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Accuser Warships are an immensely powerful class of starship which are used by the Kree Empire. The class includes the Dark Aster, a vessel which served as the flagship of Ronan the Accuser.[1]


Accuser Warships served the Kree Empire as early as 1995 when Ronan took a trio of the vessels to Torfa in order to bomb a Skrull stronghold in the planet's southern region with Kree Ballistic Missiles as a diversion for Starforce to infiltrate and extract the informant Soh-Larr.[2] The Accusers traveled to Planet C-53 acting on the information provided by Yon-Rogg, to wipe out the Skrull presence on the Terran homeworld. When Captain Marvel destroyed the ships' Ballistic Missiles with relative ease, the warships launched fighters to intercept her. They did not succeed, and one of the vessels was destroyed single-handedly by the former Starforce member.[2]

When the treaty between the Kree and the Nova Empire was signed, Ronan took the Accuser warship Dark Aster as his personal flagship, using the three-mile-long vessel to wage a personal war against the Xandarian people. He used the ship during the Quest for the Orb, before leading it against the Nova Corps on Xandar.[1] It was destroyed in the ensuing battle as a result of the actions of the Guardians of the Galaxy, but not before damaging Xandar and inflicting heavy casualties on the Nova Corps.[1]

Notable Accuser Warships


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