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"Aaron is teething, and he's been screaming at me for hours."
"He's not screaming now."
"Because of your music. We were walking past, he heard it and calmed right down. Isn't that right, you little monster?"
"Well, I was just practicing."
"Well, he is a big fan. Would you mind if we came in and listened? Honestly, I could use a break."
Sophie and Alisa Jones[src]

Aaron is the newborn son of Sophie and Marcus.


Sophie walked with her son cradled in an attempt to get him to stop crying; walking past Karl Malus' Residence, she was elated that the song on the piano calmed him. She introduced herself to Alisa Jones and asked to sit inside while she played, to which Jones reluctantly agreed. As Jones continued to lose concentration to the crying, Sophie questioned if the wails were bothering her. Despite attempting to calm her son, she became frightened by the shift in an uneasy symphony, storming out of the house.[1]





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