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"They believed you needed your heart to be judged in the underworld and only the worthiest would be allowed to pass through the Field of Reeds."
Steven Grant[src]

Aaru, also known as the Field of Reeds, is a paradise in Duat.


Abdallah El-Faouly

"My father?"
"Yes! I met him when I took him to the Field of Reeds."
Layla El-Faouly and Taweret[src]

After Abdallah El-Faouly was killed by Raul Bushman, he was judged in Duat, where he met Taweret and had his scales balanced, and he was allowed into the Field of Reeds.[1]

Marc Spector

"If the scales balance by the time you end the journey, then a soul is permitted to pass into the Field of Reeds."
Steven Grant to Marc Spector[src]

Being shot by Arthur Harrow, Marc Spector found himself in Duat, where he and Steven Grant were judged by Taweret with the Scales of Justice. Due to reliving his hidden memories and Grant's sacrifice, Spector's scales were balanced, which allowed Spector to enter the Field of Reeds in the last moment.[2]



  • In the comics, Aaru is the home dimension of the Ennead, also known as Celestial Heliopolis.


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