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"I have the exact same glasses."
"Wow! You two are practically twins."
"I wish. Specimen!"
―Aaron and Black Widow talking about Rogers[src]

Aaron is an employee who worked at Apple Inc. in a shopping mall in Washington, D.C..


During the HYDRA Uprising, Aaron had been busy working at an Apple Store when Captain America and Black Widow, who were in disguise, were using one of the store's computers to access a USB drive given to them by Nick Fury.

He approached them and asked if they needed any assistance. Romanoff told him that she and Rogers were engaged and looking at honeymoon locations. Staring at Rogers' eyeglasses, Aaron remarked that he owned a similar pair; this relieved Rogers' fear that he would've been recognized. Aaron asked them if they had found a spot, as the tracker program Black Widow was using printed New Jersey, causing Rogers to say that state. He once again offered his help, but Rogers declined the offer.[1]





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