ross ordered the designs to be revised and improved by Army engineers to transform it into a definitive advance in the area of Strategic Mobile Weaponry.

After both Ross and Hammer presented the vehicle to Stern and James Rhodes, Ross, having already chosen a pilot, authorized a field test in Congo to put the technology to work after countless hours of simulations that, in his opinion, did not prove anything.

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Pilot with the Aerodynamic Marvel

The Aerodynamic Marvel was carried in a B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber and deployed over Congo right after leaving Ugandan airspace, in an operation monitored by Ross and Hammer from inside the Bomber plane. However, despite Hammer's claims that the vehicle was not vulnerable to surface-to-air attacks, the Congolese Army was able to shoot the plane down; leaving the pilot alone in hostile territory.

The military asked Tony Stark to rescue the pilot, hoping Iron Man would fulfill the original mission of the Aerodynamic Marvel, to make Stark kill the Congolese Army members in the area without implicating the Armed Forces; masquerading as an act of self-defense during the rescue mission.

The Congolese Army approached the vehicle, salvaging any piece of equipment they could and capturing the pilot. Ross tried to self-destruct the mechanism to avoid any further complications, but was unable to do it due to the damage to the virtual umbilical systems.[1]



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