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"I'm gonna find him."
"And you'll finish him. You're a pro now. Three lives and counting."
Jessica Jones and Kilgrave

AKA Three Lives and Counting is the eleventh episode of the second season of the television series Jessica Jones.


Shocked by her own actions and haunted by visions of Kilgrave, Jessica worries she's turning into a monster. Trish's plans for Karl become clear.


Kilgrave hallucination.png

Jessica Jones has a panic attack over her accidental killing of Dale Holiday. She then starts getting hallucinations of Kilgrave. Jones cleans Holiday's corpse and starts writing a confession posing as Holiday. She throws Holiday's corpse off of the roof to make it look like a suicide. Kilgrave slowly claps out of approval.

Alisa Jones wakes up to find someone else named, Marilyn Toussaint guarding her. Alisa asks for a phone call. Jones returns to her Apartment and notices a blood stain on her jeans. She takes off the jeans and shirt and throws them away. She goes to throw away her leather jacket, but does not as it is the jacket she got with Stirling Adams. She gets a call from Alisa who tells her that Holiday didn't show up to work. She hangs up and takes a shower. However, in the shower Kilgrave rubs his hands on Jones shoulders saying how he's proud of her. She goes to her desk to see Karl Malus' forged papers. Kilgrave says how proud he is of her once again. Jones starts saying the safety words that she would say when Kilgrave haunts her. Kilgrave says it with her noting how he knows everything.

Jones goes to Love By The Sea to meet with Malus. However, she sees that his is gone. Kilgrave tells her that she should have killed him. SHe tells him that he isn't real. She looks for clues on his whereabouts while Kilgrave narrates her thoughts. Kilgrave reminds her that she's taken three lives and counting. She goes to visit Alisa and meets Toussaint. The friendly officer lets them talk alone. She tells Alisa that Malus is gone and her mother believes it was Trish Walker who kidnapped him. Kilgrave sings I Want Your Cray Cray to mock her and Jones tells him to go, he tells her that murdering is in her DNA. She opens her computer to see Malus' photos are already on the screen, she realizes Walker searched her computer.

Trish kidnapping Karl Malus.jpg

She goes to Malcolm Ducasse's Apartment and searches his computer. She uses it to find Walker and Malcolm Ducasse. Malus helps Walker get his computer while Ducasse wakes up in the trunk of Walker's car. Walker scolds him for failing at his job and creating murderers. A fan walks by Walker and asks for a picture to which Walker declines. She then takes a picture of Walker, but Malus is also in the picture. Meanwhile, Jones calls Ducasse to no answer. However, Ducasse finally breaks out of the car and scolds Walker, who shoots at Ducasse's feet as a warning shot, she then leaves with Malus. Jones shows up and chases after her, but cannot catch up.


Alisa remembers her and Malus at a beach. Malus tells her that he's closing down the clinic, but he won't send her out in the world. They will get a place on the water where they can be safe together. Ducasse chases after Jones who yells at him. When Ducasse walks away, two Kilgrave's appear to scold her. Ducasse yells to Jones to follow him. They enter a veterinary clinic and ask if Walker showed up. After locking the doctor in a gate, she tells them what Walker had taken.

Jessica Jones - 2x11 - AKA Three Lives and Counting - Trish and Karl.png

Walker and Malus arrive at a warehouse and Walker asks him to do experiments on her because she wants powers. First, Malus explains the process to her and then gives her a gown. Jones tries to get away from Kilgrave who duplicates around her taunting her. She grabs Kilgrave by the neck only to snap out of her hallucination to see she is strangling a bystander. She runs off while Ducasse calms everyone down. Jones arrives at the warehouse and demands to be let in. Walker's vitals start going haywire which forces Jones to break the window and jump in. Jones pushes Malus out of the way and stops the machine. Kilgrave pushes Jones to kill Malus. She goes to finish him, but realizes she is letting Kilgrave control her again. She stops and tells Malus his life is over. Malus takes out a gun and tells Jones she is right, he is useless and all of his work has to be destroyed. He tells Jones to tell Alisa he is sorry then yells for her to run with Walker. He shoots the gas tank causing the warehouse to explode, killing him. Jones watches outside with an unconscious Walker.

Jessica Jones - 2x11 - AKA Three Lives and Counting - Jessica and Kilgrave (2).png

At the Emergency Room, Jones watches Walker on the table, noting to Ducasse how she could die. Jones scolds Ducasse again who responds saying that he has picked up her drunk body off the floor every morning and cleans her office. Jones regards him as a guy down the hall. Ducasse quits his job and walks out. While Jones looks out the window at the traffic in the street, she tells Kilgrave that she isn't a killer, she's not Kilgrave, she's not Alisa. She can control herself, because she is more powerful then Kilgrave ever was. Kilgrave then disappears.

On the TV, Alisa sees that Malus had died and the last photo of him was with Walker. She sobs in her cell, when Toussaint goes to check on her, she loses control and kills Toussaint. She then breaks out of jail.


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