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"I'm simply Emil now. Russian born, British raised, Royal Marines commando, on loan to the U.S. government."
―Emil Blonsky to Jennifer Walters[src]

Emil Blonsky is a former special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines who was loaned to SOCOM. In his efforts to apprehend Hulk, Blonsky was recruited by United States Army General Thaddeus Ross and injected with a variant of the Super Soldier Serum. After losing to Hulk during a battle, Blonsky had himself transfused with Banner's gamma-irradiated blood, causing him to transform into the Hulk-sized Abomination. He then proceeded to go on a rampage in Harlem where he was defeated by Hulk, after which he was taken into the U.S. Army's custody and incarcerated in a cryo-cell facility in Barrow, Alaska.

Having been transferred to Damage Control's supermax prison in California, Blonsky encountered Wong, who temporarily freed him to participate in a cage match with him at the Golden Daggers Club in Macau. Following the match, Blonsky returned to his cell. Blonsky would request the help of Jennifer Walters for his parole hearing, who got him approved on the condition that he would no longer transform into Abomination. Now freed from prison, he founded the Abomaste support group, and secretly began doing private speaking gigs where he would turn into Abomination, violating his parole. One of these events included Intelligencia, unaware of their campaign against She-Hulk, who caught him in the act. Blonsky willingly returned to prison for violating his parole but was freed by Wong and given refuge in Kamar-Taj.


Early Life[]

Military Career[]

"Emil Blonsky, born in Russia, raised in England, and on loan from SOCOM from the Royal Marines."
Joe Greller to Thaddeus Ross[src]

Emil Blonsky was born in Russia, and was raised in England, where he eventually joined the Royal Marines of the British Armed Forces, and was swiftly promoted up to the rank of Captain. Despite receiving an incredible track record, Blonsky refused to be promoted to a Colonel, claiming that he wanted to be a fighter for as long as he could. Despite reaching the age of thirty nine, Blonsky still refused to allow his body to slow down, and had continued to be considered one of the most formidable fighters currently within the Armed Forces.[2]

During a black ops mission in South America, Blonsky's team searched for Espinoza and his terrorist cartel. Moving through the jungle, they witnessed glimpses of a colossal rampage, including an explosion and a jeep thrown near them. Blonsky moved forward to the mansion, which he found destroyed, with Espinoza and the criminals subdued. The only eyewitness was Miguel, who told Blonsky that an American helped him find the base, but was assaulted by Espinoza. Following that, Miguel claimed the American turned into a monster, confusing Blonsky. Bewildered by the events, Blonsky claimed that the manhunt was not over.[3]

Chase of Hulk[]

Recruited by Thaddeus Ross[]

"Is he a fighter?"
"Your target is a fugitive from the U.S. government who stole military secrets. He is implicated in the deaths of two scientists, a military officer, an Idaho state trooper and possibly two Canadian hunters. So don't wait to see if he's a fighter."
―Emil Blonsky and Thaddeus Ross[src]

Blonsky arrives for an upcoming mission

When Thaddeus Ross had discovered the fugitive Bruce Banner's location out in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, he ordered Joe Greller to put together a combat team to find and capture him. Due to the dangerous nature of confronting Banner, they had brought in Blonsky for his track record as a veteran soldier to be the field leader for the operation, with Blonsky arriving at Fort Johnson via helicopter for the mission.


Blonsky is briefed on his current mission

Once they were airborne towards Brazil, Blonsky was given his mission briefing from Kathleen Sparr, who explained that they intended to take Banner alive, noting that live ammunition would only be for back up. Blonsky observed the photographs of Banner, questioning if he was a fighter, to which Ross would only tell him that his target was a fugitive of the United States of America, saying that he stole military secrets.

Ross had then gone on to explain that Banner had been linked to the deaths of two scientists, as well as a military officer, two state troopers in Idaho, and potentially two hunters in Canada, as Ross ordered Blonsky to not worry himself about whether or not Banner was a fighter. Despite Blonsky being unsure if this was entirely accurate, he nodded as Ross ordered him to take Banner was quickly as possible, and to bring him back to America.[2]

Ambush in Rio de Janeiro[]


Blonsky leading the hunt for Bruce Banner

"Target's on the move."
"Where is he?"
"He's on the ground!"
―Emil Blonsky and Thaddeus Ross[src]

Upon arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Blonsky had led his team through the streets, as they remained as silent as possible, shooting a dog with a tranquillizer to ensure it did not make a noise. With their monitors, they soon found Bruce Banner's home, by scanning for Gamma Radiation. Using a camera to ensure that Banner was in the room, Blonsky gave his team the nod to take down the door and confront Banner while he was asleep.

As soon as the door was destroyed, Blonsky rushed into the room and shot at Banner's bed with tranquillizers. However, as Blonsky pulled back the sheet, he realized Banner had been alerted to their presence and escaped, with Blonsky informing Thaddeus Ross of this, before shooting the dog with a tranquillizer, to stop him barking. Observing the room, Blonsky realized Banner escaped through the window and was in the streets.


Blonsky tracking down Bruce Banner

Blonsky led his team in their search for Banner, only for him to soon see Banner, who was attempting to hide his face and escape down a street. Having made eye contact, Blonsky immediately ran after Banner, who ran as fast as he could, with Ross ordering Blonsky to not lose sight of Banner. As they ran, Blonsky realized that Banner had already planned out of his escape route, as Blonsky was unable to get a clear shot at him.

Looking down the side streets, Blonsky decided to try and get ahead of Banner by not running in the direction he expected, while the rest of the team continued chasing behind him. Moving through the crowded streets, Blonsky managed to catch sight of Banner, just as he was stepping out from behind some boxes, although the crowds caused Blonsky to be unable to shoot, as Banner caught sight of him and continued to run, with Blonsky chasing him.

As Banner ran, Blonsky had fired one tranquillizer, but barely missed him, with Ross and Kathleen Sparr continuing to give Blonsky and his team updates on Banner's location. Eventually, Blonsky was able to track Banner down to the Pingo Doce Bottling Plant, where he had been working, as Blonsky and his team took their positions in the building, while Banner was also being chased down by Silva and his crew, who attempted to beat him up.

While the team put on their night vision goggles, Blonsky prepared to shoot Banner from a distance and end the chase, shooting one of the tough guys, who was beating up Banner. However, as Banner was punched and thrown into the shadows by the bullies, Blonsky witnessed Banner seemingly transforming, before looking on in horror as Silva was dragged into the shadows, and then thrown across the bottling plant with incredible force.


Blonsky witnesses Hulk attack his men

With Blonsky moving downstairs, and still searching for Banner, he had then witnessed Hulk grabbing another one of the bullies, and dragging him into the shadows. With the team updating Ross on the situation, Ross informed them that the monster was their target and ordered them to shoot, although none of the tranquillizers appeared to have any effect on Hulk. Blonsky watched as Hulk charged at his team and grabbed Samuel LaRoquette, killing him.


Blonsky witnesses Hulk attack his men

Having moved to live ammunition, Blonsky attempted to get a clean shot, although his team mates were being attacked by Hulk and were shooting wildly, forcing Blonsky to take cover. As Blonsky moved position, he then witnessed John Armbruster being thrown into the wall right next to him with incredible force, causing the bottling plant to activate, while Blonsky and his surviving team members fired at Hulk to no affect.

As they continued shooting at Hulk, Blonsky moved to the upper levels to get a clearer shot, while his team members proved that bullets and flash grenades did not slow down Hulk. Blonsky then witnessed Hulk throwing a large gas tank at his team, killing Craig Saunders, Jr. and two other soldiers, while Blonsky barely got out of the way in time, as he continued shooting at Hulk, being showered with juice, caused from all of the destruction below him.

Emil Blonsky meets Hulk

Blonsky confronting Hulk for the first time

With the rest of his team either dead or injured from the battle, Blonsky had then witnessed Hulk attempting to leave the plant, as Blonsky fired more shots at Hulk's back, which barely seemed to bother him, while Blonsky reloaded and prepared to fire again. As Hulk then turned around, enraged at Blonsky shooting at him, Blonsky got his first clear look at the monster, which growled, while Blonsky looked on in complete shock.


Blonsky watches as Hulk escapes

Hulk proceeded to grab the nearby forklift truck, which he then threw at Blonsky, who was barely able to move out of the way before it completely destroyed the platform he had been standing upon. While Blonsky clung onto the remains of the platform, he turned back, as he witnessed Hulk grabbing another forklift truck, and using it to destroy the plant wall and escape, as Ross cursed the failure of Blonsky's team on the radio.[2]

Aftermath of the Ambush[]


Blonsky updating Thaddeus Ross

"He didn't lose us, and he was not alone, sir. We had him, and then something hit us. Something big hit us! It threw a forklift truck like it was a softball! It was the most powerful thing I've ever seen."
―Emil Blonsky to Thaddeus Ross[src]

In the aftermath of the battle, Blonsky had then managed to recover the backpack that Bruce Banner had lost, before he reported back to Thaddeus Ross at Banner's Apartment. Handing the backpack over to Kathleen Sparr, Blonsky watched her pull out Banner's laptop and attempt to get inside, while Blonsky had snatched a photograph of a woman, questioning if she was Banner's girlfriend who had helped him.


Blonsky reports to Thaddeus Ross

However, Ross took the photograph away and dismissed the woman as no longer being a factor, insisting that Banner was just working alone, although Ross noted that they would use his laptop to see if he had been in contact with anybody. However, refused to accept this, questioning Ross about what had happened inside of the Pingo Doce Bottling Plant, noting that Banner seemingly been helped by Hulk to escape.

Becoming frustrated, Blonsky noted how Hulk had attacked his Strategic Operations Command Center team, describing how Hulk threw a forklift truck at him like a softball, describing Hulk as the most powerful thing he had ever seen. As Ross simply dismissed this by noting that Hulk was gone, Blonsky had then insisted that he would track down Banner, and force him to tell him where Hulk was by putting his foot on Banner's throat.


Blonsky demands more of an explanation

Instead, Ross simply informed Blonsky that Hulk actually was Banner, to which Blonsky then requested that Ross explain what he meant by this statement, which Ross had refused to do. However, as Ross still refused to explain this any further, he told Blonsky that he had done a good job, and instead ordering him to pack up and get all his men back onto the plane, as they would leave Brazil, much to Blonsky's frustration.[2]


Blonsky watches Thaddeus Ross closely

On the flight back to the United States of America, Blonsky had sat with his eyes closed, while listening to Ross speaking with Sparr about how Banner had made it impossible to learn who he was speaking with online. Blonsky listened as Ross noted that Banner was clearly trying to control the Gamma Radiation in his body to get rid of Hulk, with Ross cursing Banner for escaping him, before Ross and Blonsky made eye contact.[4]

Meeting with General Greller[]

Captain America portrait

Blonsky being brought in for a debriefing

"I've run into bad situations on crap missions before. I've seen good men go down purely because someone didn't let us know what we were walking into. I moved on to the next one, because that's what we do."
―Emil Blonsky to Thaddeus Ross[src]

Returning to the United States of America, Blonsky was brought into a meeting with Joe Greller and Thaddeus Ross to debrief about what had gone down within Rio de Janeiro. Having waited outside the room, Blonsky was brought inside once Ross had finished making his statements. Sitting down, Blonsky described Hulk as being ten feet tall and fifteen-hundred pounds, noting that it was a greenish-gray color.


Blonsky explaining Hulk's true power

Blonsky noted that he had shot at Hulk with live ammunition which had barely caused Hulk to flinch, putting his medals behind the statement, to which Greller questioned if there were any medals that Blonsky had not won, with Blonsky noting he did not have a medal of honour. Greller had turned to Ross, who noted that Bruce Banner was linked to the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project, much to Greller's annoyance.

Blonsky turned to look at Ross, as Greller questioned if more of Ross' experiments with the Super Soldier Serum had gone wrong, although Ross remained calm and insisted that Hulk and Banner could turn into a dangerous weapon if put in the wrong hands, noting that they did not know Banner's true intentions. Greller then sent Ross out of his office, with orders to explain everything, as Blonsky then followed closely behind him.[4]

Thaddeus Ross & Emil Blonsky

Blonsky and Thaddeus Ross discuss Hulk

Following their meeting with Greller, Blonsky and Ross walked down the hallway together, with Blonsky noting that he had previously done bad missions, where good men had lost their lives due to their commanders not giving them a full briefing about what to expect. However, Blonsky noted that, while he had previously been willing to move onto the next mission without any thoughts, this time he did not want to move on.

Noting how weird this mission was, Blonsky told Ross that, if he was planning on attempting to capture Hulk again, then he wanted to be a part of that mission. Blonsky had then gone on to tell Ross that he should have a team that was fully prepped and ready to fight an enemy like Hulk, commenting that if they were not fully prepared for a battle with Hulk, Ross' team would just end up terrified and would be quickly defeated once again.[2]

Learning of Military Secrets[]

Thaddeus Ross & Emil Blonsky

Blonsky has a meeting with Thaddeus Ross

"You said he wasn't working on weapons, right?"
"But you were, weren't you? Trying other things."
"One serum we developed... was very promising."
―Emil Blonsky and Thaddeus Ross[src]

Blonsky was later invited back to the Pentagon to speak with Thaddeus Ross, who noted that what Blonsky was about to be told was extremely sensitive to Ross, as well as to the United States Army. Ross had then questioned if Blonsky was aware that the army had a infantry weapons development program, but noted that, in World War II this program gained a subprogram for Bio-Tech Force Enhancement, which Blonsky had then noted was the Super-Soldier Program, which Ross called correct, although he called it an oversimplification.

Ross went on to explain that he had restarted the program and had begun doing some serious work, noting that while the White House was attempting to arm soldiers better, he was attempting to make soldiers better. Blonsky was then told that the work that Bruce Banner had been involved with was in the early phases, and he had been told that he was working on radiation resistance, as Ross had not intended to tell him the truth.

Ross explained that Banner was so confident about his work that he had tested it on himself, resulting in him turning into Hulk, which Ross claimed was either the experiment going very wrong, or very right depending on the viewpoint, with Ross noting that he considered Banner's whole body to be property of the Army. Blonsky had then questioned if Banner had not been working in weapons, questioning if Ross had been at that time.

The Incredible Hulk - 39

Blonsky and Thaddeus Ross discuss his age

Blonsky was told by Ross that they had developed a new version of the Super Soldier Serum, which had been highly promising. As Blonsky had questioned why Banner had run, Ross simply noted that Banner was a scientist, and not a soldier like them. Ross had then questioned how old Blonsky was, guessing forty five, while Blonsky corrected him that he was thirty nine, with Ross noting that age soon took a toll on soldier's body.

Ross had then suggested that Blonsky should stop being an active soldier and instead look at becoming a colonel, to which Blonsky insisted that he would remain a fighter for as long as he could. Blonsky then noted that he wished he could take the knowledge he had now and put it into the body that he had ten years earlier, to which Ross commented that he could arrange something like that, which had made Blonsky smile.[2]

Becoming a Super Soldier[]

Emil Blonsky

Blonsky readies himself for the experiment

"We're giving you a very low dose only. I need you sharp out there and disciplined. First sign of any side effect, we stop, and you're off team until you straighten out. Agreed?"
Thaddeus Ross to Emil Blonsky[src]

Having agreed to undergo all their experiments, Blonsky went into the labratory and was greeted by Thaddeus Ross, who explained that he would only be given a low dose of the Super Soldier Serum, as he still needed Blonsky to remain focused for their mission to capture Bruce Banner. Ross also noted that if they found any negative side effects, Blonsky would be removed from their team immediately.

Super Soldier Serum (Emil Blonsky)

Blonsky getting injected with the Serum

Blonsky agreed to all Ross' demands, as he was told by Milgrom that he would be getting two separate injections infusions of the Super Soldier Serum, with one going into the deep muscle, as well as one into his bone marrow, which Milgrom had warned Blonsky would be incredibly painful. Despite all of thsee warnings, Blonsky was still willing to undergo their procedure, as the serum was then injected into both sides of his neck.

Emil Blonsky receives Super Soldier Serum

Blonsky reacting the Serum's effects

Blonsky was then strapped down onto the table and turned over, before the Super Soldier Serum was injected directly into his bone marrow via his spine. As Blonsky winced and shook in agony, he was watched closely by Ross, as the needle was then removed and Blonsky began feeling the effects from the Super Soldier Serum, feeling his strength increasing, as well as speed and durability, while no negative side effects were felt.[2]

Battle at Culver University[]


Blonsky begins running after Bruce Banner

"Is that it? Is that all you got?"
―Emil Blonsky to Hulk[src]

Having been cleared for duty, Blonsky joined the new SOCC unit as they travelled to Culver University, having had a tip off from Leonard Samson that Bruce Banner would be there. However, Banner had soon realized that he was being surrounded and made a run for escape, with Blonsky charging out of the bushes to pursue him, while their Humvees and other soldiers joined Blonsky in chasing down Banner.


Blonsky ordered to wait by Thaddeus Ross

With the Super Soldier Serum coursing through his veins, Blonsky ran at incredible speeds, overtaking every other soldier to catch up with Banner, although he was ordered to stop by Thaddeus Ross, who did not want Blonsky to engage Banner yet. Blonsky obeyed Ross' orders, while he and his unit watched on, while Banner had been chased inside the University, where he was eventually cornered and trapped inside a glass hallway.


Blonsky watches Bruce Banner transform

Blonsky watched on, while Ross ordered his soldiers to shoot two gas canisters in the hallway, in an attempt to knock Banner unconscious, as Banner tried to shield himself. However, when Betty Ross was tackled by one of their soldiers, Banner saw this happen and lost control, beginning his transformation into Hulk. Blonsky watched on with awe, as Hulk smashed the hallway apart, leaping at the soldiers, letting out a roar.


Blonsky begins shooting grenades at Hulk

With Hulk on the battle field, Blonsky witnessed him being completely unaffected by an entire unit's firing at him, before Hulk easily destroyed two of Ross' Humvees, and ripped out the engine, to launch across the battle field, destroying another two Humvees. With that, Ross ordered Blonsky to engage with Hulk, as Blonsky took a grenade launcher and confidently moved towards Hulk, shooting more grenades at him.


Blonsky shooting Hulk directly in the face

As Hulk ripped off pieces of a nearby sculpture to use as shields, Blonsky continued shooting grenades, as he questioned if Hulk remembered him from their battle at Rio de Janeiro. With his abilities greatly enhanced from the Serum, Blonsky had then proceeded to leap over Hulk's back, landing onto the sculpture, where he used his handgun to shoot Hulk in the face, as Ross watched on in amazement, while Hulk attacked Blonsky once again.

Emil Blonsky vs

Blonsky barely avoiding all Hulk's attacks

Blonsky saw the attack coming, as he managed to leap off the sculpture, avoiding the shards of the sculpture that Hulk was using as weapons. Blonsky proceeded to flip out of the way of Hulk, continuing to shoot at him, before he realized that his gun was out of ammunition. While Hulk slashed at Blonsky, he dodged repeated attacks, flipping over the blades and just avoiding Hulk smashing a piece of sculpture between his legs.

Once Blonsky was able to get back onto his feet, Ross ordered him to move Hulk towards their Stark Sonic Cannons. Blonsky did as he was ordered, running as fast as he could towards the cannons, with Hulk chasing him down, until Blosnky got in position and ordered the Cannons to be fired. As the sound waves were fired, Blonsky leapt into the air to avoid their power, being thrown aside while Hulk was hit with the full force.


Blonsky watches Hulk collapse in agony

Blonsky watched on as Hulk collapsed to his knees, trying to block his ears from the sound waves, while Ross was begged by his daughter to let Hulk go, fearing that this attack was killing him. However, the argument between the Ross family caused Hulk to continue fighting, as he was able to use one sculpture shard to block the sound waves, before using the other to launch at the Humvees, destroying them and the Cannons.

Hulk and Emil Blonsky meet at the Battle in Culver University

Blonsky continues to challenge Hulk

Blonsky refused to allow Hulk to get away, as he grabbed a machine gun and shot Hulk in the back, causing Hulk mild annoyance, as he blocked the shots with his sculpture shield, as the rest bounced off his skin. Feeling confident due to the Super Soldier Serum, Blonsky threw down his gun and squared up to Hulk without any weapons, questioning if this was all Hulk had to fight with, despite Ross telling him to pull back.


Blonsky's bones getting shattered by Hulk

With seemingly no fear, Blonsky once again questioned if this was all that Hulk had, to which Hulk furiously growled at him, and proceeded to kick Blonsky in the chest, with such force that Blonsky was launched across the field, as he body slammed into a tree, breaking almost every bone in his body. While Blonsky was being taken away by medics, Ross once again lost Hulk, with the monster escaping with Betty in his arms.[2]

Power Addiction[]

Recovering from his Injuries[]

Emil Blonsky hospital

Blonsky getting treatment for all his injuries

"How are you feeling?"
"Pissed off, and ready for round three."
Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky[src]

Due to the powerful blow that Hulk had struck him with during their clash at Culver University, Blonsky suffered extensive physical injuries that would normally leave a person either hospitalized, unable to move for years, or in a comatose state or deceased. As a result, Blonsky was moved to the medical wing of the Pentagon and cared for, although he was not expected to survive beyond the night.

However, due to the effects of his variant of the Super Soldier Serum that was coursing through his veins, Blonsky began to clench his fist, before his eye reopened. To the amazement of the doctors, Blonsky was fully regenerated from all of his injuries in less than twenty four hours. As his bandages were being removed, Blonsky was visited by Thaddeus Ross and Kathleen Sparr, who were both astonished by his recovery.

Struggling to believe what he was seeing, Ross stepped over to Blonsky and had examined his body, shocked that his bones and muscles had completely healed following the damage he had received, as Ross noted that he was glad to see Blonsky back on his feet, which he thanked him for. Ross had then questioned how Blonsky was feeling, to which he told him that he was pissed off, and was now ready to go for another round against Hulk.[2]

Evening the Playing Field[]

Emil Blonsky & Thaddeus Ross

Blonsky prepares for another operation

"Are you ready?"
"Let's even the playing field a little."
Thaddeus Ross and Emil Blonsky[src]

Following his recovery, Blonsky agreed to undergo another procedure, to be injected with more of the Super Soldier Serum, under the supervision of Milgrom. Blonsky stepped into the operating room, alongside Thaddeus Ross, who questioned if Blonsky was ready, to which Blonsky noted that it was time they evened the playing field against Hulk, before Milgrom closed the blinds and they began.


Blonsky experiencing his body mutations

Once the latest operation had been completed, Blonsky had moved into the bathroom in the Pentagon, where he examined himself in the mirror, feeling the power of the Super Soldier Serum in his veins. However, although he had felt his strength, speed and durability increase by incredible levels, Blonsky heard his bones beginning to crack, as his spine pushed against his skin, although he decided to go on the mission regardless.[2]

Journey to Round Three[]


Blonsky rejoining SOCC for their mission

"Not much of a rematch, is it?"
"There's one point five million people within the three mile radius, you want to take that thing out there?"
―Emil Blonsky and Kathleen Sparr[src]

Despite Blonsky experiencing a lot more discomfort from this latest injection of the Super Soldier Serum, he decided to go on the mission regardless, as he collected his weapons and boarded the helicopter with the rest of SOCC. Once he was onboard, Blonsky was asked by another soldier how he was feeling, to which Blonsky simply smiled and claimed that he was feeling like a monster, as the helicopter took off.[2]


Blonsky describes himself as a monster

As they flew to Grayburn College, where Bruce Banner had been tracked down to, Blonsky listened to the mission briefing being given to SOCC by Kathleen Sparr, who explained that their snipers were in position and they would attempt to capture Banner either inside the college, or when he attempted to escape. However, Sparr noted that if Banner got outside, unaware that he was being followed, then they would not engage with him.

With Sparr noting that they did not want to engage Banner directly, Blonsky questioned what their plan was if Banner turned into Hulk, to which Ross noted that if this happened, it would prove that they had failed to learn from their past mistakes. Ross insisted that they had to allow Banner to escape if he risked turning into Hulk, to which Blonsky scoffed, suggesting it was not the rematch that he had been promised.

In response, Sparr noted that the mission was taking place in New York City, where one point five million people would be put in extreme danger if Hulk was unleashed, although Blonsky merely scoffed at the concept, annoyed that he would be unlikely to have his chance to fight Hulk once again. As Blonsky got his weapons ready for the mission, Sparr and Ross discussed if he was stable enough, with Ross insisting that he was.[4]

Capture of Bruce Banner[]


Blonsky learning where Bruce Banner is

"Where is it? Come on. Where is it? Show him to me!"
―Emil Blonsky to Bruce Banner[src]

Upon arriving in New York City, Blonsky led his SOCC in storming Grayburn College, taking their positions inside the lobby. Listening to their radios, Blonsky had soon learned exactly where he could find Bruce Banner, and chose to disobey his orders to hold back, instead choosing to charge up the stairs towards Banner, ignoring all of Thaddeus Ross' attempts to convince him to return to his post.

While Ross noted that Betty Ross was inside the room and he did not want her harmed, Blonsky continued to ignore him, as he ran up the stairs, leaping across the banisters to get to Banner's room as fast as he could, much to Ross' considerable annoyance. However, once Blonsky had stormed into the room, he discovered that Banner had already been shot with a tranquillizer dart by the snipers, and collapsed in Betty's arms.


Blonsky furiously assaulting Bruce Banner

As Banner and Samuel Sterns looked on in horror, Blonsky stormed into the room, grabbing Betty and violently throwing her aside. Determined to get his rematch against Hulk, Blonsky grabbed Banner and slapped him across the face, looking into his eyes and questioning where Hulk was. However, Blonsky realized that Banner had seemingly cured himself of Hulk and furiously struck Banner with his rifle, knocking him out.[2]

Becoming Abomination[]

"I want more. You've seen what he becomes, right?"
"I have. And it's beautiful. Godlike."
"Well, I want that. I need that. Make me that."
―Emil Blonsky and Samuel Sterns[src]

With Bruce Banner captured and being taken away for questioning by Thaddeus Ross, Blonsky discovered that Samuel Sterns had been experimenting with Banner's blood samples, attempting to understand how Banner survived the Gamma Radiation and how to create more like him. Finding Sterns being questioned by Kathleen Sparr, Blonsky snuck up behind Sparr and struck her across the back of the head.


Blonsky threatening Samuel Sterns' life

While Blonsky noted that he found Sparr to be incredibly annoying, Sterns questioned by Blonsky was seemingly always hitting people. In response, Blonsky drew his gun and aimed it at Sterns' head, as Sterns questioned what he could have possibly have done to deserve that aggression. Blonsky then told Sterns that he wanted to be given Hulk's power, since Sterns had seemingly taken it out of Banner already.

I want more

Blonsky demanding to gain Hulk's power

Getting to his feet, Sterns looked into Blonsky's eyes and noted that he clearly had something in him already, referring to the Super Soldier Serum, although Blonsky insisted that he wanted more power. With Sterns noting that he had seen how Banner transformed into Hulk, calling it beautiful and godlike, Blonsky insisted that this was what he wanted, as he struggled to stop sweating while claiming he needed it.

Emil Blonsky & Samuel Sterns

Blonsky forces Samuel Sterns to agree

However, Sterns noted that he was unsure of exactly what Blonsky had in his system already, and warned that mixing it with Banner's Gamma Radiated blood could result in an Abomination. This answer instead angered Blonsky, who put away his gun and instead grabbed Sterns by the shirt and lifted him high into the air with just one arm, as Sterns insisted that he had never been unwilling and had agreed to help Blonsky.


Blonsky injected with Bruce Banner's blood

While Sterns had taken a sample of Banner's blood, Blonsky was then tied down onto the operation table, and had his blood infused with Banner's, while also having Gamma Radiation fired into him, in a recreation of the Bio-Tech Force Enhancement Project that created Hulk. However, Blonsky had immediately began mutating into a horrifying monster, with his bones pushing out of his skin as his size increased massively.


Blonsky transforms into the Abomination

With Blonsky continuing to grow to a gigantic size, Sterns desperately attempted to end the experiment, noting that this had been exactly what he had been afraid of, since he had not known what was already in Blonsky's blood, which turned him into an Abomination. However, Abomination ignored Sterns' warnings and threw him aside, causing some of Banner's blood to fall into Sterns' head wound, while Abomination laughed and escaped.[2]

Duel of Harlem[]


Abomination running a rampage in Harlem

"Give me a real fight!"

Having finally attained his wish for the power even greater than Hulk's, Abomination then smashed his way though Samuel Sterns' laboratory, throwing his equipment through the wall, before proceeding to kill two soldiers who attempted to stop him. Abomination had then leapt down to the streets, and began a rampage through Harlem, launching cars down the streets, while the United States Army chased after him, witnessing the continued destruction he caused.


Abomination demonstrates his strength

Testing his strength, Abomination launched cars as far as he could, with no regard for the safety of the civilians, while the New York City Police Department were powerless to stop him, as Abomination began killing more innocent people. However, when two soldiers attempted to shoot a Stark Industries Rocket Launcher at him, Abomination merely caught the rocket in his hand, and blew it up on his chest, with no damage caused to him, despite the flames still burning against his flesh.


Abomination demanding a real battle

Abomination began walking towards the soldiers, as he threw a motorcycle and multiple cars out of his way, while the soldiers attempted to escape in their Humvee. Since their Humvee had already been damaged, the soldiers were unable to escape, as Abomination caught up with them, before then grabbing a taxi and smashing it down onto their Humvee, killing them all, while Abomination had demanded a real fight.

Hulk vs

Abomination and Hulk begin their battle

In the middle of Abomination's rampage, he heard a massive roar, and had then turned to see that Hulk had just crash-landed into the streets of Harlem, and was challenging him to a fight, as Abomination threw a man he was holding aside, to focus on Hulk. Abomination and Hulk then began running towards each other, ready to fight, as they launched at one another. Abomination proved himself to be stronger, smashing into Hulk and throwing him down the streets with incredible force.


Abomination continues challenging Hulk

While Hulk recovered from being throw through the bus explosion and landing hard into the streets, Abomination causally caught up with him. Standing in the flames, Abomination laughed at Hulk, before calling him back over to continue their battle. As Abomination began running back towards him, Hulk had proceeded to rip a nearby police car in half, before gripping the two halves in order to use them as weaponised gloves.

Hulk vs Abomination

Abomination being pinned down by Hulk

Once Abomination had caught up with him, Hulk had then used these weaponised gloves and hit Abomination with incredible force, striking him repeatedly until Abomination had been knocked off his feet, as Hulk continued punching him until the two pieces of police car had been destroyed. Hulk then punched Abomination once more, only for him to spit out his blood and instead question if tis was all Hulk had to fight with.


Abomination furiously following Hulk

In response, Abomination was able to kick Hulk in the chest, with enough force that Hulk was launched straight through an apartment building. Abomination then got to his feet and chased after Hulk, ripping down walls and climbing up to the hole where Hulk had gone through. However, Thaddeus Ross had then caught back up with Abomination inside of his helicopter, as Ross had ordered his gunner to shoot at Abomination.

As the gunner began shooting him in the back, Abomination had cursed Ross and proceeded to climb up the side of the building, while still being shot at by Ross' gunner. As Abomination used whatever he could as cover, he ran across rooftops, as Ross' helicopter kept up with him. Abomination then saw his chance and ran directly towards Ross' helicopter, furiously leaping at the helicopter in an attempt to rip it out of the sky.

However, Abomination was intercepted at the last moment by Hulk, who grabbed ahold of Abomination's leg while he gripped onto the bottom of the helicopter. With Hulk desperately attempting to protect Betty Ross, who was onboard, he had grabbed Abomination's exposed spine and attempted to crush it, while Abomination furiously attempted to knock him off, although Hulk was still able to keep ahold of Abomination's leg.

Despite Hulk's efforts to save the helicopter, Abomination was still successful in causing enough damage to force it to crash, as the helicopter span out of control through the city, while Abomination and Hulk still held on. Eventually, the helicopter crashed in an unpopulated area, as Hulk fell to the side of the wreakage, and Abomination was thrown forwards, and was then crushed underneath the crashing helicopter.[2]

Showdown with Hulk[]


Abomination returning back to the fight

"You don't deserve this power. Now watch her die!"
―Abomination to Hulk[src]

Despite being crushed underneath the crashing helicopter, Abomination had soon returned to the fight, as he leapt on top of the helicopter wreckage and roared at Hulk, as he wiped blood from his mouth and prepared to continue their clash. As Hulk readied himself and charged forward, Abomination leapt down from the helicopter and collided with Hulk, throwing him into a wall and pinning him back with his arm.

Abomination and Hulk

Abomination furiously holding back Hulk

Holding Hulk back by his throat, Abomination attempted to break his neck by lifting him into the air, as Hulk punched his stomach and attempted to free himself. However, despite Hulk's attempts to escape, Abomination refused to release him, telling Hulk that he did not deserve his power, and told him to watch Betty Ross burn in the wreckage of the helicopter, as he stabbed Hulk in the shoulder with his exposed bones.

Abomination vs

Abomination attempting to kill Hulk

However, as Hulk saw that Betty was indeed trapped and in danger, he became strong enough to pull back Abomination's arm, as the pair furiously roared at each other. Finally, Hulk was able to head-butt Abomination, causing him to lose his grip on him, as Hulk proceeded to throw Abomination head first through the wall. At that moment, the helicopter's fuel exploded, only for Hulk to use his thunder clap to put out the flames.

While Hulk was distracted by putting out the fire, Abomination was able to find a heavy length of chain, which he swung around and smashed into Hulk, whose back had been turned. With Hulk having been knocked off his feet, Abomination swung the chain around his head and smashed it into Hulk's head, knocking him down once again. Abomination then noticed Thaddeus Ross was attempting to escape the helicopter wreckage with Betty.

Grinning, Abomination greeted Ross, as he swung the chain around again, ripping the helicopter blades away, as he prepared to kill his former superior. Just as Abomination was questioning if Ross had any last words, Hulk had been able to recover and smashed his fists down onto the ground, with enough incredible force that he created a crater under Abomination's feet, causing him to lose his balance and drop the heavy chain.

Before Abomination could react, Hulk had then grabbed the heavy chain, which he proceeded to wrap around Abomination's throat. Although Abomination had attempted to free himself by punching backwards at Hulk and grabbing his face, Hulk had instead responded by then ripping out one of Abomination's exposed bones, and stabbing him in the hand with it, causing Abomination to roar in agony while Hulk held him back.


Abomination being defeated by Hulk

With Abomination unable to get free, Hulk began crushing down on his throat, choking the life out of Abomination. However, Abomination was saved by Betty requesting mercy from Hulk, who finally relented and released the exhausted Abomination. Unable to fight, Abomination was handed over to the United States Army, as Hulk smashed his foot into Abomination's chest, and kicked him over to Ross to take responsibility for him.[2]

U.S. Army Custody[]

Cryo-cell in Alaska[]

"If you endanger an operation or if anyone gets hurt, I'll reassign you to Barrow, Alaska, and you'll spend the rest of your years pulling the night shift guarding Blonsky's cryo-cell."
Phil Coulson to Grant Ward[src]

Abomination was taken into custody and held in the Vault, a cryo-cell located at a facility in Barrow, Alaska,[5] run by the United States Army under the watch of Thaddeus Ross. Only S.H.I.E.L.D. agents with Clearance Level 7 or above, like Phil Coulson and Grant Ward, were aware of this information.[1][5] During Abomination's imprisonment, his DNA was collected by S.H.I.E.L.D., and under the supervision of Nick Fury, it was added to the Harvest, alongside the DNA of other enhanced beings.[6]

Avengers Initiative[]

"They want Blonsky in the team."
"The Abomination?"
"They really don't like it when you call him that."
Phil Coulson and Jasper Sitwell[src]

During the initial membership drafting of the Avengers Initiative, the World Security Council considered releasing Blonsky from the custody and get him to join the Avengers. The Council cited Blonsky as a decorated war hero and believed that havoc he caused was just self-defense from Hulk, but S.H.I.E.L.D. objected, being aware of Blonsky's violent and unpredictable nature. Thanks to the combined efforts of Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, and Tony Stark, Thaddeus Ross subsequently disapproved Blonsky's release, so Bruce Banner became a potential candidate instead.[1]

Damage Control Custody[]

Transferred to DODC Supermax[]

"Mr. Blonsky has been serving a sentence in an ultra-high security prison."
Holden Holliway to Jennifer Walters[src]

Blonsky was eventually transferred to the Damage Control Supermax Prison. He was placed in a containment cell in an individual room.[7] A sample of Blonsky's DNA was later collected and placed into a vial known as the Harvest along with other superhuman DNA samples. The Harvest was later administered to the Super-Skrulls Gravik and G'iah, granting them access to Abomination's physiology and abilities.[6]

Meeting His Soulmates[]

"Seven soulmates that I met through the prison pen pal program that I want to start a new life with."
―Emil Blonsky to Jennifer Walters[src]

While in supermax, Blonsky met and communicated with seven women through the prison pen pal program, which caused much of his personality to change. He regarded them as his soulmates, and wanted to start a new life with them if he were to be released. Around this time, he also wrote a letter to Bruce Banner along with a haiku, and the two made amends.[7]

Cage Fighting Tournament[]

Abomination vs

Abomination being pitted against Wong

"That hurt, Emil! Do you want me to show you how it feels?"
Wong to Abomination[src]

By March 2024, Blonsky struck a friendship with Wong,[8] who opened Inter-Dimensional Portals from Blonsky's prison to the Golden Daggers Club in Macau, China so that they could participate in multiple cage matches. During one such match, Wong worked with Abomination to put on a good show for those watching, where Abomination would pull his punches to protect Wong. During one match, the two were pitted against each other in a cage fight within the club's top cage, although they had an agreement to not seriously injure the other.

Abomination (2024)

Abomination furiously roaring at Wong

During the match, Abomination fought ferociously, lunging towards Wong who would dodge his punches and kicks, and created Tao Mandalas to block the strikes. However, as Wong managed to dive between his legs to avoid another attack, Abomination struck Wong's shield with a backhand, knocking him backwards into the chains, much to the crowd's delight. As Wong got to his feet, he confronted Abomination about landing such a heavy punch, who responded by furiously roaring at him.

Abomination punches himself

Abomination is tricked into hitting himself

As Abomination rushed to attack Wong once more, Wong used his Sling Ring to swiftly open up two Inter-Dimensional Portals, and Abomination knocked himself out as his monstrous fist went through one portal and exited through the portal near his head, leaving the crowd chanting Wong's name as he was declared the winner of the fight. The unconscious Abomination was then awkwardly dragged from the cage by four men.[9]

Post Fight Chat[]

Emil Blonsky & Wong

Abomination and Wong after their fight

"Maybe you'll start controlling those punches, like we practiced?"
Wong to Abomination[src]

Following the fight, Abomination recovered from his knocked out blow and had rejoined Wong inside the changing room of the Golden Daggers Club, where they were also joined by Helen and the Extremis Fighter, who were also recovering from their fight. As Wong handed him a small cup of juice, he asked about his jaw, to which Abomination simply grunted at.

Abomination (Inter-Dimensional Portal)

Abomination follows Wong back to his cell

Having observed Shang-Chi and Jon Jon entering the changing room to prepare for the next upcoming fight, Wong had then opened up an Inter-Dimensional Portal back to Abomination's cell at the Damage Control Supermax Prison, and he followed him through it. As they were leaving the Golden Daggers, Wong had reprimanded the recovering Abomination for being more violent than they had agreed, to which Abomination had again merely grunted in response.[9]

Meeting with Jennifer Walters[]

Emil Blonsky (SHAaL)

Blonsky meets with Jennifer Walters

"That very threat, your cousin, is held up as some kind of hero, and I'm locked up in here. Where's the justice in that, Jen?"
―Emil Blonsky to Jennifer Walters[src]

Later in 2025, Blonsky became eligible for parole and was taken as a pro bono client by Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, with Banner's cousin Jennifer Walters as his attorney. He met with Walters, who was shocked to see him in human form. Blonsky explained how he learned to control his physical transformation, choosing not to be in Abomination form, while also undergoing a spiritual change.

Emil Blonsky reads haiku

Blonsky begins reading one of his haikus

Blonsky told Walters that he was a highly decorated soldier on loan to the U.S. government, who tasked him with neutralizing Hulk, whom they deemed a threat, as well as offering him the Super Soldier Serum. When Walters pointed out that Blonsky's rampage in Harlem was not government-sanctioned, Blonsky claimed that the serum, which he had accepted as he wished to be like Captain America, had caused his transformation which resulted in his rampage. However, leaked footage of one of Blonsky's fights with Wong was released and aired on news reports.[7]

Confronted about Escape[]

Blonsky talks about Wong

Blonsky is questioned by Jennifer Walters

"You understand that this constitutes another crime and totally destroys your chances at parole?"
"What? No 'cause I was forced to leave my cell but I returned on my own free will."
Jennifer Walters and Emil Blonsky[src]

After the footage of one of his fights at the Golden Daggers Club was leaked online and spread across the internet, controversy over his release ensued as people began to question if he truly was under control, as well as the fact that he had somehow broken out of Damage Control Supermax Prison. Blonsky was confronted by Jennifer Walters about his escape, as she questioned why he did it. However, Blonsky lied to her that he had only escaped from his cell once and that Wong had forced him fight at the Golden Daggers, adding that he had returned to his cell afterwards by choice.[10]

Parole Hearing[]

Emil Blonsky in supermax

Blonsky arrives at his own parole hearing

"As you can see I'm in full control."
"That's enough! Change back now!"
―Abomination and Jennifer Walters[src]

During Blonsky's hearing, Jennifer Walters testified that he had truly reformed, explaining his plans for what he would do once he was released. As soon as the witnesses had arrived, including Wong, the court questioned if Blonsky was suitable for society due to his appearances as Abomination.

Abomination (Emil Blonsky)

Blonsky willingly turns into Abomination

In order to prove he was, Blonsky transformed in front of everyone to prove he had control, though this set off multiple security alarms as armed guards came to prevent him from escaping. It also terrified the court. After Blonsky returned to normal size, Wong stepped forwards and incriminated himself by stating that it was he who broke Blonsky out of prison, claiming that Blonsky was a randomly selected opponent he had freed merely one time as a means to further his Sorcerer Supreme training.

Emil Blonsky is paroled

Blonsky learning he is free after his parole

Later, the court determined to let Blonsky out of prison on the condition that he does not transform into Abomination. They told this to Blonsky and Walters, who both were pleased with the news. Walters then told Blonsky that she hoped this would end the social media trend going on of her and him together. However, he told her the media would always continue doing things of that matter.[10]

Peaceful Life[]

Getting Inhibitor Fixed[]

Emil Blonsky smiling

Blonsky getting his inhibitor repaired

"You know, sometimes life presents a teacher when there is a lesson to be learned. Jen, think of this totally knackered Prius Prime as your teacher."
"Um, that was nothing."
―Emil Blonsky and Jennifer Walters[src]

Following his release, Blonsky went to his retreat, Summer Twilights, and met with his self-healing group, Abomaste. One day, he found out that his pet chicken, had gotten stuck in the electric fence. He went down to rescue her, but accidentally set off his inhibitor, which caused him to transform. As a result, Chuck Donelan, his parole officer, was notified and came to see him. Blonsky was also reunited with Jennifer Walters, who had come on Donelan' request. Blonsky got his inhibitor fixed, as Walters watched as She-Hulk. Afterwards, Donelan quickly left, and Walters reverted to her human form. Blonsky then walked her out back to her car.

Emil Blonsky & Jen Walters

Blonsky speaking to Man-Bull and Águila

As they were talking, Man-Bull and Águila barreled into Walters' car, with Man-Bull slamming Águila onto the car's windshield. Walters angrily transformed into She-Hulk to stop Man-Bull, before reverting back to angrily demand an explanation and reimbursed money for her car. Blonsky tried to defuse the situation, while the other two tried to introduce themselves to Walters. He then told the two to help him move her car to the garage.

Emil Blonsky looks at Jen Walters

Blonsky telling Jennifer Walters to relax

Afterwards, Blonsky then walked with Walters through his retreat. As they walked, he said hello to his pet, and teased Walters that she had a text, as she constantly looked at it and for a signal. He also told her that the towing company wouldn't be there for a few hours and advised her to use the time to enjoy herself there. He then left her to tend to the Abomaste meeting.[11]

Abomaste Meeting[]

Emil Blonsky (Abomaste)

Blonsky leading Abomaste

"Once I'm out of here, I'll rip this guy to shreds."
"Hold on. That is not how we work through our issues around here."
She-Hulk and Emil Blonsky[src]

Blonsky went to the Wood Lodge and got his Abomaste session ready. Shortly, Man-Bull, Águila, Porcupine, and Saracen arrived to have the session. As they were discussing how they were bettering themselves, Walters walked in, exclaiming how the Lodge had internet connection, until she saw them. Blonsky welcomed her in and invited her to join them, but she declined and sat on a couch to check her phone. Blonsky then continued the session.

Emil Blonsky Abomaste

Blonsky invites Jennifer Walters to open up

They were soon joined by Dick Gathwaite, who came in from the yurt. Walters saw him and changed into She-Hulk, before tossing him into the corner. Blonsky tried to settle the conflict by having her sit in the calming chair and eventually helped her workout her issues with Gathwaite. After taking note that she was still looking at her phone, Walters opened up about Josh Miller and the group helped ease her worries over it. She got peace about her alter ego and reverted back to her human form.[11]

Jennifer Walters' Departure[]

Abomaste Members

Blonsky with Abomaste

"And Jen, next time you think of Josh, remember everyone we meet, no matter how much they hurt you, is a lesson learned."
―Emil Blonsky to Jennifer Walters[src]

When Walters expressed interest in the yurt, Blonsky and the group stood outside the Yurt Hut, and waited for Walters. When she came out and expressed her approval of it, they cheered for her. After she had gotten changed and the tow truck arrived, Blonsky and the group presented her with a farewell card.

Blonsky (SHAaL)

Blonsky saying goodbye to Jennifer Walters

Blonsky then walked Walters to the truck and thanked her for her staying at the retreat after all. He invited her to come back and visit, in which she jokingly replied she would only if he provided Wi-Fi. He said goodbye to her and watched as she left in the truck.[11]

Intelligencia Event[]

Original Plot[]

Abomination greets Intelligencia

Abomination greets Intelligencia

"Emil, you've been transforming into the Abomination?"
"Uh, yeah, I do speaking engagements. Nothing bad. Strictly for profit."
Jennifer Walters and Emil Blonsky[src]

Days later, Blonsky was asked by Todd Phelps if he could host a meeting for his organization at the Wood Lodge and if Blonsky could make an appearance as the Abomination to give a motivational speech. Blonsky agreed, unaware of Phelps' true identity and intentions. Blonsky arrived at the Lodge as the Abomination and greeted the men present.

Blonsky and Jen

Blonsky talks to Jennifer Walters

As he began his speech, Jennifer Walters suddenly walked in and became surprised to see him. He immediately reverted to his human form and apologized, stating he gives speeches to venues for some profit. She chastised him, but was interrupted upon seeing Phelps. Nikki Ramos then opened a door, revealing herself, and Augustus Pugliese told them that Phelps was the creator of Intelligencia and was HulkKing.

Abomination vs

Abomination fighting Hulk

Phelps then confessed, stating he had hired Josh Miller to steal Walters' blood and then demonstrated by injecting himself with a vial. He then transformed into a Hulk himself. Horrified, Blonsky changed back to Abomination to protect Walters and fought back against Phelps and some other Intelligencia members. They then watched as Titania blasted a hole in the Lodge and joined the fight. When Hulk inexplicably barged into the scene and misread the situation, Abomination and Hulk got into a fight.[8]

Revised Plot[]

Blonsky arrested

Blonsky willingly going back to prison

"All right, as your legal counsel, if you sign this, you go back to prison for ten years for parole violation."
"Yep. It's the karmic price I pay for my actions."
Jennifer Walters and Emil Blonsky[src]

In a revised plot written by She-Hulk, Blonsky watched as Todd Phelps was arrested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department in the morning. He then met with Walters and told her he had agreed to go back to prison due to his negligence in turning into the Abomination, but not before making a deal with Wong to come release him.[8]

Moving to Kamar-Taj[]

Blonsky and Wong

Blonsky being freed by Wong

"You took your time."
"Emil, my apologies for the delay."
―Emil Blonsky and Wong[src]

Sometime after his re-imprisonment at the Damage Control Supermax Prison, Blonsky was visited by Wong who arrived via an Inter-Dimensional Portal to let him escape to Kamar-Taj. Blonsky was slightly irritated that his friend had made him wait so long, correctly deducing that he had been too occupied watching television. The two left the prison cell through the portal while Blonsky asked if there was Wi-Fi at Kamar-Taj.[8]


"I was a highly decorated soldier. You know, I was sent on a mission to take out a threat, and I thought I was the good guy, you know? I thought I was gonna be, you know... Captain bloody America or something, you know?"
―Emil Blonsky to Jennifer Walters[src]

A veteran soldier with years of experience, Emil Blonsky showed a deep passion for combat. When asked why he would not accept a promotion, he answered that he was a soldier and wanted to be one for as long as possible. Being aware that he was getting slow with age, Blonsky showed an intense desire to return to his glory days, as he commented that if he put his current level of experience in his body from ten years ago, that would be an opponent he would not want to fight. Blonsky's fierce desire to remain on the battlefield is what convinced Thaddeus Ross to offer him to try the experimental Super Soldier Serum replica, which he accepted.

After his first encounter with Hulk, Blonsky became obsessed with defeating the green monster at all costs, slowly losing his sanity and humanity as he continued injecting himself with more Super Soldier Serum. Upon learning that Samuel Sterns had the Gamma Radiation-irradiated blood samples, Blonsky became even more obsessed with obtaining Hulk's power, going as far as threatening Sterns and ignoring his warnings.

When Blonsky mutated into the Abomination, he readily accepted his new form and immediately became drunk with power, going on a rampage through Harlem and killing several soldiers just to show off his new strength. When Hulk appeared, Blonsky was pleased and eager to have another rematch to see which mutant was stronger. Throughout their duel, he repeatedly enjoyed beating up Hulk and taunting him, showing his sadistic nature and he even arrogantly told Bruce Banner that he did not deserve Hulk's power. Abomination's aggressive and arrogant behavior, as well as his obsession with defeating Hulk, likely resulted from the Super Soldier Serum enhancing Blonsky's desire to become a better fighter.

Ruthless, savage and psychopathic, Blonsky didn't seem to care about possible defeat or death in the heat of the battle with Hulk at Harlem, all that he cared about was to achieve his goal; to become the strongest being in the world. However, he was also quite clever and astutely told Ross that he would need a team that was prepped and ready, because if Hulk showed up a lot of professional tough guys would 'piss their pants'.

Following his imprisonment within Damage Control's premises and meeting his seven soul mates on a pal program, however, Blonsky seemed to have significantly mellowed out, shown by the time he joined the Golden Daggers Club as a tournament fighter. However, he still retained a part of his ferocity as the Abomination, as he is shown to fight fiercely against Wong, one of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, as well as still emitting the classic roar of the Abomination. He also showed a new interest in money, as he did not refuse Intelligencia to put on an illegal show even though his transformation would be a violation of parole. Despite their rivalry in combat against Wong, Blonsky has some kind of friendship with the sorcerer, as he was shown to be friendly to Wong after their match and accompanied him when he departed from the Golden Daggers Club through a Sling Ring. Since his incarceration, he appears to have sincerely reformed. During his prison sentence, he helped both fellow prisoners and inmates, creating a literacy program, leading guided meditation and yoga for the prisoners, and stopping a prison guard from entering a bad marriage. Even when offered by Wong to go to Kamar Taj, he chose to return to his cell and serve out the rest of his sentence.

Powers and Abilities[]


"I don't know what you've got inside you already. The mixture could be... an abomination."
Samuel Sterns to Emil Blonsky[src]
  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: Blonsky was injected with an imperfect variant of the Super Soldier Serum. As a super soldier, despite physically being aged beyond his natural prime, he has shown to have capacities and performance similar to the levels of Captain America. However, the imperfect serum also caused a number of side effects, including mental and physical deterioration, making him overly aggressive and deforming his vertebral column.
    • Enhanced Strength:
      Emil Blonsky lifts Samuel Sterns

      Blonsky easily lifting up Samuel Sterns

      After being injected with a variant of the Super Soldier Serum, Blonsky possessed strength far greater than that of any ordinary man of his stature, and he was able to effortlessly lift a man of the same size as him with one hand.
    • Enhanced Durability: As a super soldier, Blonsky was able to endure a blast from the Stark Sonic Cannons, which threw him aside, before he also surviving being kicked forcefully by Hulk in the chest, causing Blonsky to be launched face first into a tree. Although all his bones were broken from the impact of this kick, he was able to recover from these injuries in less than twenty four hours.
    • Enhanced Speed:
      Blonsky Super Speed

      Blonsky outrunning all of his fellow soldiers

      Due to the Super Soldier Serum, Blonsky's speed was noticeably higher than that of an ordinary human. When running, Blonsky could easily outpace an army platoon, and even Hulk seemed to have trouble keeping up with him.
    • Enhanced Agility: As a super soldier, Blonsky was able to easily leap over Hulk while shooting him mid-air.
    • Enhanced Stamina: As a super soldier, Blonsky was able to run faster and fight for a long time without tiring, compared to the exhausted soldiers who caught up to him at Culver University. A doctor stated that he has a heart like a machine and had never seen anything like it, outside of a racehorse.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Due to the imperfect serum, Blonsky's reflexes were also greatly enhanced, much like his other Super Soldier counterparts. He was able to avoid multiple attacks from Hulk.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: As a super soldier, Blonsky's regenerative healing factor allowed him to recuperate from extensive injuries in the space of a day, including fractures throughout his entire skeleton. His healing factor was much more advanced than any other recipient of the Super Soldier Serum. This is proven by the fact that Blonsky regenerated from all his bones being crushed within the space of a day, whereas Rogers would take a week or less to recover from much less serious injuries.
    • Transformation:
      Blonsky reverts back to human

      Abomination transforms

      Blonsky endured a physical transformation after being transfused with Bruce Banner's gamma-irradiated blood, which was mixed with the Super Soldier Serum in his system and then morphed him into the gargantuan Hulk-like humanoid. Like Banner, he is able to revert to his human form. However, unlike Banner, Blonsky is able to retain full control of his senses and can change in and out of his transformation at will. At 11 ft (3.35 m),[12] his rib cage and spine protrude from his body, as do several bones that serve as skeletal spikes. Abomination also has amphibious frills on the sides of his head and thorns in his body. Eventually, Blonsky was able to transform into Abomination with little effort, as he was able to demonstrate his transformation to Jennifer Walters, before calmly transforming back into his human form.
      • Superhuman Strength:

        Abomination effortlessly lifts up a taxi

        After being given the blood of Hulk, Abomination's strength is increased to immense superhuman levels. His immense strength enables him to hurl normal humans and cars great distances, easily tear through brick buildings, and even to kick Hulk through a building. Years later, his kicks became strong enough to dissipate Wong's Tao Mandalas. He was able to knock himself out with a single punch on accident when Wong used the Inter-Dimensional Portal to redirect his fist.
      • Superhuman Durability: Abomination's bodily tissues, much like Hulk's, are substantially harder and more resistant to injury than the tissues of an ordinary human. His durability is enhanced to a high degree, and he apparently suffered no ill effects from burning and explosions at close range. When catching an RPG, he proceeded to hit his own body with it, setting himself on fire as an intimidation strategy because the fire didn't affect him at all. He was able to withstand high-caliber bullets and even Hulk's melee attacks.
      • Superhuman Speed: Abomination was able to move at speeds greater than of a normal human, as he was able to chase down a damaged Humvee with ease.
      • Superhuman Agility:

        Abomination leaping towards a helicopter

        Regardless of his size, Abomination can leap great distances and heights with precision due to the superhuman strength in his legs, allowing him to leap several stories from ground level, using buildings and other structures as footholds to reach areas. Most notably, he was able to leap from a rooftop to a moving helicopter that Thaddeus Ross was on.
      • Superhuman Stamina: Abomination is capable of physically exerting himself at his highest energy for long periods of time before tiring. He ran through Harlem and fought Hulk all without taking a break.
      • Superhuman Reflexes: Abomination displays reflexes of great speed. Fast enough to catch an RPG shell fired by a soldier in midair, even though he was not looking at that direction.
      • Regenerative Healing Factor: After taking a blood transfusion from Hulk, Abomination's advanced healing factor was further enhanced, allowing him to heal at the same rate as Hulk. This makes him seemingly invulnerable and nigh-immortal.
      • Bone Spike Protrusion:
        Abomination after transforming

        Abomination sprouts skeletal spikes

        Abomination possesses sharp spikes on his arms, elbows, back, and feet. These emerged through Abomination's transformation which acted as weapons when was in a battle with Hulk. The sharp spike on his elbow was used to cause a deep wound on Hulk's chest, cutting right through the latter's extremely durable flesh, a feat which was only ever repeated by Fenris with her fangs.


"I'm a fighter. I'll be one for as long as I can."
―Emil Blonsky to Thaddeus Ross[src]
  • Master Combatant:

    Abomination fighting against Hulk

    As a former special-ops commander of the British Royal Marines and described as an "ace" by Joe Greller, Blonsky is a highly skilled and formidable hand-to-hand combatant, being considered as one of the most powerful fighters in the Armed Forces. Even when in his human form, he was able to hold his own against Hulk before his arrogance got the best of him. As Abomination, Blonsky used a sacrificed technique for immense brute strength while fighting, holding nothing back as he rampaged through Harlem, and exchanging powerful blows once Hulk confronted him. He was also able to gain the upper hand against Wong, only to be defeated by him using magic. Wong later revealed that he selected Blonsky as one of his tests to become Sorcerer Supreme, as he was supposed to find and defeat someone who was a challenge to prove himself as a testament to Blonsky's abilities.
"Put three clips on it didn't even flinch and I didn't miss, sir. Stake my medals on it."
―Emil Blonsky to Joe Greller[src]
  • Expert Marksman: With his training from the British Armed Forces, Blonsky was trained and proficient in using firearms with accuracy. At Culver University, he managed to successfully shoot Hulk several times with his sidearm, only failing to injure him due to the latter's excessively dense flesh.
  • Master Acrobat: After his enhancement by serum infusion, Blonsky demonstrated various evasive feats, enabling him to avoid being hit by large, high-velocity objects. He was even able to successfully dodge Hulk attacks using coordinated flips. At Culver University, Blonsky did an aerial over Hulk while simultaneously shooting him.
  • Expert Tactician:

    Blonsky leading his hunt on Bruce Banner

    Being a special-ops operative, Blonsky had experience in planning tactics. When fighting against Hulk for the first time, Blonsky displayed good tactical skills up until the point when he taunted Hulk to hit him. Blonsky was a veteran soldier, capable of commanding teams for various sorts of missions in the British Navy. According to Ross, Blonsky could qualify to be a colonel.



  • SIG-Sauer P226R: One of the standard sidearms used by the United States Army. Blonsky carried it as his sidearm, using it against Hulk during their confrontation at Culver University, when he had to drop his main weapon to avoid one of Hulk's attacks. Blonsky discarded it when he ran out of ammo, and was issued another one when joining the squad trying to capture Banner in New York City, and used it to threaten Samuel Sterns into transforming him in a Hulk-like creature.
  • Heckler & Koch MP5A3:

    Blonsky taking careful aim at Bruce Banner

    Blonsky was issued one of these machine guns, loaded with tranquilizer rounds, to capture Bruce Banner in Rio de Janeiro. Banner managed to escape when they ambushed him at his apartment, and Blonsky shot at Banner's dog. After persecution, Blonsky and his squad managed to catch up Banner at the factory where he worked at and transformed into Hulk. Not knowing that Hulk was Banner, Blonsky tried to shoot at him with the tranquilizer rounds as ordered, but he then changed to real bullets in an attempt to confront Hulk.
  • M4A1: Blonsky joined every other soldier under Thaddeus Ross' command at Culver University when he was ordered not to act at first. He used a standard M4A1 to open fire against Hulk along the rest of the soldiers, and discarded it as soon as he was ordered to act. He took another one to keep attacking Hulk when he managed to destroy the Stark Sonic Cannons, shooting at Hulk only to catch his attention.
  • DefTech 40mm Multi Launcher:

    Blonsky shooting grenades directly at Hulk

    Members of the United States Army used these grenade launchers to shoot the gas grenades at Bruce Banner when they tried to ambush him at Culver University. As it only triggered Banner's transformation into Hulk, Blonsky then discarded his M4A1 and took a grenade launcher when he was ordered to act, this time loaded with his explosive grenades. Blonsky shot two grenades at Hulk, who grabbed a piece of debris to use it as a shield against the explosions.
  • Flashbang Grenade: Blonsky used a flashbang grenade against Hulk during their first confrontation in Rio de Janeiro, in an attempt to incapacitate him. Hulk recovered almost instantly, and the grenade only enraged him even more.

Other Equipment[]

"They pumped me full of that Super Soldier Serum."
―Emil Blonsky to Jennifer Walters[src]
  • Super Soldier Serum: Blonsky was injected with a variant of the Super Soldier Serum to enhance him to the pinnacle of human physical condition. When Blonsky was injured following his battle with Hulk at Culver University, he was given a larger dosage of the serum. Although the serum augmented Blonsky's physical capabilities, it started to give him both physical and psychological side effects, as well as fueling his obsessive desire to become more powerful than Hulk.
  • Deep Haikus: Reflecting on the damage done as Abomination, Blonsky wrote a series of haikus dedicated to the people he hurt and published them in the book Deep Haikus. He kept copies of the book around his retreat.
  • Hulk Inhibitor Device: As a condition of his parole, Blonsky had to wear an inhibitor device which would prevent him from transforming into Abomination. However, Blonsky regularly took the device off in order to be a motivational speaker as Abomination.



  • Fort Johnson: Blonsky arrived at Fort Johnson after Joe Greller and Thaddeus Ross enlisted him to help in capturing Bruce Banner. Upon arriving via a helicopter, Blonsky was immediately briefed on the mission, and flown to Brazil, where they believed Banner was hiding.
  • Pentagon:

    Blonsky speaking with Thaddeus Ross

    After Blonsky failed to capture Bruce Banner in Rio de Janeiro, he reunited with Ross in the Pentagon to come up with a new plan for their manhunt. Ross revealed to Blonsky about Banner's former intention to recreate the Super Soldier Serum and Blonsky accepted Ross' offer of being physically enhanced by a dose of the recreated serum to give him a new advantage should they encounter Banner in the near future.
"Shocking footage leaked showing the Abomination participating in what appears to be an underground fight club after having somehow escaped from prison."
―News Reporter[src]
  • Golden Daggers Club: Following his brief release from captivity, Abomination became a tournament fighter at the central ring of the Golden Daggers Club in Macau, who was used by Wong as a training opponent for becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. Following the match, Abomination and Wong relaxed in the changing room, before Wong opened a portal for them both to go through and leave the club.
  • Summer Twilights: Blonsky owned a retreat named Summer Twilights, where he hosted his support group for recovering supervillains. He held therapy meetings and housed chickens. He welcomed Jennifer Walters to the retreat while she waited for a tow truck to get her car, and housed events in the Wood Lodge at Summer Twilights where he would act as a motivational speaker, including for Intelligencia.
  • Kamar-Taj: Wong broke Blonsky out of the Damage Control Supermax Prison and took him to Kamar-Taj, where he stayed with the Masters of the Mystic Arts.






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