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The Abandoned Warehouse is a former storage building located in New York City that had been abandoned. The warehouse was used by Homeland Security for a sting operation against an Anvil team led by Billy Russo.


Ambush at the Abandoned Warehouse

Dinah Madani and Sam Stein acted out a pretend conversation in which they put out false information that Frank Castle was going to buy ammunition from Jack DeLeon and meet him at an old warehouse. While Homeland Security organized an ambush in the warehouse, William Rawlins informed Billy Russo about the location and ordered him to prepare his men to go after Castle. Russo contacted with Mike Bashille, Spencer Geiger, Tom Weems and Jim Pruitt and hired them to storm the building.

Sam Stein and Dinah Madani taking cover

Russo's team went to the warehouse and awaited Castle's arrival. As they made their way into a large hallway, they were then suddenly surrounded by Homeland who ordered them to surrender. Russo ignored the order and killed one of the agents, resulting in a violent firefight breaking out. Pruitt and Bashille was killed, like several Homeland agents. As Russo struggled to see a way out, he pushed Geiger into the line of fire as he then made a sudden run.

Billy Russo shoots Tom Weems and escapes

Russo charged down the stairs followed by Weems who begged for help. Russo instead killed him to ensure Weems could not give Homeland his name if he had been captured. Russo made his own desperate run for freedom while he still could, followed closely by Madani. Before Russo could get away however, Stein held Russo at gunpoint, ordering him to drop his weapon and get down onto his knees. Stein removed his mask and briefly paused in surprise at seeing who was to blame. But Russo used his brief pause to his own advantage by using his wrist blade to stab Stein into the throat before escaped.[1]