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"It contains all the knowledge my people possess. If I decode it for you, then PRIDE can use it to finally do what it advertises and save the world."
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

The Abstract is a book containing all the knowledge of the Gibborim.


Rite of Blood

"Catherine can read it. She does the prayer before the sacrifices."
"Jonah translated that. She memorized it. He just likes her to hold the book."
Janet Stein and Geoffrey Wilder[src]

Catherine Wilder with the Abstract during a Rite of Blood

A book written in the Gibborim language, the Abstract was given by Jonah to the Wilder family for a ceremonial use during the Rite of Blood.[1] The book also helped Victor Stein to designed the Dematerialization Box after Jonah translated a content about energy conversion for him.[2] During the PRIDE's first sacrifice, the Abstract was opened by Leslie Dean and emitted a white light.[1] Having memorized the sacrificial prayer translated by Jonah, Catherine Wilder carried the book during other rituals.[2]

Deciphered by Janet Stein

Geoffrey Wilder gives the Abstract to Janet Stein

"The key that unlocks the cipher can't be written down in case it falls into enemy hands, so it's got to be easy to remember."
"So you're saying we have to hack Jonah's password."
Victor Stein and Janet Stein[src]

Janet Stein, who distrusted Jonah who kept her husband Victor in a Healing Algorithm, decided that it was time for PRIDE to learn more about Jonah. Therefore, she called Geoffrey Wilder so that he could give her the Abstract. Although Wilder warned Janet that she would not be able to read the Abstract without Jonah's help, he agreed to hand over the book to her as she insisted she would figure it out. Wilder chose not to reveal to anyone that he had given Janet the Abstract, even to his own wife Catherine.

The Abstract showing an array of planets, including Gibborim

Janet brought the Abstract back to the Stein Mansion and began studying it, figuring out that she would have some difficulties to decode it and read it without assistance.[2] Therefore, as she could not afford to ask Jonah for help, Janet in turn persuaded Jonah to let her go into the Healing Algorithm so she could speak with Victor and ask for his insights about the deciphering of the Abstract. Victor advised her to use a mathematical formula as a key, and Janet, after trying several formulas without success, managed to crack the book using the wave equation, thus giving Janet access to the Gibborim knowledge.[3]

Reviewing the content of the Abstract, Janet figured out that Jonah had arrived on Earth using a spaceship relying on an antigravity engine. Fearing that the activation of such an engine could cause massive earthquakes across California as predicted by Gene and Alice Hernandez, Janet resolved to use the Abstract and Victor's assistance to find a way to destroy the engine.[4]

In the Hands of PRIDE

"We don't need to worry about what will happen when the ship launches because I'm gonna use the Abstract to shut it down for good."
Janet Stein[src]

During an encounter with PRIDE, Jonah promised that he would leave the Abstract on Earth after his planned departure from Earth. As they still feared the potential cataclysmic consequences of the launch of Magistrate's Ship, Geoffrey Wilder revealed that he had given the Abstract to Janet Stein, prompting Dale and Stacey Yorkes to go to the Stein Mansion with data collected by Gene and Alice Hernandez to assess the probability of such earthquakes. The Yorkeses were deeply impressed by the fact that Janet had successfully decoded the Abstract, thus defying Tina Minoru's expectations, and even more stunned when Janet announced that she and Victor Stein would use the Abstract to destroy Magistrate's ship.[5]

The knowledge contained in the Abstract later enabled Janet to design and craft an Anti-Gravity Device which successfully damaged Jonah's spaceship during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site.[6] Janet later used this achievement and the fact that she had decrypted the Abstract as a justification to join Victor and Robert Minoru in their efforts to build weapons against the Runaways.[7]

Reclaimed by the Gibborim

Alex Wilder uses the Abstract to release his friends

"The Magistranian Abstract. It recognizes the next royal heir."

Since the Magistrate controlled Victor Stein, he was able to reclaim the Abstract and used it to plan the return of the Gibborim to their homeworld.[8] It was noticed by Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru during their infiltration into the Stein Mansion, but the Magistrate took the book with him while they were hiding. However, Wilder and Minoru found it in Stein's office, and Wilder began decrypting it. He was, however, interrupted as the Magistrate returned and Minoru was unable to keep them veiled, forcing them to hide again. Later, while Minoru fought against the Magistrate, Wilder was able to manipulate the Abstract to unlock the Healing Algorithm pods in which Chase Stein and Karolina Dean were imprisoned.[9]

Although the Abstract had been brought back to the Hostel by the Runaways, it was stolen by the Magistrate's Son after he finally gained control over Wilder's body.[10] He later abandoned it in Nana B's Residence after he had been tracked down there by the Runaways. The book then reacted to the birth of Elle Dean, second daughter of Leslie Dean, by violently shaking and opening by itself. Xavin then reviewed the Abstract, figuring out that the Gibborim were on the verge of activating a platform and use it to send a Scrub Squad to eliminate all those who had witnessed the Gibborim's presence on Earth.[11]

Time Travellers

Alex Wilder using the Abstract in 2021

"The me upstairs needs to keep working on Time Travel. With a little help from Alex and the Abstract, eventually I do figure it out."
Chase Stein[src]

In a now aborted timeline which resulted from the death of Gert Yorkes during the Battle at the Hostel, Chase Stein and Alex Wilder used the knowledge embedded in the Abstract so that Stein would be able to create his time machine, enabling him to return to the past and save the love of his life.[12]


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  • In the comics, the Abstract is a magical book providing spells and information on the Gibborim and the PRIDE.


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