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"I have a crazy idea. I need a new napkin."
Foggy Nelson

A New Napkin is the thirteenth and final episode of the third season of the television series Daredevil, as well as the series finale.


In the season finale, Matt prepares to cross the line, as Dex becomes more dangerous than ever and Fisk enacts his endgame.


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In the wake of the death of Ray Nadeem, Wilson Fisk finally manages to divert all suspicions out of him and organizes his wedding with Vanessa Marianna. Since Fisk amped the security of the Presidential Hotel, Daredevil kidnaps Felix Manning and demands him to tell everything he knew about Fisk's plans. Manning informs Daredevil about the wedding event and also about Julie Barnes whom Fisk ordered to be killed.

Daredevil leaves Manning to be found by the New York City Police Department at the next day. Foggy Nelson informs Brett Mahoney that Daredevil is going to kill Fisk and asks him to not let that happen.

Upon Fisk's orders, Tammy Hattley organizes an official press conference, addressing Nadeem's death, claiming that Nadeem murdered Winn and was killed by the FBI agents for resisting arrest. Meanwhile, Nelson and Karen Page discuss the situation with Fisk and should they let Murdock kill him. The FBI then contacts Nelson and tells him to come to the New York City FBI Office and Page suggests that Fisk prepared a trap for him.


Nelson arrives at the FBI office where Benjamin Poindexter takes him to Hattley and Seema Nadeem. Seema tells Nelson that she asked the FBI to call Nelson, as she wanted to cooperate with the FBI with the investigation of her husband's crimes. However, Seema secretly informs Nelson that Nadeem prepared a plan how to take Fisk down and gives Nelson his phone.

Daredevil calls Poindexter, informing him about Barnes' death from Fisk's order. Poindexter does not believe him but arrives at the location where he finds Barnes' corpse, to his utter horror. Daredevil tells Poindexter that Fisk had Barnes killed to replace her as Poindexter's "North star". Fueled by rage, Poindexter wears Daredevil's Suit and heads to the hotel to murder Fisk.

Nelson and Page examine Nadeem's phone and find his dying declaration, as he confesses about all Fisk's crimes and corruption within the FBI. Nelson realizes that the court will accept Nadeem's declaration and that evidence is able to take Fisk down. Page gives a phone to Mitchell Ellison who then uploads the video online.


The time of the wedding has come and Fisk finally marries Marianna, however, the guests receive a video with Nadeem, so Hattley decides to take Fisk out of sight. Before they could leave, Poindexter interrupts the event and attacks Marinna, only to Daredevil saving her. Both Daredevil and Poindexter are attacked by the FBI agents, and while Poindexter was fighting with them, Daredevil follows Fisk.

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While the NYPD SWAT led by Mahoney was preparing to storm the hotel, Daredevil emerges into a duel with Kingpin at his suite. While they were fighting, Poindexter corners Marianna, preparing to kill her, and Daredevil saves her again. In a three-sided confrontation, Kingpin manages to defeat Poindexter, breaking his spine. However, he was too exhausted and was unable to fight, which allowed Daredevil to brutally beat him.

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Marianna stops Daredevil from killing Fisk, however, he tells Daredevil that he will not stop from killing Nelson and Page. However, Daredevil threatens to put Marianna in jail for ordering Nadeem's murder and forces Fisk to stay away from Nelson and Page, as well as keep his identity a secret. NYPD then storms into the suite, arresting Fisk, Marianna, Poindexter, and all FBI agents on Fisk's payroll while Daredevil leaves the hotel.


With Fisk behind the bars, Blake Tower and NYPD successfully take down his criminal network, as Hattley collaborated with Nadeem's declaration. After a reunion with Maggie Grace and memorial service for Paul Lantom, Murdock meets with Nelson and Page at Nelson's Meats. Murdock decides to return to his normal life as Matt Murdock, so Nelson suggests them to open new law firm together what Murdock and Page accept.

Paralyzed Poindexter is taken for an experimental medical treatment, organized by Kenji Oyama. While performing spinal repair surgery on Poindexter, Oyama replaces his destroyed spine with Cogmium prosthetic framework what cures Poindexter.


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Wedding Day Jitters John Paesano
Dex Plus One John Paesano
Cantata, BWV 147, Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
(Johann Sebastian Bach cover)
Jay Michaels
The Look of Love
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Burt Bacharach
Perp Walk John Paesano
The Funeral John Paesano
Still Stapled Together John Paesano
Nelson, Murdock and Page John Paesano
End Credits John Paesano
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  • This is the first episode to mention the term "man without fear," one of Daredevil's epithets in the comics. Charlie Cox previously explained that, unlike the Marvel comic book character, his version of Daredevil would not be a "man without fear", saying "Someone who does not have fear – literally does not experience fear – is not that interesting. The way I like to think about it is that he is a man with fear, but he on a daily basis decides to confront that fear and to overcome it. So the title of 'the man without fear' is almost a title that the public in his world gives him just because of what he does. But inside himself, he's very afraid at times. And he finds a way to confront those fears and punch through it."


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