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"She's in my head. None of it is my own. It hurts. It hurts so much. Just make her stop."
―Abilash Tandon to Vision[src]

Abilash Tandon is a resident of Westview, New Jersey. After being trapped in the Hex, he was enthralled by Wanda Maximoff and made a part of her ideal reality, where he is named Norm and is an employee at Computational Services Inc.


Early Life

Abilash Tandon lived in Westview, New Jersey, where he looked after his father along with his sister. Shortly after the Blip in 2023, Tandon was enthralled by Wanda Maximoff and became part of the Hex.[3]

Friends with Vision

"You know, I always thought you were kind of a square."
―Norm to Vision[src]

In the Hex, Tandon was given the personality of "Norm," one of employees from the Computational Services Inc., who instantly became friends with Vision when he joined the company. He played music while he worked, ensuring that it was not bothering Vision. When Vision asked exactly what they produced at Computational Services, Inc., "Norm" simply replied that they made forms to measure productivity.[1]

Tandon at the Neighborhood Watch meeting

"Norm" was also a member of the Westview Neighborhood Watch. He attended a meeting in the Westview Public Library, when the group was joined by Vision. "Norm" was also part of the audience from the Westview Talent Show, Norm was impressed by Vision's "magic tricks".[4]


"Please. Please help me. What day is it? How long has it been? Where's my phone? I have to call my sister."
―Abilash Tandon to Vision[src]

Tandon awakened by Vision

At work, Vision introduced "Norm" to a computer, when he received an e-mail about the Maximoff Anomaly. "Norm" read it out loud along with the other employees, assuming it was a joke and laughing at it. Vision proceeded to awaken "Norm" and reveal his real identity; Abilash Tandon. Tandon panicked, asking about his sister and his father. Tandon begged for Vision to make Wanda Maximoff stop enthralling him. Vision put Tandon back into character, and "Norm" joked about where he would put a stamp on an e-mail.[5]


Tandon approaches Wanda Maximoff

Tandon, along with the citizens of Westview, was later awakened by Agatha Harkness. Tandon confronted Maximoff, begging to see his family again and be freed. Maximoff, anxious due to the situation, accidentally suffocated Tandon and the other citizens. Eventually, Tandon was free to go and live his life.

Tandon looks at Wanda Maximoff angrily

After the Hex had been taken down, Tandon, along with many other citizens, saw Maximoff walking back into the town square and looked at her angrily. He then watched as she left Westview.[6]


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Enthralled Personality

"Should we surf the Internet?"
"Cowabunga, dude."
Vision and "Norm"[src]

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True Personality

"I unearthed the man's suppressed personality and I spoke to him free of your oversight. He was in pain."
Vision to Wanda Maximoff[src]

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  • Father
  • Sister






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