The Achernonians are an extraterrestrial race of hairless brown-skinned reptilian humanoids that are spread throughout the galaxy.


Brahl, an Achernonian, joined Yondu Udonta's Ravager Clan. During an Attack on Berhert, he was convinced by Taserface that Yondu Udonta was going soft, and joined a group of his fellow Ravagers in a mutiny against Udonta. They locked Udonta in the Eclector, but he found his prototype Yaka Arrow Controller and killed all of the mutineers, including Brahl.


Achernonians are a human-like race whose physical features are similar to that of Humans. Their skin pigment is pinkish-purple; their eyes gold; and their skulls have raised ridges running front to back. Their multi-chambered nose and ears are distinctive.

Notable Achernonians


  • In the comics, the Achernonians are a race of individuals that can become immaterial at will.


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