AVENGERS IMPACT: A WHIH Newsfront Special Report is the first episode of the second season of the web series WHiH Newsfront.


The Avengers have saved our world... but at what cost? WHIH Newsfront returns with a special report. Join Christine Everhart and political correspondent Will Adams as they investigate "The World the Hero Leaves Behind".

News Ticker

  • European manufactured daily supplement to help correct the adverse effects of staring at a mobile device for hours each day.
  • Miami marathon sees new world record set; runner cites Captain America as inspiration.
  • One of the most controversial figures of our time left us with more questions than answers. Who was Alexander Pierce?: A WHiH Special Report tonight at 9:00 PM EST.
  • U.S. Vice President begins global outreach trip, with stops to Sokovia and South Africa planned.
  • Top artists meet in Nashville for summit to revisit streaming music service pros and cons in hopes coming to a resolution with record labels and online distributors.
  • Lt. Gen. Thaddeus Ross announces retirement from the army.









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