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The Accountant was an assassin who worked for HYDRA in the wake of the HYDRA Uprising. Under the orders of Octavian Bloom and Sunil Bakshi, he was tasked with killing the Banker, unwittingly playing into S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plan to assassinate HYDRA's leadership.


HYDRA Assassin

Assassinating the Banker

Convinced by Lance Hunter that he had been sent to kill Octavian Bloom and Sunil Bakshi by the other members of HYDRA's round table, Bloom sent a kill-order to several of his underlings, infiltrated within the factions of the rest of HYDRA's leadership. Standing before an elevator, the accountant let it pass once to allow his target, the Banker, to reach him. After entering the elevator and being alone with the Banker, the accountant attacked him using a Splinter Bomb, leaving the HYDRA leader alone to disintegrate.[1]



  • Splinter Bomb: As part of his kill order, the Accountant planted a Splinter Bomb onto the Banker's shoulder, causing his target to disintegrate in an elevator.

Other Equipment

  • Kill-Order Watch: The Accountant owned a watch that emitted a signal telling him when he should carry out the assassination of the Banker.




  • Banker † - Target and Victim