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"Every last drop of that Dr. Erskine Serum went into you!"
―Colonel John Flynn to Peggy Carter[src]

Abraham Erskine was a scientist working from the Strategic Scientific Reserve on Project Rebirth. He developed a serum to enhance physical abilities and was ready to test it on Steve Rogers, when Heinz Kruger set off a bomb interrupting the process, killing Erskine.


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Docter Abraham Erskine developed the Super Soldier Serum to enhance physical abilities, dubbed Project Rebirth.

In 1943, Erskine was preparing to test the serum on his chosen candidate, Steve Rogers. While preparing Rogers for the test, Erkskine gave Peggy Carter the option of waiting in the booth, to oversee the test from a safe distance. However, Carter denied the offer, instead choosing to stay. Erskine then began the test, but in the process, the staff came under attack by hidden HYDRA agent Heinz Kruger, who set off a bomb, which exploded, killing Erskine and the other scientists.

With his death, the key to creating the serum was lost, though Carter replaced a injured Rogers in undertaking the test, becoming a super soldier, making Erskines work a success.[1]


Abraham Erskine was a kind and compassionate individual. He cared for the safety of Peggy Carter, giving her the option to stay in the booth out of danger, and respected her decision to stay.


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  • Master Scientist: Erskine was a master scientist, having created the Super Soldier Serum.


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