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"When I'm through with you, Hitler, you're gonna be seeing stars... and stripes!"
"Nein! You will bow down to the führer!"
Captain America and Adolf Hitler[src]

Adolf Hitler was a fictional version of the real-life dictator of Nazi Germany. He appeared in several American propaganda tools during World War II as the nemesis of Captain America.



Captain America punches Adolf Hitler

When US propaganda created the character of Captain America, based on Steve Rogers and his heroic pursuit of a HYDRA assassin through the streets of New York City, the new hero needed an enemy; an arch-nemesis to battle. Since the United States was at war with Nazi Germany at that time, the creators of Captain America decided to make a parody of the German dictator Adolf Hitler.[1]


Hitler first appeared on the cover of the first volume of the Captain America comic book. The cover showed Captain America punching the Nazi führer inside the Nazi stronghold. The comic satirized Hitler and the Nazis by showing them wearing the Nazi armband on both hands, instead of just one, left hand.[1]

USO Show

"Hitler" sneaks behind the Star Spangled Singers

"I've knocked out Adolf Hitler over 200 times."
Steve Rogers[src]

Hitler's next appearance was in the live-entertainment shows organized by the United Service Organizations. Played by an actor, Hitler would try to sneak behind and "shoot" Captain America, played by Steve Rogers, while he was giving a patriotic speech. The hero, warned by the crowd, would turn around and knock him down with a single punch. The show was played over two hundred times.[1]

Radio Show

A year after the war, The Captain America Adventure Program radio show was still popular. Hitler was the main villain of the show. In one particular episode, Hitler and the Nazis managed to capture Betty Carver, Captain America's girlfriend, during the battle in the Ardennes. However, Hitler was once again confronted and defeated by Captain America.[2]




  • During Captain America's USO Shows, Hitler appears as the villain and is promptly punched in the face by Captain America. This is a reference to his appearance in Captain America's first comic book cover, which showed Captain America punching Hitler in the face.