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"All right. What would Jessica do?"
"Make him turn himself over to the police."
Kilgrave and Jessica Jones

AKA WWJD? is the eighth episode of the first season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Jessica experiences a strange homecoming courtesy of Kilgrave. Hogarth's conflict with her estranged wife reaches a tipping point.


Jessica Jones rejects Kilgrave's advances

Jessica Jones is promised by Kilgrave that he will not enthrall her because he wants her to have free will when she falls in love with him; Jones also makes him promise that he will not touch her without her permission. Kilgrave gives Jones a tour of her old house and how he has reproduced every possible detail, down to her CD collection from the nineties. He also introduces her to the wait staff and bodyguard, whom he is paying to work him. However, during dinner, when Jones gets upset and breaks a bottle threateningly, the wait staff is enthralled to commit suicide if Jones fights Kilgrave.

When Jessica goes to look in the room of her brother Phillip, she finds Officer Will Simpson, who wants to free her before he detonates the bomb he has rigged in the basement. Jessica tells him to flee and trust her to handle Kilgrave whom she needs alive to free Hope Shlottman; Jones tells Kilgrave about the bomb and has his bodyguard dispose of it.

When Trish Walker finds Simpson, he is with some militaristic friends; he lies that Kilgrave has left town and they, as ordinary humans, are not equipped to handle that situation. Angry, Walker leaves.

Jessica Jones watch a WHiH World News report

The next morning, after a disturbing dream involving her relatives, where it is revealed that Jessica inadvertently caused the death of her brother and her parents, Jones is awakened by a WHiH World News report about a man holding his wife and children hostage. Going to eat breakfast with Kilgrave, Jones is spotted by her neighbor Elizabeth De Luca, who assumes that Jones has returned with her husband. During the conversation with Kilgrave and Jessica, De Luca lies about the Jones' past, in an attempt to make herself seem more important; Kilgrave enthralls her to make her confess and subsequently dismisses her. Attempting to be affectionate for helping Jones, Kilgrave briefly caresses her hand, making her upset.

Kilgrave tries to get her to understand his life and shows her a yellow USB stick, which he had forced Jones to dig up prior to Reva Connors' death.; it contains footage of the experiments that his parents performed on him, including painful cerebral fluid extraction, which led to the birth of his powers. He reveals that his parents ran away, leaving him alone at the age of ten. Jones realizes that Kilgrave had no one to teach him ethics, so she tells him to accompany her for two hours. He tells the waitstaff to kill each other if he does not return on time.

Meanwhile, Desmond Tobey and Jeri Hogarth are having a hard time dealing with Wendy Ross-Hogarth, who wants at least 70% of Hogarth's assets or she will have her exposed for tampering. Though Hogarth realizes that there is a chance at reconciliation, she does not want her secrets exposed.

Jones and Kilgrave go to the hostage situation and Kilgrave uses his powers to stop the gunman from killing his family. Jones had to coach Kilgrave on how to do it without loss of life, but they were successful and the wife was very thankful to Kilgrave for saving her. Kilgrave returns to the house, jubilant; the gratitude the woman had made him realize that the duo of Kilgrave and Jones could change the world. Jones insists that Kilgrave can do heroics on his own, but Kilgrave reminds her that he would have made the man kill himself, if not for her. Jones tells Kilgrave she needs some time alone to contemplate this new partnership; he allows her to leave and trusts that she will return. Jones goes to Trish Walker's Apartment and the two discuss what would Walker do in that situation.

Jones returns to the house and brings Chinese food. She has the waitstaff join her and Kilgrave for dinner. Suddenly, they pass out. Distracted, Kilgrave is injected with the Sufentanil and rendered unconscious. As Jones tries to find enough space to fly while carrying Kilgrave, she is stopped by Hank, but he is shot by Simpson, who, with his friends, plan to kill the unconscious telepath. Jones leaps into the air and out of sight as Simpson and his friends are approached by De Luca, who has been enthralled. She presents the bomb he planted the day before and activates it, killing herself and knocking out Simpson.


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  • "WWJD?" is a commonly used abbreviation that stands for: "What Would Jesus Do?". However, in this episode it stands for: "What Would Jessica Do?".


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