"My Adria. We already have been through so much together."
Kaecilius remembering his wife[src]

Adria was the wife of Kaecilius, who died because of a brain aneurysm.


Losing His Wife

"Time is unmerciful... I knew before the doctor even set foot in that room that you were lost to me, just as our son was lost to us, and you were going to be joined together in a place I could not follow. I failed you both..."
―Kaecilius to Adria[src]

Kaecilius learns of the passing of Adria.

Adria and her husband Kaecilius, lived happily in Copenhagen, despite having to deal with the death of their son years before. One day, Adria was struck with a terrible illness which took ahold of her and despite Kaecilius' best efforts, he could not save her. Her loss led him to desperately seek out some kind of understanding of why. This eventually led Kaecilius to join the Masters of the Mystic Arts.[1]





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