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"When duty calls, AccuTech is there."

AccuTech is a subsidiary of Stark Industries.


Originally based in California, AccuTech has grown from a small R&D firm founded by Gilbert O'Conner, into an international, knowledge-based corporate empire based in over 30 countries with over 4,800 employees.[1] After its absorption by Stark Industries, AccuTech's work was geared towards the development of the kind of weapons and security systems that made Stark Industries billions. Accutech helped develop such weapons as the Jericho missile and the Stark Sonic Cannon.

After Tony Stark's escape from the Ten Rings and his decision to repurpose the Stark brand, he sent AccuTech a memo reading "For immediate release-- We no longer make weapons! Sincerely, Tony Stark". This caused AccuTech to change its focus to creating less military-based technology. For the Stark Expo, AccuTech (now under the leadership of Charles Healey) developed the HazTech Exoskeleton, based in part on the designs of the Iron Man Armor: Mark IV, with applications in both the industrial and medical fields.[1]


Name Position Status
Gilbert O'Conner Founder Alive
Charles Healey CEO Alive
Klaus Haas Head of R&D Alive




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