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"I just want my life back."
"They can't give you that. Maybe you'll walk again. I hope so. But maybe you won't. But your ability to get through it as this gets harder... that is a hundred times more powerful than slapping a smile on your face and pretending like everything's just fine. Do you understand? Hey, listen, no one can give you your life back, Aaron. You have... You gotta take it back."
―Aaron James and Matt Murdock[src]

Aaron James was a client of Matt Murdock, who potentially lost his ability to stand and walk after he was exposed to Endexoprene in a subway station built by Berkowitz's company.


Court Case

With Matt Murdock as his hired attorney, James and his parents managed to win their case for James' disability. After the case, James vented that he was angry and wished everything would return to normal before the incident that has left him wheelchair-bound. Murdock, however, tried to motivate him to push for his old life.[1]