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The Advanced Tech Suit[1], also called the Quantum Suit[2], Timesuit or Time Travel Suit, is a nanotech suit used by the Avengers in conjunction with a Time-Space GPS in order to travel across time and space using the Quantum Realm.


Time Heist

After Tony Stark created a Time-Space GPS that would allow the Avengers to travel across time and space using the Quantum Realm, he incorporated his technology and designs along with Hank Pym's and the Guardians of the Galaxy's in order to create Advanced Tech Suits.[3] The suits were designed to be housed inside the Time-Space GPS and to materialize around the wearer's outfit via nanotechnology, with the user able to manifest the helmet through mental commands.

Hawkeye wears the suit

While preparing to do a test run, Scott Lang donned the suit, although Clint Barton volunteered, due to Lang's fear. Barton then stepped onto the Quantum Tunnel platform and was sent into the Quantum Realm, where he used the HUD technology within the suit's helmet to navigate the realm and enter a time vortex that allowed him to travel to the past.

The Avengers prepare to travel through the Quantum Realm

Upon his successful return, the other Avengers wore the Advanced Tech Suits to navigate the Quantum Realm, traveling to various points in the past in order to amass the six Infinity Stones. During this Time Heist, the Nebula of 2014 stole the present Nebula's suit in order to travel forward in time to 2023, infiltrating the Avengers and using the Quantum Tunnel to allow Thanos and his army to travel to the future.

Captain America prepares to return the Infinity Stones

Following the Battle of Earth and Stark's funeral, Steve Rogers used the Advanced Tech Suit to return all the objects that had been stolen during the Time Heist to their proper time periods in order to prevent branch timelines from occurring.[4]


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  • Size Manipulation: Based off the technology of the Ant-Man Suit, the Quantum Suits are capable, using the Pym Particles, of shrinking down in size to subatomic levels and entering the Quantum Realm.
  • Time Travel: The Time-Space GPS is a wrist gadget which allows for accurate displacement through time and space.
  • Suit Materialization: The suit's nanotech structure allows for its housing inside the wearer's Time-Space GPS and for near immedeate materialization around the wearer's outfit

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