The Aakons[1] are an extraterrestrial race of hairless yellow-skinned humanoids that are spread throughout the galaxy.


The Aakons developed on the planet Aakon, and later spread across the galactic community. A vast number of Aakons also resides on Xandar, on the Nova Empire, and some of the member of their race are members of the Nova Corps. There also Aakons on Knowhere and in the ranks of the space-pirates Ravagers.[2]

In 2014, during Ego's Expansion, one of the seeds planted by Ego on Oorga started to expand, causing massive destruction and havoc on the planet and the death of many Aakons citizens. The Expansion was later stopped by the Guardians of the Galaxy.[3]


The Aakons share most of the characteristics of many prominent humanoid species in the galaxy. They have bright yellow skin and total absence of hair on their bodies, and some of them also features skin scratches similar to scars. Yellow irises are also very common among the species. Some Aakons to use extended makeup and wigs as a form of fashion.


  • In the comics, the Aakon are long-time enemies of the Kree and fought against their empire in an intergalactic war, that ended with loss on both sides and the Aakon's retreat.
  • The Aakons are known for brewing an first-rate ale. Odin possessed a barrel of this beer in his cellar on Asgard.


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