"Zero Matter is unlike any substance we've ever seen. I'm starting to think it's more dangerous than anything we've ever known."
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A View in the Dark is the second episode of the second season of the television series Agent Carter, and the tenth episode overall.


Peggy discovers her murder investigation has huge ramifications that can destroy her career, as well as everyone near and dear to her.


Council 1947

Morning begins and after a sparring session with Edwin Jarvis, Peggy Carter goes to the Auerbach Theatrical Agency and meets Violet, the girlfriend of Daniel Sousa. The two converse and laugh. Though Violet invites Carter to the dinner Sousa planned for him and Violet, Carter declines; this pleases Sousa because he plans to present Violet with an engagement ring.

At the Arena Club, the Council of Nine meet and Thomas Gloucester and Hugh Jones tell Calvin Chadwick that they will no longer support his efforts to study Zero Matter and want him to focus on his senatorial campaign; Chadwick reluctantly agrees. However, when he tells his wife Whitney Frost, who spent her day being insulted by the director of the motion picture she was filming, about the decision, she is livid and decides to obtain the substance for herself.

Carter and Sousa, after discovering that the body of Jane Scott is missing and her transporters killed, obtain a search warrant to enter Isodyne Energy Headquarters, but the Receptionist stops them, lying, saying that the building had a radioactive accident. Carter talks to Jason Wilkes and he gives her a message to meet him later at the Dunbar Hotel for more information. He does not know that Rufus Hunt was hired to kill him.

A View in the Dark 16

Refusing backup from Sousa and getting wardrobe assistance from Ana Jarvis, Carter meets with Wilkes, who turns the meeting into a date, because he wants to be sure he can trust Carter before putting his life in her hands with the information he plans to reveal. The two dance and talk about Carter's past and Wilkes' upbringing before he shows her a film he stole documenting the origin of the Zero Matter that Isodyne Energy has. They decide to steal it to take it to the Strategic Scientific Reserve for study.

Suddenly, Hunt and his team attack the two, but they escape. Carter sends a distress beacon to Jarvis, who is entertaining Ana by chasing Bernard the flamingo, and he alerts Sousa, forcing him to cancel his date to investigate. When Sousa sees the shell casings at the Griffith Observatory, he deploys every available agent to find Carter.


Meanwhile, Carter and Wilkes continue their plan and infiltrate Isodyne Energy Headquarters. As Carter fights Hunt and his men, Wilkes puts the Zero Matter in a containment vessel. Frost enters, and, at gunpoint, orders Wilkes to relinquish the substance. The two fight and the container falls and shatters. This triggers an implosion, which absorbs Wilkes and attaches itself to Frost. Due to the nature of the implosion, Wilkes is presumed dead, which saddens Carter.

As morning arrives, Carter is upset, because, as Ana points out, she had feelings for Wilkes. Sousa apologizes to Violet for missing their date and promises that he will make it up to her. Sousa returns home in the morning as Violet is heading out to work. He apologizes for canceling their date the night before and asks her if she would like to go the movies after work to make up for it. She agrees, and tells Sousa that she loves him, a sentiment he reciprocates.

Frost is revealed to be alive, hiding in her closet as Chadwick bangs on her door; she looks at the black-colored wound on her forehead, seeping with Zero Matter.


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